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You Really Can Make Thousands on Hubpages

As most of you probably already know I have been on Hubpages for a very long time – it will be three years in October actually.  I knew Hubpages very well, I liked the site, the community and my ability to publish there – I thought it was an adjunct to my “real” money sites.  I was wrong.

Over that time I saw it more as a hobby than serious online money making. In fact hubpages has earned me thousands of dollars  -indirectly – by getting me several freelance writing gigs – but I’m not talking about that.

I also used hubpages to jump start this blog as my earliest readers were fans who followed me over from hubpages – thanks guys. Its a good place to build “a brand” – but I don’t mean that either.

I knew hubpages was great for backinks – I have PR4 and PR3 pages there and they were easy to get.

I knew I could make some income on HubPages  – April was a good month it was the first month I hit over $100 in Adsense – from hubpages alone.

But I didn’t realise you could make serious money on hubpages –  I was an idiot.

I started the HubChallenge but used the wrong approach.  I started again focusing on Adsense income. I have, since the 29th May I’ve made $51 from my 40 new hubs.  In fact of those 40 only 9 have made more than $1.  Most of the hubs that have made money I published in the first week …Do the math and you will understand why I am very,very happy.

What was my secret – two things: keyword selection and building backlinks.  What are the details on how to achieve these results?

I’m following Court’s approach as detailed in broad terms on his blog with his final posted titled: Make Money with HubPages Experiment Complete he made $475 in the first month, his aim is $3000/month  – I’m not as experienced as him – I’m aiming for $2000/month to start.

You want more detail? The details are available to Keyword Academy subscribers. Am I going to repeat them here – no I’m not. One because the technique is Court’s IP and two because if you really aren’t prepared to spend a $1 to have a look – you don’t really want to make money online.

Oh and if you have been on the fence – or you still not convinced that you can really make more than hobby money from hubpages then sign up before Thurs 25 June 6pm  MDT because that’s when Court is doing a live webinar on exactly how he made his money on hubpages. (The content will be available afterewards as a video download for subscribers if you missed the date, but you won’t be able to ask live questions obviously). That self-serving affiiate link again: Keyword Academy

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I signed up to hubpages and wrote one hub then abandoned there site. Will it take long to make a nice monthly income from hubpages? If I choose longtail keywords with low competition for example.

Cam I don’t know what you mean by a “nice income” ! I gave you my figures above – I know for sure you need more than one hub LOL

Congrats on your Hubpages achievements!!

I followed a link from your website to Keyword Academy a bit over a week ago. Awesome move to make. The first video I watched changed the way I do keyword research now.

It is well worth the $1 just for that single video let alone the rest of the site. What Court and Mark offer make keeping the subscription definitely a consideration.

I am making over $300 in adsense a month on Hubpages and about $50 each on amazon and ebay each month using my own keyword research methods. I can’t wait to see the jump in the next few months as I use what I learned at TKA on my secondary hubpages accounts. My goal is to reach $1000 a month in the next 6 months.

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Good one sunstreeks – thanks so much for coming back and posting this – its great to know when something I recommend works for someone else! Yeah I am so deep in keyword research at the moment thanks to C&M! Spreadsheets all over the place – but the $ keep rolling in – can’t ask for much more proof than that really!

Hub Pages are also a good way to see if you like a niche before moving on to your own web site. What makes Hub Pages different than Squidoo?

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Great work on the Hub Page Challenge!
What is most interesting to me is that you have hubs with PR4 and PR3. That is huge as you are well aware!
I also agree that folks really need to get into Court’s academy and learn exactly how to choose keywords to maximize the earnings.

I haven’t signed up to Hubpages yet. Looks like you can really make a nice amount of passive income. Also, looks like you off to a good start. I will have to check it out.

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Lis How do dofollow links from Hub Pages work? I mean are they related to author scores or hub score? For example, if scores improve are all links automatically dofollowed or just on new hubs created?

The hub needs to be over 50 and the author 75 or higher. All links are automatically followed not just your new ones. Its a non-issue after the first couple of days with a new ID you will have do follow links

This is really a good article on making money with hubpages. I have been real excited about Hubpages since I discovered their program and agree you can make good money. There are still even better ways to stay at home and work without doing for an employer. If you want to learn more just click on my name in this comment box. WELL i WOULDN’T ADVISE DOING SO BECAUSE ITS JUST SELLING A HUBPAGES EBOOK YOU DONT NEED (Ed:Lis)’s last blog post..Learn How You Can Make Money Online From Home With Hubpages

MakingAMillionDollars – I almost deleted your comment but it was a more literate attempt at spamming so I thought I’d leave it as an object lesson for those new to blogging who think all comments are useful 🙂 I particularly enjoyed how you toned down the “last year I got a Porsche and a high class blond hooker” bio to something that was almost believable.

Do yourself a huge favour – stop treating your customers as idiots and actually learn how to add value to their businesses – then oddy enough you to may make some money too!

Hey Lis thanks for answering my question. I will be building a huge hub in the days that follow to see how it all works. I have some squidoo lenses but Google just ignores them. One of them has over 35 links and it is not even indexed so I will be switching to hub pages. The thing that initially attracted me to use squidoo rather than hubpages was that you could set your lenses to donate a percentage to charity. I know google slapped them and I suspect G messed with the domains ability to pass on internal juice.

@Archie I must admit the give money to charity was what put me off Squidoo initially – I prefer to make my own decisions on how I spend my money – I dont find Squidoo’s rev share very transparent.
Oh and don’t build one huge hub – build 100 smaller ones!

Yeah their rev share is kinda shady you really do not know how much your lens are really making. That is why a lot of people use it to promote products instead of relying on squidoo’s payments. And when G noticed a lot of people were just there selling stuff they got slapped… twice.

Oh and for the hub I was planning around 1500 words or a little more to have enough text for people and G. Well if I get enough inspiration to write a long article that is. I will try my best to rank it.

What has been your experience building links for hubs? Any penalties if you build links to them to fast? I know that with the amount of links they get daily, G will probably won’t flag them but the admins could find it fishy.

I doubt the admins would be bothering to look at your incoming link profile – there is only one of them who does all the quality control! I usually give a hub a month just for Google to be comfortable before I up the link building – but I don’t know that it matters that much – certainly safer than doing it on new site!

I’ve been following TKA’s hubpages experiment with interest and actually sat down at the weekend to read through the Hubpages guide and set about by first hub. I came across your site during my reading and whereas I’d resisted paying the $1 (why? who knows) I think I may now as the keyword research seems key and any useful insights to push me in the right direction are always welcome. Here’s hoping I can join you all in making a bit of money from Hubpages!
Cheers, Chloe
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Lissie, I’ve been following various links in your blogs and Hubs and keep coming across people (Court? Vic?) saying they’re just waiting for HubPages to get a big “Google slap” but I can’t find anything to suggest why??
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Its not Court or Vic saying. Court was specifically asked at a recent webinar in the keyword academy – he said he couldn’t see it happening because basically Hubpages was still providing lots of pages which are of value to the visitor. Its speculation and I think its a bit of the “it works too well it will break soon” mentality which many people have on the Internet. Maybe it will maybe it won’t while they have been speculating I have made over $600 from HP this month 🙂 I can’t see a slap happening despite the comments in the HP forums I see absolutely no evidence that the quality of the latest hubs page is any worse than it was a year ago – if anything somewhat better I think!

Hubpages has a great algorithm for keeping the crap at the bottom and Court is advocating an entirely legit method of making money. I’m glad that people are making money from it and and I don’t mind subsidising the “I only write a hub when I am inspired crowd” at all – but I’m not answering any more questions about why they only made $1.30 last month LOL

Thanks for that! And well done on the earnings. I’ve made payout three months in a row now which I’m happy with, considering I’m one of those who “only write a hub when I’m inspired”! Though I know that’s not quite what you mean – I’m not in the “I should be able to write about anything I want and still earn money” camp.
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Hi lis very sorry to bother you again but I was reading about hub pages and that guy who was making $100 a day on it I know he work very hard on it but in your opnion please, please can you tell me why would one rather use hubs than blogs what are the advantages and disadvantages ….I mean writing 1000 articles for hubs is alot I could of had a 1000 pages of artcials for a authoritive website or lots of nich blogs on that matter ?

I’m very curious and look forard to your answers..

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Hubpages are faster to index and rank than your own sites. They are free. I find them useful money earners and a quick way to test out a niche – if I can’t rank a hub I’ll have big problems ranking my own sites.

Thanks for the great story. I only have 2 hubpages up and haven’t made a dime yet, but I am excited about the potential. I am returning to college soon and I have found it also helping to improve my overall writing skills.

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