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Update on the first month of my BANS Empire

OK I started buying domains on 10 April and now I have over domains. Buying of course is the easy bit! To date I have only got 7 sites setup.

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The GoDaddy sale is still on so you can buy a info domain for $1.99c (plus 20c registration fee). That’s cheap compared to a com at $9.99. Though you might want to hesitate before you jump in. Six of my BANS stores are on info domains and not one of them are currently indexed. What does that mean? If you put the exact url of the domain for example in Google it will return no results – but put the url exists – well not that one but you get the idea. No one searching on Google will find my stores 🙁

My first info was indexed for a couple of weeks: it even bought me in a small commission. Then Google did an update early May at it disappeared, the other info stores have either been briefly indexed and dropped or never indexed.

The low price of info domains obviously attracts bargain hunters but also spammers. It appears that Google has decided to “sandbox” info domains for a while to discourage the spammers – hopefully they will back soon :-). One of the things I have learned with internet marketing that there is not point worrying about things you can’t influence and I definitely cannot influence Google! On the other hand Google can’t ignore all info domains for ever – its a perfectly legal TLD with lots of perfectly legitimate sites established and being established.

As 6 of my info domains are effectively invisible to Google I am getting little traffic and no sales. The last site is a com but has only been up two dates so far!

2 replies on “Update on the first month of my BANS Empire”

Hello Lissie:

I hope you are felling well.Saw your post on 45n5.

Here some recommendations:

Get a real domain name and a web hosting. Do not use blogger.

Get .com domains. Info is worthless.

Use google webmaster tool to get your sites indexed…faster and more reliable.

Get a couple of good .com domain names and concentrate on them.

Good Luck and take care

Thanks for visiting: yes I am feeling much much better! I know there are times I should keep my fingers off the keyboard! I do have real hosting and domains. The blogger blog is quite deliberate, check out Grizz at
for the background on it: this blog took less than 24 hours to get indexed and stay indexed.

I agree info has its problems at the moment but they only date from the last 3 weeks so its too early to write them off as worthless!

I like webmaster tools but I know many internet marketers who are nervous of exposing their entire footprint to the big G in one central location!

Thanks for your kind words Chris!

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