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Passive Income and Backlinks No Fluff

Backlinks are key in this business – I hope most of you know that already! I could go on and on about backlinks – particular backlinks for DIY sites which make lots of passive income with Adsense. But  I won’t – mainly because my mate Allyn is on and on about it – he seems to have morphed from the stroppy beer-drinking persona – to a nice non-fluff teaching bloke without a budget to afford a chair in his new fancy videos – and I do find the black background pretty dull compared to his DIY kitchen.

Waitangi Park, and Te Papa, Wellington, NZ
Waitangi Park, and Te Papa, Wellington, NZ

Anyway he has this post up which is all about backlinks – and if you understand nothing else about making a passive income online – backlinks are the #1, important thing to focus on – yes more important than the number of  twitter followers you have, more important than the number of stumbles you have and more important than the content on your site. Good content is quite useful – in fact the only reason I linking to Allyn is because he has put together the definitive post about everything you need to know about backlinks So now every time I get asked about what is a backlink I can just point to this post – handy eh?

In fact  iwas a little sore at Allyn calling me “missy” so I was sorely tempted to link to him with a click here but I thought if I gave him a good link – he might build some links to my post too. That’s something that Allyn doesn’t mention – but is worth pointing out I think – that apart from backlinks the 0ther thing that is helpful in this business is having friends.  I suspect that a lot of people who are trying to make money online are quite solitary by nature – but the reality is that having friends online is a lot easier than having them offline – you just start linking out to people you genuinely like (pssh want to see a cool picture of Ur’s Ziggurat?) or even that you think may eliminate some confusion from your readers (online cash and info domains) .

So headon over and listen to Allyn’s rant about backlinks and think about what my link from here is worth to Allyn   Am I Donald Trump or  just some Kiwi Missy with a Website? Am I Bob Villa or Jane Doe (you will have to watch his videos to figure it out!) And Allyn  WTF is a green screen –  are you going to be doing Avatar 2 next ? And dude you need a chair – or more comfortable pants I reckon!

Meanwhile back with me – January has been complete crap – its a bit better now that I figured out what was wrong. I was on a big downer about being home again. It happens every time I come “home” – I get as closed to depressed as my normally fairly bouncy personality can manage.  Whatever the opposite of being a homebody is – I am it!  This time I didn’t even really want to come home (crises in my partner’s family) – so its been worse.

And running your own business and being pissed with life is not a good a combination – even  my improved version of time management hasn’t helped. This has though – More Time Now – I don’t know the author or his blog – I found the link while aimlessly surfing the web (no TV at the moment so surfing  online instead of channel surfing) – and its quite a useful – I think – well it gave me something to think on anyways – which is unusual for my cynical self -its free -no affiliate links that I can see – worth a read if you struggle with time management

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Awwww … Lissie likes me 🙂

Thank you !!!

And I did get a chance to read Al’s post … but the vids will have to wait a couple of months until I get home. Even just reading though, looks like good stuff.

p.s. nice picture in this post too.

LOL – I am angling for an invite to Ur you know Todd! Maybe not any time soon eh? I’m serious btw the first trip I ever wanted to do about age 15 was the hippy trail overland from Europe/Turkey/Iraq/Iran/Pakistan/India – I know people who have done it in the 1970’s they said Iraq was good but Afghanistan was the highlight – what a shame I missed by about 10 years and I seriously doubt that I will ever see those countries at their best.

lissie … I added a few more pictures of the Zig to that post .. hope you enjoy … and I’m sorry you missed your hike … sounds like it would have been an adventure … but sadly, I suspect that it will still be quite a few years before anybody is hiking though these countries again. 🙁

wow, I really got you on the wrong side calling you “missy” eh? 😉
And, you are exactly right, linking to those posts that link to you is very important! Maybe I will do another vid on that here real soon .
as far as the no chair, I thought it would be neat to float like that. But you are right, the kitchen is much better, I just am messing around with creating moods and such. Maybe next time I will put myself on the beach like you! 🙂

LOL well I had to add enough fluff to my post you know so the big G would love it! do you have beach’s in Chicago? Float on the lake or something -that would be cool (very I should think this time of the year!)

oh gosh, the beaches here in Chi are UGLY!
But I grew up in FLorida and every second of the winter I want to kill myself for ever moving here!!!!!!
I miss the beach so much.
I think that is why I like a lot of the photos you throw into your posts,,, they remind me of home.
(how’s that for FLUFF!) 🙂

Thanks for the link to the post on backlinks. I know so many people who want to get into marketing and making niche blogs and they don’t understand how important backlinks are to them. They think you can write some quality content and then people just amazingly find their site somehow. (that would be nice though) I may just use your idea and point them to this post as well.

Backlinks are ridiculously vital to a business, and it’s surprising how many people may not quite understand this concept. It’s crazy to think that something as simple as posting a link can have an impact on a company.

I’ve already been over at Big Als, and I’m sure there is a reason for the change in his style, maybe hes writing sober 😉

All jokes aside it was a brilliant post, even though I didn’t watch all those videos. Must remember to link to him in one of my posts.

Thanks for the info on backlinks. I know they are very important, but I often struggle on where to spend my time building them. I want to be as efficient as I can and get the biggest bang with the little time I have to work on them.

I’m sorry you are in a down spout. Everyone here is the same as well: Vancouver is grey and will be for the next 3 months, the Olympics and all that blah and early spring break is our reasons (I hope I don’t get in big troubs for grumbling about the Olympics) I am procrastinating on the backlink thing – mainly for the same reason why I am procrastinating about cleaning my teenage sons bedroom (i know he should but lets not go there) – just a dark, dirty mound of work sigh*. Maybe later today I may feel a little more inspired to do either one – or maybe tomorrow. I will go read Allens post. Right now in fact. Thank-you for posting his link and helping another “n00b” out 🙂

If you are thinking about cleaning as compared to actually earning income – time to go for a walk! Yeah I lived in Vancouver for nearly a yaer it does get grey in the winter!

Man, you get around some don’t you Lis? I haven’t lived anywhere except here. I’d love to spend a year in Italy though, just so I can brush up on my Italian and my heritage.

haha yeah! Well I did some marketing only because I could not open my sons bedroom door more than 2 inches 🙂 Maybe it was in the cards?

And really? You lived in Vancouver? Where abouts?

I totally agree with you about backlinks. Not because you convinced me but I’ve tried myself. I personally have launched many SEO mini websites. When it comes to these sites, there are 2 things that are the most important: great content and backlinks. Backlinks are great for referral traffic and ranking in the search engines.

One of the practice I love to do for all my sites is “linking to 5 or more websites which have good content”. This is a practice I believe I could build relationship with other site owners, helping my visitors and search engines will think that I’m not another Made For Adsense site.

Thanks for sharing. Great practice.

Your suggestion that you posted on my site worked like a charm! Thank-you so very much!


My pleasure Kisses – this stuff is not nearly as hard as some would make it out to be … (for those wondering what we are talking about – if you find a fiarly easy termto rank for – like say Third tribe marketing – write two posts and link them together using the same anchor text and the same ketywords in the urls and you will get a double listing in the search rankings usually)

Backlinks are very important in any niche. Definitely helps when you build online relationships with other bloggers this tends to work well in getting backlinks naturally.

Great little read and so true. I have dabbled in IM part time for about a year now and one thing that has remained consitant is the emphasis on backlinks. Without them you really wont get any exposure online.

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