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Niche Devil and Making Money Attitudes

UPDATE June 2010 – the party was great – but Niche Devil is longer available – and yes I still make money from it LOL

The last few days have been rather entertaining.  Vic released a {kick arse cool money making on steroids|automated worthless con} script called Niche Devil. If you haven’t caught up with all this you could call Niche Devil – the best alternative to BANS for eBay affiliates.  Its faster to set up than BANS, has a very small footprint,  indexes very quickly and has the potential to make me a great deal of money.  It takes me under a minute to create a full blown site with this script – and yes the site is full of legal, unique content.

I must admit I had reservations on the script because I knew that some of my readers would be worried that it was in conflict with some of the other approaches to making money online.  Lets be clear – it is. There are lots of ways to make money online –  life is complex – you will just have to make your own decisions.

Quite a number of people I know and respect are basically saying no this is just the same as the BANS debacle of last year – not going there again!  Well as others have commented on Griz’s post – people are still making money from BANS …  I believe that its different – but I am be wrong. I personally think its worth of a few hundred dollars for the size of the pay off.

It sounds dodgy – how can it take Vic 35sec to set up a site?

He’s got a faster Internet connection than me! He shows it real time on his Niche Devil launch post.  That’s exactly what you do it step-by-step. In reality of course unless you have Vic’s experience you will take longer to find the right keywords and buy the domains – but that time is going to be the same regardless of whether you are building a KeyWordAcademy niche site, a HubPage or anything else. The difference is that nothing is faster for actually setting up the site than Niche Devil.

But it can’t be legal right?

I don’t believe that sending targeted buying traffic to vendors  is illegal – I think its called “effective lead generation” by marketers. The sites aren’t splogs – the content displayed on them are done so legally, there are no illegal copies of people’s copyrighted work involved.

It may not work forever?

To be honest – do I give a shit? Even if all my sites are banned and deindexed  I still have the chance to make money with this – I won’t be returning that money whatever happens LMAO!

Aren’t the websites  worthless?

To whom? If I find the site looking for hairy midget thongs and then click through to Amazon and eBay and buy the same – I think that’s pretty good value for the searcher who got what he wanted, for the vendor who made a sale, and for me the affiliate who got the commission.  Niche Devil will NOT create a flagship blog or encourage you to stay around an explore the site and start a conversation with the author – its not designed to.

So is this is a license to make money why are you selling the script?

That’s about the best question! Personally I don’t know that I would have released it  and I am not not sure the motivation – but I strongly suspect that Vic wants his core group of students to make some quick money from the affiliates sales – I know I have and thank you those who have bought via my Niche Devil affiliate link! <no longer available>

Also its not guaranteed to make you money – you still need to do the keyword research and actually set up the sites. Oh and Niche Devil is only going to be available for 14 days – so no its not going to be sold indefinitely.

Is Niche Devil Right For Your Business?

I have no idea to be honest!  I failed pretty badly with BANS because I didn’t know how to find buying keywords at the time – and I got fixated on that. Instead of just going out and buying 100 dot infos and putting up the sites – I stopped at less than 10 – I still made $10 this month from one of the those sites – wonder what that would have been if I had done 100 sites.

How I am Using Niche Devil in My Business

I using Niche Devil for two main reasons:

  • I have been using HubPages to find easy to rank for, well paying niches – well know I am going to use Niche Devil to do the same thing – and it will be quicker and cost less the same on HubPages (I outsourced the writing on Hubpages – that’s the cost).
  • Income diversification- most of my income is from Adsense and I want to diversify. I have signed up for Chitika which is an Adsense alternative which Niche Devil Supports. I am also going to use Amazon for some of my Niche Devil sites.

What’s the Risk?

Well for me zero/nada/none. Thanks to affiliate sales I am in the black on the cost of Niche Devil and I have a bunch of undeveloped sites lying around which need sites put on them.

For you the risk is higher:

  • $97 for Niche Devil
  • $79 for 100 dot infos (if you buy in bulk via godaddy)

So are you in? Are you prepared to risk less than $200 and a few days of work to develop genuine passive income ?

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Hi Lis,

I saw your endorsement on the ND sales page. I read what Grizz had to say about the tool. Are you using? Does it provide any SEO functionality or is its primary purpose to build sites?

Figured I’d get the scoop straight from you.

Thanks, and G’day 🙂
.-= LarryG´s last blog ..Tucson SEO – Google Search Engine Optimization =-.

Hi Larry – what do you mean by SEO functionality- the script automatically creates multiple pages optimized for your main keyword and up to 10 other keywords – which become new pages on the site. The keyword is in the title/h1 tags. There is out of the box ping functionality. Regrettably it won’t automatically build optimized backlinks for you on relevant high-ranking siites – maybe I should ask for that in an upgrade! That said my sites I haven’t done any backlinks for and they are now indexed and my star (a pre-owned) has over 2000 pages indexed and a PR3 ..

Wow…sounds like a keeper. I may just have to give it a shot.

Thanks Lis.
.-= LarryG´s last blog ..Tucson SEO – Google Search Engine Optimization =-.

Lis I love your style! I like that you explore making money online in a completely different way than I do. I have no idea what BANS is, I’m not into Hubpages, I don’t read Grizz or Vic (are they the same person?) although I probably should, and I absolutely hate crappy websites aimed only at selling affiliate products BUT that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. In fact I am sure it works very well and that’s why my interest is piqued. It’s very interesting to read about your efforts. It’s a side of internet marketing I haven’t explored and I am storing all of these ideas in the back of my mind to try out one day.
.-= Kirsty´s last blog ..Becoming Number One in the ‘Working Holiday’ Niche =-.

LMAO Grizz and Vic the same person – the image is bloody scary! Vic is rude American who is a marketing genius but doesn’t write well – see BloggerUnleashed Griz is a mild-mannered Canadian who has taken his worthless blogger blog to the top of “make money online” google it – look for “make money for beginners” on – he’s the God as far as writing for Adsense – also another site of his – slightly easier to read Make Money Online

WHOA! Vic is Puerto Rican and NOT American. He is a rude PUERTO RICAN. Please do not contribute to any stereotypes.

Well actually I wrote Puerto Rican first – as I didn’t know which state Griz was from I thought US/Canada was a better comparison than PR /Canadian – whichever – its not a stereotype – its Vic he’s rude and owns an American passport and has a heart of gold.

The “state” I’m from is actually a “Province” called Manitoba…

Kinda like calling a KIWI an Ozzie…

Lol – just stopped in to see if your comments were staying under 400 these days. Hope all is well Lissie – long time no talk, all my fault of course. 🙂

Glad to see things are obviously going well – doesn’t surprise me in the least.
.-= Griz´s last blog ..Niche Devil =-.

Yeah but I read on problogger that if you are provocative you get more traffic because people become engaged – and they like to correct your errors – I’ve learned me so much grammar from the SBI peeps!

OK for the record Grizz is a grumpy bear who goes off hibernating at the wrong time of the year and appears to have migrated south to avoid the Canuck winter. Vic is still a foul-mouthed Yank of PR extraction who knows this game. Both of their blogs are worth reading but I reserve the right to get my facts wrong on my own blog at all times GOT IT 🙂 LOL

Did I mention I was really scared of Grizzlies in the wilds of BC when I was working there? The black bears were cute and the polar bear magnificant – but the Grizz’s they could be just so mean 🙂

Whoever the dumbshit was that said he’s a Puerto Rican, not an American, needs to educate himself quickly. Puerto Rico is a territory (not a state) of the US and as such, Puerto Ricans ARE Americans.

God, I hate idiots.
.-= RT Cunningham´s last blog ..The Philippines Mourns the Death of Former President Corazon Aquino =-.

Yeah I figured that if I knew that not being American or having been to PR that most Americans would know – I know their geography can be a bit limited by as you say PR is a territory just like Guam etc!

This is really in reply to Jason – Puerto Rico is part of the United States. All Puerto Ricans are Americans. Please do not contribute to the misconception that they are not.

Hi Lis. Nice post, thanks. I have a question about the .info sites. Aren’t these supposed to be hard to index and rank with G? I’d hate to go to the trouble and expense and then find all my sites sandboxed. The idea of buying 100 .coms is way out of my league though.

Kim dot infos are IMPOSSIBLE to index with Google if they have BANS on them. I have never had any problem with them with either Niche Devil or WordPress. I believe its a specific issue with BANS

Hi Lis, as you might have read I personally think Niche Devil is not worth the money. I have also my doubts regarding their referral program, they not even state how much they are going to pay per referral! SY
.-= hospitalera@Blogging Resources´s last blog ..Niche Devil a Scam ?! =-.

Ive updated the affilates page to show the commision rate, it was listed in the email received on signup. Now its on the affiliates page itself so there should be no more confusion.

Thanks for pointing it out.

They pay around $46 a referral – it varies slightly depending on sales tax ? in different countries. I’ll let you know if its worth the money – once I have finished my little experiment with it!

SY – I just updated the post above with a final paragraph to clarify the affiliate program – basic 50% of net – around $44/sale – I know for a fact – I see the sales in my clickbank account now – no mystery – but maybe they need to clarify the signup on the affiliate page – I’ll pass that on!

I looked at a sample Niche Devil Site. It had 1,500 pages indexed in Google, all loaded with content. Some o the eBay items didn’t match the theme of the page (an automotive site for cars and trucks had pages on toy cars and traucks and jammies with car and truck patterns. I’m wanting to get it and test it just to see you can customize it to show only certain types of products, and maybe not go overboard on generating pages. A thin affiliate site with 1,500 pages has a Sasquatch size footprint in the SERPs.

Keep us up to date on your use of this product, Lissie.
.-= Lorecee´s last blog ..Niche Devil: Pros and Cons =-.

There’s ways to better focus your content than that – though I think too the irrelvant pages just drop off the index after a while – not sure haven’t had that particular problem Lorecee.

I definitly will just trying to get my 100hubs tidied up first!

Now there is nothing stopping you Lis from making those 100 ND sites. Even if you suck at keyword selecting you probably are still going to make some money with the tool 😉

I’m going to do 100 sites for each affiliate. EPN I got covered already.
.-= Sam @ plustv´s last blog ..Plustv KokoPaketti tarjous =-.

Damn I hate that “only available for 14 days” 🙂 No time to actually see if anyone has it really making money long term. Nice post Lissie, and a little bit out of your regular style; haven’t seen a lot of “do I give a shit?” on your posts lately, or I just don’t remember them 🙂

LOL I am in a bit of “dont give a shit mood at the moment” LOL dont worry its not serious – just Friday I think ! Trust me the only available for 14 days will NOT be extended – I know these guys – you may be able to buy Niche Devil again in the future but you will have to pay more to buy a bundle. You see once its proven that’s its making money – everyone will want it!

I have a question – not particularly just of you Philip – who made the most money on the Gold Fields – those who waited to see if there was really gold – or the ones who set off into the unknown without a guarantee of any return …

I did not think it was serious, I just like to see some “real speaking” type of writing every now and then 🙂 I think that the problem for me is that I am not at all familiar with doing something like niche devil. If I think about it right now I have no idea what to do with it, what domais to buy and which keywords to target. Too bad I am such a noob 🙁 If I don’t know how to use it I am not comfortable buying it since I have heard of the BANS incident and if it is worthless in a few months when I have a slight idea on how to use it, it won’t be a hundred bucks well spent.

Now as I am writing this I am almost certain that I am going to get the script and try it out 😀

Hi Liz,
Very nice post about niche devil. It seems to fit in well with an overall passive income plan. I trust what you have to say which is the only reason I would consider this product considering how it was launched with hype but not very much real information about what it does or how to use it. It really is being marketed with the old internet “get it now so I can make money and run” method. I guess I am just paranoid.
Any way I was wondering if you are putting your other projects on hold while you do this program or will you be able to do both. I am starting to make good head way with adsense and I don’t really want to be jumping from one method to another to another if you know what I mean. Are you setting out a time frame, like say a week for your 100 .nets, and then going back to your other projects or are you going to continue to work on all methods at once.
Of course I don’t want to miss a good deal but I also don’t want to just be following the “next, best thing all the time.” I would appreciate your input on this dilemma. I respect your opinion and would like to know what you think about changing direction where I am at with my IM business. I have been making money with adsense for about 3 months.
Thanks Liz, You always offer good value with your blog.
.-= Agrande with online business opportunities´s last blog ..Make Money Working At Home With An Online Business =-.

You have to focus on one thing at a time – or at least I do LOL. I’m applying a bit of leverage to Niche Devil – I am going to buy sites which are the same Keywords I’ve had success with elsewhere. I’m trying to finish off all the backlinks for my 100 hubs – before I get full steam onto ND. I can’t focus on too many things at one time – its really inefficient especially when you are learning a new script, setting up domains and have lots of steps that you really can’t afford to miss!

Yeah I know I hate the hype IM marketing stuff – it apparently it works – I dunno I find people buy from me cause they trust me and I don’t hype! Look it depends how comfortable you are with where you with say Adsense at the moment- I guess I feel having hit $1000 in passive income this month I want to diversify -most of my income is MMO affiliates and Adsense so I really want to crack eBay and Amazon.

I’m an appalling planner what I will probably do is go full out next week and then build a plan on how much I have got done by then – I’m not as productive as BenK but its an approach which does work for me. Originally having done the hubs I was going to do a bunch of KWA niche sites – now I’ll do the ND stuff for a month or so – and then return to the KWA stuff. The more I get out there the more likely something is will take off – and they I will focus on that LOL.

My honest advice would be to stick with one method – the one you are paying for now, until you are comfortable that you income is growing and you know why – then diversify. I wasted a lot of time bouncing from one good idea to the next – most of them were good ideas I just didn’t stick with them long enough!

Hi Lissie,
I fully agree with your ideas regarding the short term. Even if it lasts just 6 months and i make money that’s some extra cash that can be invested in longer term stuff. Anyway, it’s like saying I’m not going to try and make money online because what if the internet disappears.
I do have a question for you though and I thought best to ask here instead of TKA because I wouldn’t want to upset anyone. I spoke to Vic cause I tried to join TAA to get the full benefit out of ND but he said he is not taking new members but that in about a week they will be coming out with a “noob to genius” plan that will include all the info. My question is how will u do the backlinking? same system as TKA? ie links from ezines, hubpages etc. unfortunately i am a bit impatient and i have started work on some sites but dont want to mess them up.
thanks a lot.

He is? You know more than I LOL! Don’t try and link to Niche Devil sites from ezinearticles they will reject you for linking to a “thin affiliate” – links from anywhere else is are just fine. Vic’s favourite piece of software is BMD but there are ways to stuff it up so don’t going buying and using that blind. I’m intrigued as to what he will come out.

Thanks for not asking in KWA forums – its their forums and their method and I am endevouring to not promote other options there -most people just need to focus on one thing at a time. Even introducing the hubpage challenge confused a lot of people there!

Yeah, I noticed. I also noticed a lot of people are uncomfortable that ND doesn’t provide quality content… Uhm, if I want quality content I will go buy a book, that’s why there are some amazing people out there making a lot of money from writing books. But they do eons of research. And to be truthful how much damn quality content can you supply for weight loss pills or stuff like that…

The thing with me is that I am generally good at multitasking and I also really need to start getting an income pretty soon because I lost my job at the beginning of the year and it’s getting to where I am down to my last few months of savings. I was lucky I even had that amount of money.

So I am trying to work both hubs as well as the ND thing to try and get to around 1000 as soon as I can so any pointers you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I would be willing to write some articles for you in return as a thank you.

Oh, and the fact that I know what I know from Vic just goes to show what a great guy he is because I had never spoken to him before. The reason I went ahead and bought ND is because I like his no BS style and I feel he really does tell it like it is.

Lets put it this way Anne – if my brother rang me up and asked for $2000 I’d ask him why – I’d probably still give it to him but I would ask – if Vic asked – I’d just give it to him. Vic is the straightest guy I have ever “met” online. He has been making online before there was an Internet. He knows his stuff – he’s a wild ride to keep up with quite a lot of the time, and I would, NEVER, ever want to be on the wrong side of him, but for his friends he has a heart of gold.

Vic doesn’t comment anonymously I don’t know who that moron was but he wouldn’t have got published on my blog with that comment.

I’ve been debating whether to get this but I think I’ll give it a go. To me, it wasn’t about the $97 investment as I think it’s a no brainer that you can make that back. For me, it was an investment of time. You can say, how can it be an investment of time when it only takes you 36 seconds!?

I left this comment on another blog as well but my concern is not a footprint. My concern is another competitor or someone who is jealous and wants this to fail. What happens when they report you? So I think you’ll still have to do some tweaking, backlinking, theme setups anyways so where’s the time investment?

I’m probably going to buy this just to look under the hood as another tool in the arsenal but I think it’s worth investigating on other aspects of how to leverage the fast indexing… trends?
.-= Seo Site Spider@Make online income´s last blog ..Make Online Income with SEO =-.

@SSS I am not too concerned about my competitors in the “size 8 red ladies ballroom dance shoe” field – this is all about trickle traffic and long tail keywords – your competitors won’t even notice

Thanks for that Lis. I really need it right now. It turns out the man I was in love with and would have done anything for just royally f…d me so I really need to know that there is someone out there who I can trust even if just for something like this…
Sorry to ruin your blog with my pathetic s…t…
BTW, what’s life like in Australia? I mean, I live in Romania but I am royally sick of it lol… I really would like to go to a place where people are just nice…

Its a no brainer, buy it, if it works great , if not, move on. I have tried several things that didn’t work, there will be more.

Peeps should understand that after you build your sites is when the hard work starts. Trying to SEO 100+ sites is no small job. Unless, you cheat a little.

Just a thought
.-= bk´s last blog ..Don’t throw shit on the Wall.. =-.

You have got to love the currency of the US dollar, bringing the price down to 70€ 🙂 I have always trusted vic on his advice, but also I think he is one of those guys who can pick up a stone, and make money out of it. It is easy for someone like him to come up with 100 keywords to create a ND website on, for the rest of us mortals, it is still some work, but the actual creating of the sites has gone way easy. I actually managed to beat his 36,6s myself 😀

Hope to you see kick some ass in the challenge Liz. Thanks for ranking me for hairy midget thongs — going to be scoring gold on that one! 🙂

I’m feeling pretty good about this challenge and it’s not that difficult to throw a lot of domains out there in a short period of time. We’ll see how it goes.


.-= Ben´s last blog ..How to Make Money with Niche Devil — New Challenge =-.

Oh good I hoped you’d notice that – its called playing it forward – though I am little unsure on the keywords long-term potential but obviously its special for you LMFAO!

Good, fair minded writeup. I’m not buying into Niche Devil at the moment becuase of abunch of other interests, but I really got a laugh out of one of the reasons mentioned … it might not last forever. Boy oh boy but people do have alot of excuses for not making money, don’t they? Nothing lasts forever, including all of us reading and writing here.

So many people agonize over possibly ‘squandering’ $97, which is, after all, refundable … while at the same time they are squandering (with no possible refund) their most precious piossession, the one even Bill Gates can’t buy … time. Paralysis by analysis at it’s worst.

Sad how we seem to consistently miss the real point of life so often. My advice, from my 63-summer’s perpective…. buy Niche Devil or don’t buy it, but do something, and do it now, today before another 24 hours is gone forever.
.-= Dave Starr´s last blog ..Stop Throwing Your Money Away! =-.

Dave I like your style to – and I have been resisting this quote for a while now, but you last sentence makes it irresistible to quote Master Yoda ” Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.”

Lis, I really like your balanced writing style.
I can report that as of this AM, I have already made more than $97 from just over 30 sites on Niche Devil.
This is not me bragging at all. I was very luck to already have a nice grouping of preowned domains that I was using for other purposes but seeing no returns. With Niche Devil, they have been turning very good click with Chitika.
So, in short, if you are willing to utilize your brain coupled with Niche Devil and get a little luck in the mix, you will do very well.
But isn’t that the exact same formula you can apply to just about any passive income venture?
.-= Allyn´s last blog ..Nich Devil, Niche Devil, Nitch Devle, Nich Devel Review =-.

Hi Allyn – Its good to see someone reporting some solid earnings. I am looking forward to your Chitika tutorial series – regardless of which type of beer accompanies the vids! Yup having the tools is one thing but you need to have the creativity and lack of fear to apply them as well. The best tool anyone of has is the bit between the ears.

Allyn, were these sites that you had taken time to build backlinks for? It sounds like you had already done some work on these domains and had them positioned well.

I am curious to see how quickly new sites will get indexed.

Sounds like you’ve got a winner.
.-= LarryG´s last blog ..Tucson SEO – Google Search Engine Optimization =-.

After reading Ben’s massive post on ND this morning, I’m now in the pro-ND camp. I have no idea why some people are getting so bent out of shape about it–heavens, folks, it’s just a piece of software. Try it out for 60 days and if it turns out to be a POS, you can always take it back to the store. As for making a ton of money with it, like everything in this business, you need to work hard and invest some money to make more than chump change with it. A few people will; most people won’t. Managing the sheer numbers of domains you need to make money with this type of program is a job in itself.

For those who are ripping on it because it’s an affiliate product: there’s nothing special about that. Hundreds of thousands of them out there; take your pick. Some are crap, some not. Find something else to complain about.

Lissie, looks like you’re well on your way to another chunk o’ linkbait like SBI. Congratulations.
.-= Lorecee@Niche Devil Pros and Cons´s last blog ..Niche Devil: Pros and Cons =-.

I never wanted this to be linkbait – I considered whether to promote Niche Devil at all because I really didn’t want to share it – but I thought that was selfish. Yeah the whole anti-affiliate think is pretty darn weird! Most things I promote here are affiliates LMFAO – not all: Market Samurai doesn’t have a program and if I find a free tool that works thats good too.

Anyways its all over now – the product is sold out so those who were undecided have missed out.

They have sold all of the copies of ND??? Wow, that was quick…glad i bought mine last night!
.-= LarryG´s last blog ..Tucson SEO – Google Search Engine Optimization =-.

huh. Good thing I was not hesitating too much with this one. Well it remains to be seen if i t was a good thing or a waste of 97 dollars. Although I think that it will all depend on the work I am going to put in to it, and not the product itself. Do you have any idea on how many were actually sold?

I don’t know how many were sold – but there is sure going to be a lot of sites built. If you decide its not for you you do have the 60 day money-back from clickbank

I understand that you are not approving comments that are critical of ND. Seems like there is some problems and deindexing going on again. Did he really pull the software because it was sold out or for other reasons? You know it, I know it, but you are too solidly in Vic’s camp to be honest with your readers. NOT COOL!

Actually I deleted a comment which was insulting to an individual and spent more time talking about the individual than the product. I could have edited the comment but it didn’t add enough value to the conversation for me to be arsed really. I have always been completely clear on this blog that Vic is one of the people I totally respect and trust on the internet. Its my blog and I will support who and what I like – no ones making you read it!

ND was closed for sale early because of the unprecidented demand – they felt they had enough users to support and couldn’t handle more – go figure ethics in marketing.

Sale didn’t last for 14 days it seems. Already sold out. Bummer…… Was looking at changing some of my sites to a new format….. Darn…

Hey Lis,

I looked at this briefly and then passed partly because I was afraid of the footprint and partly because I didn’t need the distraction (I am in the process of buying another house and my time has become a definite commodity these last couple weeks)…all that said, I would love to hear how it goes for you….possible update sometime soon?
.-= Leo´s last blog ..Bullshit- The Art of Creating Content =-.

Pretty crazy here too – yeah buying houses is a very time-intensive exercise, been there, trying to give it up 🙂

Its going to be a while before I get to this blog again I think – quick update – I spent a few hours throwing sites up on preowned domains I already owned and have made $30+ with eBay with just a handful of sites and have only had one deindexed …

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