Keyword Researcher Review

Keyword researcher is so scary good if I told you what I really thought – you’d probably think its was just another scam. No really, just buy the sucker OK.  Still not convinced? Here’s my review! 

Keyword Researcher review If you are online to make money, you need this tool, unless of course you don’t care about keywords. 

For many years I advocated using Google’s own keyword tool – after all it has some compelling features:

  • its free; 
  • its from Google so it must be right… 

Yeah well sometimes free is worth what you pay for it. Google deliberately avoids giving you long tail keywords. How do I know this? I know from my own statistics – when I get traffic I see what they typed in to find my site – often its a term which a) doesn’t appear in the GKT or b) had no searches. 

Google prefers to not share long tail searches in this tool – because the tool is designed for Google Adwords advertisers. If advertisers bid on those long tails – they would have less competition and therefore pay less for the Adword, and therefore Google would make less money e.g. bidding on the term weight loss for girls under 18 is cheaper than weight loss

However there is a loophole. Its called Google suggest. You’ve probably already seen it – type something into the Google search box – and it tries to suggest an ending. 

Keyword Researcher automates that process. Its fast, very fast, in fact I have dozens of spreadsheets of keywords cluttering my desktop now! 

How does it work? Its a single file – you download it to your computer (PC or Mac version). You can download the trial version which will only run through A-M in the alphabet to see if you like it. 

If you buy it – its an insanely cheap one off price – then you unlock the entire alphabet. 

Worth checking out the video tutorials too, I’ve been doing this for years and they gave me new  ideas. 

No it doesn’t give you CPC, number of searches, or number of competiting websites. But then neither does any other tool do so reliably. 

But think about it – if a term is in Google suggest then it must get some searchers? That’s a huge clue (about 60% of all searchers, before the suggest tool was introduced, were unique). How many searchers? Some say 100/month – I don’t know – but 100 minimum sounds about right. 

How Do I Use Keyword Researcher?

New niches: 

  • throw some ideas in the tool – see what comes up, that will tell me how many long-tails there are and give me a feel for how broad the niche is;
  • then I will throw some quick posts up somewhere like Wizzley that will tell me what the competition is like and much traffic there far more accurately than any tool. 

Building out an existing site:

  • out of ideas for an existing site? Throw some of your keywords in – choose a long tail that makes some sort of grammatical sense – make a post.  

Anyway you can check it out for yourself here – download for free, only pay if you want it to search the entire alphabet (free version restricted to A-M)

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