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Passive Income Online – Where Has Lis Been?

Sorry I don’t usually do purely personal posts of Passive Income Online – so you may want to skip this one – unless you were wandering what happened.  Well first off from the online point of view – nothing bad has happened – in fact its looking like a record breaking month on my passive income goals – and I mean truly passive income because I have really done very little focused work this month.  We’ve had a month of it.

Sold House in Khandallah

First we finally sold our house in Khandallah (BTW ranking #2, #3 behind the major Real Estate Institute in the country – just wondering how much an Agent will want to pay for the site …). Got pretty much our price in a very slow flat market which was freaking out about the budget (now been and gone). We move out in a few weeks. Where to – who knows I’m  no fan of bridging finance – we may have to rent for a wile or we may win the tender that closes today – something will happen.

I don’t know how it is in your country – but in New Zealand the Internet has been a game-changer for selling your own home. The standard deal is you pay around 4% plus tax to an agent to “market” your property. They will probably charge you for advertising on top of that – but even at that rate you are looking at NZ$20k for our  place (US$14k). I paid for advertising too – it cost NZ$160 for 2 large signs complete with photos (we are in a cul-de-sac these were essential and an agent would have charged for them anyways). We spent NZ$300 to advertise on – eBay didn’t bother opening in NZ – Trademe is  the local equivalent – but  actually has fair fees and is the only way to buy and sell garage sales stuff here now.  We wasted NZ$500 for one colour photo ad in the Saturday night newspaper – I tracked how many came from that ad to the website – about 3. The Trademe add had over 2,500 hits in the 2 1/2 months it was up. Many people found it from the sign as well because its a neighbourhood people like to stay in because of the local restricted zone school.

There is still several glossy magazines that vendors pay to advertise their homes for sale  in (only available if you have an agent) – it does a great job in advertising the Real Estate Agencies. Its fun to flick thru from time to time – but now I’m serious about buying a house – I use Trademe which allows me to easily see the new listings in suburbs and price brackets of interest.

About a week after the house sale – my mother-in-law (well we’re not married but there’s not a short way to describe the relationship in English) – Jeanne Malthus died.  Its not normally my policy to name and identify my family here but  I’d just like to make sure that Jeanne’s tribute page stays #1 for name – and that link should do it.   I think its a very nice development that Funeral Director’s now run tribute pages for clients. Hopefully they have a lot better chance a longevity than the Facebook versions!   Jeanne  was a lovely lady who was one of the generation who remembered when home phones were a special thing (her father was a policeman so he had one – that was unusual in small town NZ at the time) – who lived to learn how to send emails and read friends and her (other) son’s  blog.   My father died over 15 years ago – before the Internet became common – but he grew up in a world without indoor plumbing and died while still selling computers (in his 80’s).  To anyone who thinks that change and progress is bad – really should read some more history – Dicken’s was wrong –  we live in the best of times.

See I told you this post really had nothing much to do with Passive Income. I’ve done very little work this month. So to all of you who are just starting off this making passive income online caper and wondering why you’ve only made 2c after writing 10 articles – its because this business is the ultimate in delayed gratification – you will get paid months down the line – not now – later. The money I will bank this month  came from work I did a year or more ago.

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“So to all of you who are just starting off this making passive income online caper and wondering why you’ve only made 2c after writing 10 articles – its because this business is the ultimate in delayed gratification – you will get paid months down the line – not now – later. The money I will bank this month came from work I did a year or more ago.”

Golden Advice. Nice to hear from ya, be safe and continue making passive income. Shoot, May has been such a good month, I’m as motivated as ever to keep working. What other line of business can say they grew Revenue 33% month over month in this economy?

LOL well the irony is that in my country the economy is doing OK – but I have been diversifying to some local currency business because of my concerns about the US$ – now I know what its like to be in an export business!

Thanks for the update Liz. For someone as prolific as you I was beginning to wonder what was up. Glad to hear all is well and your synopsis regarding “passive income” is spot on – I make a good income on the golf course these days thanks to the work done years ago… gotta love it! Cheers.

Ah Griz – I need to reset some expectaions – I heard you can do quite well only posting every 3 months or so …. Must say not posting doesn’t have any bad effect on my income either LOL

Hiya Lis!

Welcome back 🙂

Seems like a time of mixed emotions … First of all congrats on the house (which can have its own highs and lows) and I am very sorry about your loss. Hopefully you are all hanging in there …

When I saw the link to the Hubpages post, I had to go back and re-read it then realized I am one of the strange ones … 😉

After floating around for a year trying to decide what I was doing online, I finally set a direction and have been slowly pushing things along with the understanding it all takes time. Thanks for re-affirming that understanding …

Best always … Jim H.

Hi Jim, – you guys must be just waking up – I am up late checking that there are still houses to buy while I attempt to out stare the vendor on today’s tender …

Sounds like you had a busy month. Sorry to hear about your loss. I can only imagine how many changes she saw in her lifetime. It makes you wonder what life will be like in 20 years now?

Congrats on selling your home. When it comes to passive income I keep telling myself the same thing that you said. I may not see the money right away from the work I am doing, but it will come if I keep at it. I have really been trying to buckle down and stay focused lately and I’m hoping in a few months from now I will really start seeing the results (just in time to buy Christmas presents.. LOL)

Sorry to hear about the loss of “mother-in-law” 🙁

Glad to hear you got the house sold though, knew you were keen to get that sorted. 🙂

It’s good to hear that you are doing well Liz, I have to say that I was wondering where you had been over the past couple of weeks. I am also sorry to hear about your loss, losing a loved one is always difficult.

I enjoy reading posts where bloggers write about their personal lives, it helps to know that there’s a real live person behind the blog.

Your statement about the work you do now will pay off down the road is so true and I believe it’s the biggest reason why many that start trying to make money online give up.


Yeah this real live person has been slack with the comments too Thanks B !

Belated condolences on your loss, Lis. I read it a week or two ago and was _sure_ I had left a comment .. hmm, got a memory like a steel sieve these days. my dear wife’s mom two and a half months back … she and I had become very close … and the changes a loss like that make, even ‘later in life” when we allegedly know more about hos to deal with them are amazing.

Hope all is truly back on track now.

Thanks Dave – as you can see I am being slack keeping up with the comments! This week has been a shocker – my partner’s uncle (his mother’s brother) died so he is off to Australia for the funeral and I wrote off our car by driving it into a bus – I am fine except for some bruises and whip-lash – the car is insured – but yeah def one of those weeks – you know when the next shop assistant asks you if you are having a good day – you kinda just say – lets move right on shall we!

BTW there is a hearty debate going in TKA re the ethics of outsourcing to the Phillippines so I quoted your blog for the cost of living there – just in case you wondered where the traffic came from!

I had a meeting with a friend and his business partner last week. The request was to “pick my brain” on the best way to move forward to generate some passive income streams online. I can now just ask them to just visit this website and get the technical knowledge for easy passive income online. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Lis,
Nice to meet you and your site:))

You are saying “See I told you this post really had nothing much to do with Passive Income”.

In fact, we think it is! You were away for 3 weeks for personal reasons while your website was giving you passive income!

Thanks for sharing your story.
We wish you all the best.

Thanks Lena&Dima- just a heads up – Askimet ate your comment – hence the delay on approving it! Head over to Askimet and beg forgiveness LOL

First of all please allow my condolences for your loss. You are correct in saying that this is not an instant gratification or paying project. One must be patient, very patient.

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