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Passive Income for March Update

Well what a difference a month makes! Sure its turning cooler here in Australia and we may have seen the end of the Perth swimming season but its all looking rosy from where I’m sitting!

Big Wave, SW Australia
Big Wave, SW Australia

I have been a whole lot more focused in March though the Site Build It fracas was a little distracting. Trust me the amount of traffic would have taken this blog down if it had been on shared hosting – hostgator reseller rocks is all I can say!

I made  some new friends during the whole thing and I’d like to give a shout out to Lorecee at Work From Home On-Line Guide who really gave some thoughtful  comments from an ex-customer’s point of view.

Some people thought that I did the whole Site Build It Review to make passive income from their affiliate system. I didn’t. I initially did it to build my subscribers and hopefully get noticed my some people looking for information about how to start an online business. I have put an affiliate offer on the post now – a legit piece of software which will hand-hold you through the site building process, is a one time cost, offers a 30-day money back guarantee and allows you to build as many sites as you want.

I build sites using self-hosted wordpress, blogger and MyStarterBlog but some people want prettier with less effort and are prepared to spend the money  – that’s fine to.

In between approving Site Build It comments though I did manage to get some sites up and running.

  1. I’m thinking about doing some SEO consulting when/if we return to New Zealand.  I bought two new and one pre-owned domain for that niche and got site up on all of them. All are indexed.
  2. I set up 2 blogger blog niche sites. One is waiting for content from cyberquest – who were offering 500 word articles for $1 and got absolutely flooded with requests  – so the content is about a month delayed.
  3. Found a great uncompetitive niche and bought 6  info domains (99c each at the moment) to geo-target the term across 3 markets and 2 variations. One site up and indexed and backlinks built.
  4. Found another 2 pre-owned domains which I bought did the keyword research for and ordered content  from Cyberhub– so they are sitting waiting to.
  5. Bought yet another 2 pre-owned domains and didn’t have them transferred by the end of the month so I had done the research for those to!

So I’m pleased with the progress for the month – more keyword research than sites developed but it will keep rolling now I think!

This month I have a week off over Easter to snorkle with the whale sharks so I have to work extra hard to make up for it!

BTW remember that if you are running Adsense you need to update your privacy policy by 8 April Grizz over at make money for beginners has provided an updated version

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Hi Lis,

Just dropping in to see how you made out with the “new” Alexa rankings… not a bad month 😉

Quite a few familiar faces in the mybloglog widget too. It’s nice to see your site getting off the ground – keep it up! 🙂

Hi Grizz – yup I now keep a strict eye on the Alexa rankings – so important – for something …Mind you the PR went down – same as you now 🙂

Thanks for the shout, Lis–my traffic has tripled this morning and it’s all from your site, so you’ve officially hit the big time. I was wondering how your host dealt with the onslaught of SBI traffic and now I know. Two of my month-old baby AdSense blogs got PR1 in the upgrade, so I guess that’s good for something–warm fuzzies anyway.

Lorecee’s last blog post..Ways to Monetize Your Website

I am very glad to see you are building building building! Keep up the focus!
do you really swim with Whale Sharks? you are such am adventurer! LOL

Allyn’s last blog post..Prediction: Twitter Will Replace Toilet Paper

Thanks Brian and Allyn – yes you snorkel with whalesharks – seriously – no cage involved – I’ll add some pics to my travel blog when I get back!

Good for you sounds like a productive month.

I did a night dive/shark feed a few years ago, was very scary at 1st. Let us know when you post yo pics

bk’s last blog post..Final Update: Noob Crime Scene

Hi Liz,
Congrats on all the work you got accomplished last month. It sounds like you really got a handle on your business and are making great progress. Thanks for sharing your successes it is always uplifting.
Have a great time with the sharks I would like to try that sometime. We were snorkeling in the Yucatan in November and saw some barracudas but sharks would really be upping the stakes.
To your success.

agrande’s last blog post..Zero Carb Foods and Glycemic Index

No problem bk – I will link to my travel site when the pics are up! Thanks agrande – I have found the monthly update quite motivating for me so I’m glad its useful for other people. I am trying to countering the I made $2999 last week without really trying hype out there!

Hi Lis,

Just wanted to stop in and wish you well. Glad things are going well for you!

Keep up the honest opinionated reviews.

Trying this KeywordLuv thing with my name above, never saw a site using it yet.


Derrick’s last blog post..Is Giving Free Information Away Worth It?

I quite like the keyword luv thing – I quite like being able to use my name but still get the backlink! Thanks for stopping by

Hi Lis,

You sure are busy for someone making passive income! Glad you got a lot accomplished.

Have you used Cyberhub for content in the past? If so, can you comment on their quality please? I’m shopping for some content atm so any insight you have would be much appreciated.

Yes I have – at the moment I am waiting for a bunch of articles I ordered over a month ago when they had their cheap promotion -the stuff I ordered at normal prices has been fine in the past

This is an update which means you have to update the privacy policy and should have done so by 8 April. Its to do with the “double opt in DART cookie” – no I have no idea what it means I just have in my privacy policy!

$1 for 500 word articles? How do people make money like that??

Kai Lo’s last blog post..KeywordLuv Plugin

Well that was a special – they are back to their normal rate of $3/post – I understand they are student’s doing it on a volunteer basis in return for a donation to their college…

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