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I'm a WordPress geek that considers a website a  means to an end - rather than just a thing of beauty. I combine my background in SEO and digital marketing with my technical knowledge of WordPress to make websites that actually earn their keep. 

This website has seen it all - so if you dig too deep you'll find some inconsistencies, poor spelling and bad language! It is what it is. 

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Ryan Deiss’s Number One Book System: Scam Or Just Incompetent?

Now – fair disclosure – I haven’t seen Ryan Deiss’s Number One Book System, that’s because it’s not live yet. But I’ve seen his pre-launch hype machine in action all over Facebook – so I took a longer look.  Who’s Ryan Deiss? His name rang vague bells in my head, I don’t think I’ve lost […]

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Not New Releases on 4 August in Travel Tips

Kindle Free Strategy For Nonfiction Books

The other weekend I ran my 3-day free promotion of one of my travel books. As I’ve discussed previously I did a fair bit of work promoting my free giveaway which was 3 days running from the 8-10 August.  BTW this coincided with the London Olympics – which may have been significant…  Rankings v. Sales  I’m […]

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Kindle Formatting – Hire Me Or Buy The Book!

The initial reason I got into travel eBooks is I could see a gap in the market. The travel industry is dominated by the big guide book publishers: Lonely Planet, Frommers and similar. And none of them do eBooks well. In fact the eBooks I’ve seen from Lonely Planet are virtually unusable. But for a […]

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