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Online Income How To Make $1000 Online!

Well oops – I see I haven’t done an online income post for a while – and now its the new tax year in Australia this is as good an excuse as anything to avoid doing my taxes!

Back in May I had some new goals – so lets report against though shall we – well it amuses me – sorry if you find it boring!

What has happening in the interim is that my passive online income has doubled from May to June.  My overall income including some freelance work was US$1400 – not too shabby really – considering where I’ve come from. OK I’d struggle to live on that amount in Australia, though I certainly could in some parts of the world, but at least its more than I would have earned on the dole! And I figure its just the beginning because certainly the passive component of that (about 50%) will only keep on going up.

Update on Current Business Goals

Get those 10 sites up and running with backlinks built and starting their run up the SERPS.

Hmm not quite – “excuse” below

Build more backlinks to the hubs which make me money- after all they are hosted for free!

Thanks to the hubchallenge income this is where my time has been going – it started working for me so I focussed on hubpages for the last month or so. Yes I know I need to diversify – but I also need to build a winner while its working for me.

Looking to develop another website which will be more focusing on small real world business owners and micro-preneurs who don’t know where to start with ranking a site in the SERPS. Definitly there is scope here – I just need to focus my plan on this one.

Looking to develop a “real world” business of my own. I am considering starting doing some SEO consulting if/when we move back to New Zealand.

Maybe – we are in Australia now until at least the end of the year – I will probably combine these two somehow.

Meanwhile my real goal:

River Cruise Europe

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Have you given up on TKA’s strategy? It sounds more like you are concentrating on HubPages and possibly an SEO business.

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@Yoga Music – askimet doesn’t like you. No I haven’t given up on TKA’s strategy – the hubpages is a new part of their strategy and it really started to work for me so I am focussing on that initially then I will go back to the minisites

Hey Lis Congrats on getting above $1000 “not to shabby” is a definite underestimation 🙂

It is so good to see you arriving at a place where you a have a small residual each month, so many people fall by the wayside after a few months/years… between us we must know hundreds. the worst part is anyone can do it if they keep plodding along.

I love to tell the story of how back in 2006 I finally decided to make some money from the web….. after my first month of work “about 60hrs part time” I had made a grand sum of $4 luckily I over looked this & continued. Today I have small but truly 100% residual income I feel very Lucky/Blessed to have not been one of the hundreds that give up.

Its very curious – i have always had a policy of if at first it doesn’t work – move on – its seen me out of several relationships and careers! But sometimes I can be a bit stubborn and IM is just too darn alluring to give up on LOL Luckily I have never really needed to have a lot of people believe in me – I am yet to be taken seriously by anyone in the real world – including my partner!

hey lady, awesome work! That is not the kinda money to laugh at. If you did that for a year, that is $12K and that is a lot of coin for real. Of course, I think that you will continue to grow that amount and now the sky is the limit! Thanks for sharing as always.
dude, my wife laughs at every check that comes in my mailbox, and then 10 minutes later she decides that she needs new shoes, a new purse, or a new European River Cruise for that matter.
It will never be good enough methinks

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Hi Lis,
I know what you mean about being taken seriously. I got a $233 check from Google and it was like winning the Lotto for me but the response form my wife was, “oh that’s nice, when are you going to mow the lawn?”
Anyway, congratulations on your many successes and I agree you are building a great passive income. It just takes a lot longer than the people selling ebooks led us to believe.
I always enjoy the input you give where ever you write and appreciate the information you share.

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LOL I am so looking forward when I hit $1000/week – that’s what I’d be earning if I’d stayed in my “real job” – its gonna be a sweet moment! Thanksfor comment agrande -you are one of my most consistent commentators! Sorry I hardly ever talk about diets on this blog – chocolate and wine is my preferred – is that low carb?

That’s fine, When I wrote that comment I was thinking I should use a different website and anchor. Something that fits in more with passive income and making money. I’ll do that next time.
I have tried the chocolate and wine diet several times now but after a bottle or so of the red I don’t get any more writing done. Well, actually, I write a lot but the next day I have no clue what I wrote. Maybe I should try the white or blush. What do you think?

Agrande from Low Carb Foods’s last blog post..Low Carb Meals At Get Togethers

Hi Lissie, and congrats on the income growth, especially on the passive half and that new green badge on the KWA. I’m still stuck at the “pink” level, but even that $100 a month of passive income just feels so much sweeter when I spend it than the money I make by selling my time or labor at a fixed price. You call it alluring, and that’s a good word for it.

I’ve been working on my own sites first and saving Hubs for later, but I understand the logic of doing Hubs–they rank so much faster than my own sites. My sites are four months old and have a decent number of backlinks, but my traffic is still shite (as you guys say down under). Sometimes I get frustrated, but it’s also an incentive to double my efforts and make it work for me.

Anyway, this is just a shout, since I haven’t said hi in a while. I’ve been on a well-deserved holiday and am about to get back to work.

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Hey Lissie, published my first hub a few days ago and my hubscore was good. The hub got a 73 or something like that and my profile went up to 80 at least for now. Yeah, dofollow links. 🙂 I will publish more hubs to see if I can turn them into a nice income. By the way Lis $1400 here in Puerto Rico (where I live) is a very nice income. Congrats!

I hadn’t really investigated Hubpages up until now. But now my interest is piqued. Congratulations on your passive income doubling! Hopefully you’ll be able to say the same thing again next month. I kind of had a suspicion when I first visited here that it wouldn’t be too long before you’d be “raking in the dough.” 😉 I think many significant others think you’re “going through a phase” at first. But when the passive income check(s) comes to the door month after month, even they come to terms with the hard work & long hours you’ve been putting into it!
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LOL Jake – you are right about the going thru a phase stage – lets face it when the stage involved $5k /month they won’t mind how long I do it for 🙂

Congrats indeed on that figure … and may your earnings continue. I wanted to ask you one thing, though, and please bear in mind this is just me thinking out loud, I’m certainly not criticizing … but why this:

Looking to develop a “real world” business of my own. I am considering starting doing some SEO consulting if/when we move back to New Zealand.

If you have the urge to do consulting work, such as SEO … and it certainly can be rewarding … and you have the skillset, which you obviously have … what possible difference could it make that you are physically in Western Australia rather than New Zealand?

I’m not asking this to be a PITA. I’m an American who lives in the Philippines and I get queries all the time from other Americans about earning a living in the Philippines so they can move here. Truth is the opportunities for foreigners to earn money from the Philippines while living here are limited, but the ability to earn a living via the ‘Net are almost unlimited.

Yet when I point this out to folks, at least 95% shake their heads and say, “Oh I couldn’t do that.” It seems we are still mired in last century’s thinking, in that earning a living depends on a job, or clients in one’s residential area. or so it seems to me.

I earn money online now. Absolutely none of it depends upon where I live right now. I could move anywhere on earth (with and Internet connection) tomorrow and I am at a loss to see what would change in my earnings/techniques.
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Dave – askimet held your comments hostage! I understand what you mean – but I am considering targeting real offline business -the ones that think having a yahoo email address is modern! Trying to train the absolutely clueless at a distance doesn’t work because you can tell that they haven’t actually made a box active before they typed what you told them to ! I’ve done over the phone support before and at the end of the day face-2-face does work best for beginners.

OK, I can see your point there. As one who spent years schlepping from office to office trying to convince non-beleivers, I can say that aspect of business is not for me at all, but it is the only thing that will reach some. Best of luck.

It’s really impressive to see that earnings figure Lis… a real inspiration. I remember when you first arrived on the scene over at WN and were just starting out like Neale and his goldfish, and here you guys are, scoring over $1000 a month. You’ve definitely convinced me to take another look at Hubpages – I’d discounted it as a “flash in the pan” that would be suppressed by Google, but $100/month in Adsense is a very tidy sum indeed. HubChallenge? Here goes nothing!
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Yeah well its a not a popular view with a lot of experts – after all you don’t own the hubs, hubpages could disapear tomorrow – that’s all true – meanwhile I have just had by best Adsense day ever – and am now looking for an all time record again this month. Maybe it will go away tomorrow – meanwhile I’ll just keep banking the checks!

Yeah stop having fun running around the world Kirsty and do some flipping work – there is no secret to this – just hard work!

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