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Overdue February Update

Sorry guys, its been a couple of weeks since I posted on passive income online, and yes  I am a bit unhappy about the lack of progress  I have to report.

So the good stuff is I fleshed out this blog a bit:  tidied up the blank pages on the header which were getting traffic but actually had nothing on them!

I decided that  I wasn’t going to finish my hubpages e-book instead  I published it as a series of four hubs,  I got a bit of traffic from Grizz’s new make money blog but  I should promote it a bit more and get a few more backlinks – to be honest I am not sure its worth it as the Adsense is pretty low on anything to do with writing.

So from now on I am not writing anymore sites/hub/articles unless I am either:

  1. being paid to write them freelance writing
  2. I know that the keywords I am after are worth getting!

I also started an ugly blogger blog in the Grizz model – this is going to take a few months I suspect – but  I think I have found the right niche – I hope I have, I don’t want another #1 position with no traffic.

Keywords Ranking #1: 4

Keywords Ranking #2 or #3: 13

More importantly though I’ve had to do some soul searching. The bottom line is what I thought the problem, isn’t. My problem isn’t finding keywords, I’m good enough at doing it – I have access to enough options  that have already been found for me – if you want access too, join Niche Network.

Wishing I was there...
Wishing I was there...

No the problem was me: I was doing the old roo in the headlights trick, I was paraliysed – by, I think, not fear of failure, but fear of success! How psycho is that – I know  I would be really good at lying by the pool, sipping the cocktail, and watching the affiliate checks roll in!

So I have turned my so-called time management system around. From now on each day in this order  I will:

  1. Check email – well I have to otherwise I don’ feel right LOL
  2. Work on my money making sites and link building thereto
  3. Do anything else included my freelance writing

Its all about priorities and that’s gonna be it for the rest of the month – maybe I will have better progress to report in April!

Seriously though I am starting to realise the benefits of having a mentor – someone who keeps you on track. I know what it takes to make money online, I know its possible, I know people who do it. I know I can do it to – I have the skills and, far more importantly I have the time.  And I really, really want to make it happen. I thought about my options if this business fails and they aren’t pretty:

  1. Keep sponging off my partner’s day job: unacceptable and anyway the contract only runs for a few more months;
  2. Go back to corporate IT – no thanks – its depressing even looking at the job ads;
  3. Re-train – another few years at uni – nope I’m over that to!

So I just have to visualise that pool bar and gin and tonic – all the rest will come, with a lot of hard work!

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You could still package the hubs you created into an ebook and give it away free. Then upload it to free ebook sites. Just make sure your ebook has some affiliate links and links back to this site, or anything else you want to promote.

Mike’s last blog post..An accident waiting to happen

True Mike, and I may do it in the future. To be honest I could find any decent affiliate products to add to the potential book.

Lis, I know exactly what you mean by the feeling of being paralyzed to act! I wrote out one of my favorite quotes and stuck it on my computer monitor so I’d keep reminding myself to put my ideas into action: “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Here’s to great success!

Scarlett’s last blog post..From Thinkin’ Lincoln to Action Jackson …

That’s a very cool quote Scarlett – I hadn’t seen it before – working on the first flight of stairs right now! thanks for visiting!

Lis, I’ve been bringing up some new sites and working on doing SEO with social bookmarking and article writing, with heavy emphasis on anchor text. I know what you mean by paralysis. When I’m not comfortable with something (like I don’t really know what I’m doing) I put the work off. I especially have trouble getting going with writing for some reason.

Keep on keepin on, we’re both going to make money online if only we stick to it.

Cheryl’s last blog post..Persistence Is Key – Pick a Goal and Stick With It

Hi Lis,

I can definitely empathize. I’m finding the passive income is increasing so slowly, and patience was never my strong point. It always feels like I’m just a little off, or there’s something I should be seeing that I’m not. The painful reiteration of that is probably that patience was never my strong point. So I’m doing a lot more freelancing now to make ends meet, but I’m still pushing away at the passive income and trying to figure out what’s next to get to the next level. Keep at it, Lis, I know you’ll figure it out!


Shane “Master” Dayton

Master Dayton, Freelance Writer’s last blog post..She Listened, She Acted, She Made Money Freelance Writing

I use my freelance writing income to plough back into the business to pay other cheaper writers to write my boring niches! Oddly I think I am learning patience – I guess anything is possible!

Lissie, are you sure it’s fear and not just that boredom you mentioned?

I found it really easy to set up my belly dance website – I enjoy the search for new material and am fond of it. It’s stunned me by earning $200 this year already.

Whereas I started a flamenco site and can’t get enthusiastic – so I keep procrastinating instead. That’s especially easy on the internet where you can so easily get distracted by forums and still fool yourself you’re working (self-promotion don’t ya know).

Marisa’s last blog post..Choosing Castanets

A bit of both maybe! Today has been zero productivity day with the little comment war I started on the post above LOL

Have you ever tried checking email last? I’d never thought about it until I saw a book called Eat That Frog. The author suggests doing the thing you like the least first (eating the frog). That helps force you to finish the most important things first.

47’s last blog post..ImageWell – A Great Image Editor For Mac OS X

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