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Niche Devil and Making Money Attitudes

UPDATE June 2010 – the party was great – but Niche Devil is longer available – and yes I still make money from it LOL

The last few days have been rather entertaining.  Vic released a {kick arse cool money making on steroids|automated worthless con} script called Niche Devil. If you haven’t caught up with all this you could call Niche Devil – the best alternative to BANS for eBay affiliates.  Its faster to set up than BANS, has a very small footprint,  indexes very quickly and has the potential to make me a great deal of money.  It takes me under a minute to create a full blown site with this script – and yes the site is full of legal, unique content.

I must admit I had reservations on the script because I knew that some of my readers would be worried that it was in conflict with some of the other approaches to making money online.  Lets be clear – it is. There are lots of ways to make money online –  life is complex – you will just have to make your own decisions.

Quite a number of people I know and respect are basically saying no this is just the same as the BANS debacle of last year – not going there again!  Well as others have commented on Griz’s post – people are still making money from BANS …  I believe that its different – but I am be wrong. I personally think its worth of a few hundred dollars for the size of the pay off.

It sounds dodgy – how can it take Vic 35sec to set up a site?

He’s got a faster Internet connection than me! He shows it real time on his Niche Devil launch post.  That’s exactly what you do it step-by-step. In reality of course unless you have Vic’s experience you will take longer to find the right keywords and buy the domains – but that time is going to be the same regardless of whether you are building a KeyWordAcademy niche site, a HubPage or anything else. The difference is that nothing is faster for actually setting up the site than Niche Devil.

But it can’t be legal right?

I don’t believe that sending targeted buying traffic to vendors  is illegal – I think its called “effective lead generation” by marketers. The sites aren’t splogs – the content displayed on them are done so legally, there are no illegal copies of people’s copyrighted work involved.

It may not work forever?

To be honest – do I give a shit? Even if all my sites are banned and deindexed  I still have the chance to make money with this – I won’t be returning that money whatever happens LMAO!

Aren’t the websites  worthless?

To whom? If I find the site looking for hairy midget thongs and then click through to Amazon and eBay and buy the same – I think that’s pretty good value for the searcher who got what he wanted, for the vendor who made a sale, and for me the affiliate who got the commission.  Niche Devil will NOT create a flagship blog or encourage you to stay around an explore the site and start a conversation with the author – its not designed to.

So is this is a license to make money why are you selling the script?

That’s about the best question! Personally I don’t know that I would have released it  and I am not not sure the motivation – but I strongly suspect that Vic wants his core group of students to make some quick money from the affiliates sales – I know I have and thank you those who have bought via my Niche Devil affiliate link! <no longer available>

Also its not guaranteed to make you money – you still need to do the keyword research and actually set up the sites. Oh and Niche Devil is only going to be available for 14 days – so no its not going to be sold indefinitely.

Is Niche Devil Right For Your Business?

I have no idea to be honest!  I failed pretty badly with BANS because I didn’t know how to find buying keywords at the time – and I got fixated on that. Instead of just going out and buying 100 dot infos and putting up the sites – I stopped at less than 10 – I still made $10 this month from one of the those sites – wonder what that would have been if I had done 100 sites.

How I am Using Niche Devil in My Business

I using Niche Devil for two main reasons:

  • I have been using HubPages to find easy to rank for, well paying niches – well know I am going to use Niche Devil to do the same thing – and it will be quicker and cost less the same on HubPages (I outsourced the writing on Hubpages – that’s the cost).
  • Income diversification- most of my income is from Adsense and I want to diversify. I have signed up for Chitika which is an Adsense alternative which Niche Devil Supports. I am also going to use Amazon for some of my Niche Devil sites.

What’s the Risk?

Well for me zero/nada/none. Thanks to affiliate sales I am in the black on the cost of Niche Devil and I have a bunch of undeveloped sites lying around which need sites put on them.

For you the risk is higher:

  • $97 for Niche Devil
  • $79 for 100 dot infos (if you buy in bulk via godaddy)

So are you in? Are you prepared to risk less than $200 and a few days of work to develop genuine passive income ?