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Statistics, more Statistics and Depression

Getting Indexed in Google
Are you are a compulsive statistics checker? Do you Google your domain url 15 times a day to see if you are indexed yet? Do you check Adsense on the hour every hour to see if you have made another 6c ? Do you worry if your visitor numbers to your hub or lens drops from 9 to 8? Yes you are obsessed with your statistics. You are not alone: I get out of bed and flick through my domains checking to see if they are in Google’s index yet (Hint: just enter in Google’s search bar will do it). Yes statistics can be very useful: if you can’t measure something you don’t know whether you are getting better or worse.

However until you have got first indexed in Google and second had a reasonable amount of time (that’s months not hours people!) to collect statistics you are seeing nothing but meaningless variations. Unfortunately those meaningless variations cause lots of people to give up before they get started. OK your site isn’t making anything after 3 months: you delete it. Unfortunately maybe the next day Google was finally going to index your site and throw it onto page 1 for your long tail keyword: what a shame!

So When Should you Check your Statistics?

Actual is not normal (a tribute to Edward Tufte)
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  1. When you new website has been running for 6 months minimum
  2. When your new blog site has been running for 3 months minimum.
  3. When your hubpage has been up for 1 month minimum
  4. When you are testing a new form of promotion.
  5. When you are testing a new advertising campaign
  6. When you need to record what your income was for the month because you made so much money you are going to have to start paying tax on it!

You have Compulsive Statistics Checking Disorder When:

  1. You spend more time checking statistics than writing content, promoting sites or running your business.
  2. You know that you have a new click because you have memorised what the numbers were: for 10 sites!
  3. You are hugely exciting to have calculated that you will reach the Adsense $100 payment threshold in 4 months, 25 days and 13 hours.
  4. You know immediately if the statistics program is running slow and you havent seen a click update for 30 minutes.

11 replies on “Statistics, more Statistics and Depression”

Now, I must admit that I am a member of the obsessively checking stats club! Plus, I am about to delete several Hubs because they get so little traffic, but…maybe I’ll hang on a little longer (try one more tweak or two). Very funny and oh so true!

Yeah some of mine never get visited 🙂 Its even justified for some of them 🙂 With HubPages you are more limited to what you can do with the url: at least with a blog you can morph it into something else !

You are not alone on this. I am sure even people with big sites fret if they get less than 1 million hits. I tend to just try and check analytics daily. Leave the checking of statistics to days you don’t want to do anything.

Yeah Im really worried if I get < 1,000,000 hits LOL Im trying to get my "habit" down to once a week: but sometimes it gets out of control: just like my chocolate addiction!

It sounds like we are all ill lol

I check three different stats plus my adsense page at least twice a day 🙂

I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. It is easy to be emotionally effected by daily statistics if we don’t understand what the time it takes to become successful. Very helpful article, thanks.

Thanks for visiting Mark: I think its about setting goals and remembering them. If you have a goal of having a new site indexed inside 3 months why be sad if its not indexed after 30 days! It is what it is !

You said it Lizzie, So its not just us ozzies that are mad enough to keep checking and hoping for the rush of seeing the $$$ reach to the first $100… still waiting $20 to goooo…
Thanks for sharing that info

Thanks for visiting Eileen, I seem to have struck a bit of a chord with this post: its not great not to be alone!

I don’t like statistics… of any kind. I think it just makes people depressed… I don’t think you need numbers to tell you how you are doing.


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