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Passive Income: My Dream! I Do Believe!

I have a dream: to do what I want when I want – and I am very, very lucky to be living it! Passive income isn’t a terribly easy goal – but I am getting there – and I think I just turned a big corner, let me explain. Not income wise, but in the psychological, mumbo-jumbo department!

I have a dream: to do what  I want when I want – and I am very, very lucky to be living it! Passive income isn’t a terribly easy goal – but  I am getting there – and I think I just turned a big corner, let me explain. Not income wise, but in the psychological, mumbo-jumbo department!


When I did my last update I had had a pretty bad month. I lost my part-time job in late January – and it had stuffed up my productivity! How so? Even with only 2 days a week work it gave my week structure. Now it was gone and I appeared to be going nowhere. I admitted my frustration in a private forum I am a member of (sorry closed to new members at the moment – I’ll let you know if it re-opens) – and got jumped on pretty hard. I thought my problem was keyword research – but it wasn’t – the problem was I hadn’t down enough work!

That is not to say I wasn’t spending all day at the beach, nope worse than that, I was distracted by forums, commenting for fun, twitter and a whole lot of other unproductive stuff! In fact an on-line friend asked me what sites I wanted to promote in a mutual-help group he was starting – and I didn’t have any I could be bothered with anymore!

I wasn’t being lazy – not logging on lazy – but I was unfocused I hadn’t figured out what I had to do to succeed – even though I did know – and have known for nearly a year – build more sites! For goodness sakes the original name of this blogs was “Journey of 100 sites!” Had I developed 100 sites – nope!

I got mad – first at my colleagues in the forum – and then at myself!  Someone called me stubborn –  I laughed out loud – its odd how someone who has never met you can pick out some major personality trait like that!

My main issue was:  people say you can’t achieve unless you believe that you will achieve – but I don’ t believe in anything I can’t touch: the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and God being my main examples.

I’m not much into the pop psychology, “law of attraction” crap. I did however, somewhat in desperation, do a bit of a google – and came up with the concept of visualisation.   Sorry I don’t know where I got the check list from  – I wrote it on a bit of paper – and it was very useful- leave me a comment if you recognise the source! Having decided on what your goal is: in my case passive recurring income from niche sites – you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Is the result possible. Do other people do this?
  2. Is the result possible by me – do I have the skills?
  3. Do  I really want this result?
  4. Do I deserve the result?
  5. Does the goal contradict my other beliefs?
  6. Create a plan to achieve the goal
  7. Do the steps in the plan contradict my beliefs?
  8. Do you can do the steps in the plan?
  9. Do you believe you will do the steps in the plan?
  10. Believe that you will achieve the goal.

OK nothing better to do at midnight when I couldn’t sleep so I worked thru the steps.

  1. Yes I know other people who make  over $10k /month with this model.
  2. I believe I have the skills – the technical stuff is pretty easy, the writing is fine, I can outsource what I can’t do myself
  3. Oh yes!  I felt like trapped in corporate IT. Even if there wasn’t a financial crises  I wouldn’t want to go back! Its waaay too good havin control of your life.
  4. Why the fuck not? No one will get hurt in the process and I certainly own my partner over a year of him working and me not producing any income.
  5. This was infact my initial issue with Internet Marketing – but I found out a while ago that its perfectly possible to sell on-line without ripping anyone off.
  6. Plan – its in my head – its not that hard:
    1. find long-tail keyword to target
    2. find a way to monetize
    3. build site
    4. promote site to top of SERPs
    5. rinse and repeate
  7. No
  8. Yes
  9. Yes
  10. Well bugger me  I think I might believe in my goal now!

Sorry for the ramble – now I have to go and build some more sites!

EDIT – this post moved me to tears writing it – and this video totally expresses what I not have the skill to say in words:

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I think some of us may be afraid of success even though that probably sounds a tad strange. These next few months are going to be a real test for me. I have 10 niche sites I’m going to get to #1 on Google. Luckily I have a solid plan and I plan to stick with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t wait until “passive income” is no longer an oxymoron! We can do it!

Amanda’s last blog post..Do You Have a Happy List?

Nope it doesn’t sound strange at all to me! I was taught the traditional way of living: good education/good job/retirement at 60. It wasn’t traditional for my family to go on to higher education – but my mother died thinking I was a sucess. Unfortunately I wasn’t I was making lots of money and I was miserable. I have no background in the real-world of working for myself or running a business and I think I have had to deal with a lot of issues around that.
Good luck with your niche sites – and remember content isn’t king – backlinks are!

Family upbringing and national culture are powerful influences. I moved thousands of miles from ‘home’ to escape the social baggage but money mindset and blockages years in the making can take a lot of mental effort to bust and rebuild. I know the journey must be taken in the mind first.

Your list is a great way to reinforce positive affirmations.

Now there you go, I just commented on your other post about how easy it is to get sidetracked on forums – and turns out that’s what happened!

I do think that’s the trouble with creating sites that are based purely on keywords you care nothing about. Have you thought about using your own hobbies as a starting point?

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LOL Marisa – I did – but I have weird non-commerical tastes it appears! My dance site dreams of making $100/month LMAO

Yes, well my dance sites aren’t making $100/month either – except for last month when the belly dance one suddenly peaked at $200. Showing no sign of keeping it up, though.

However, the point is that maintaining the belly dance site is absolutely no effort – I love doing it, so the money is a complete bonus. Maybe if you had one or two of those, it would ease the slog of doing the rest?

Marisa Wright’s last blog post..Choosing Castanets

Hi Lissie,
I enjoyed reading this post of your’s. I’ve been reading you for a while but never commented on your articles. You lost your part time job in January. I would say, congratulations, but this may dissapoint you. Because if you look on the bright side, and there is always a bright side to everything, you have so much time now to work on building your passive income. I’m soooo jealous!!!!!
I often wish I could lose my full time job and then I could do the same. Unfotunately, this is not going to be the case in the near future at least. Shite!
I am also envious of those who are retired. I can’t wait till I’m 65. Most young people can’t wait till they are old enough to drink. I can’t wait till I’m old enough to not have to work and I can get those sites going… And I don’t give a damn about the wrinkles one gets at 65.
Perhaps, I should go skiing and break my leg – that is worth at least 6 weeks off from working…
Just want some time off work… Okay, am desparate.
Lucky you, you have that precious commodity now – TIME – to work on those 100 sites and build your empire.

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What a delight a comment which is not about Site Build It 🙂
Thanks for visiting Bianca. I’m trying to find something Marisa – I do outsource the really boring writiing BTW – you should anchor your keyword and then just sign so I know its you!

Hi Veraz – someone reads me bloody hell 🙂 You an say congratulations because that was immediately my reaction – this job is such a waste of time and distraction to my real work! Yes time is the real thing – though I must admit I found I had to make a real effort to get more focussed without the job – it felt like the pressure was off – which of course it wasn’t. February wasn’t a good month, but March is much better! Don’t wish your life away – find away to make it happen – life is not a dress rehearsal someone said once.

Hi Lissie,

I can relate to your post, same here, I am so unfocused, I like to do more but I get distructed by different things. i am doing alright with my hubpages and adsense ,I get something every month now, but I know I can do more if i focus on keywords and write more…. btw i read your article about SBI… I am one of the very unhappy customers, their site / platform is very hard to use.

Oh I thought it was perfect for beginners LOL! You should be able to get a prorata refund – they seem quite keen to pay people out to shut them up- write a hub and then request the refund – should work (put comment moderation on first 🙂 ) Thanks for visiting and commenting

Passive income is also my dream! I still find myself getting distracted with so many things online that I really really have to work at staying focused. I just want to say that I know what you mean and you are not alone! 🙂

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I had a good talk to myself and decided that giving up my dream was not an option so I better get some work done to make it real! Thanks for commenting

No worries! You shouldn’t give up – keep going! You know, I had a recipe blog that I made an effort on a couple of years ago, after 2 months I earned around $35 adsense from it. Then the blog host I had the blog in shut down and I gave up! Imagine if I just restarted and kept going… that would have earned me regular income now. I also thought about creating more sites but I got sidetracked and did other things. So now, I’m making sure I stick with it and keep going. We’ll all get there if we persist. Anyway, good luck to you, Lis.

Catherina’s last blog post..RSS Directories with High Page Rank

Lissie, could Link this be the source of your list? Either that, or that person was looking at the same list you were!

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