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2009: The Year I Make it?

Time to take stock: the back story is here if you care from when I started this blog in April. What have a learnt in the last year

balls_prioritesWell this is my New Year’s post – we had a great holiday and no  I didn’t run out of things to do or find any stunningly cheap internet – so no work got done.  Time to take stock:  the back story is here if you care from when I started this blog in April. What have a learnt in the last year.

Biggest challenges of the year:

  • “getting” the marketers mindset.  Understanding that I am in the business of selling things – but reconcilling that with not wanting to rip someone off. BTW I just noticed someone bought a Asus eeePC from one of netbook review hubs – that made me smile – because I love that little notebook!
  • focus – I keep on getting distracted and I need to balance where I want to get to and new ideas which keep on coming from left field!

Biggest Wins of the Year:

  • managing to make some affiliate sales and being able to sleep at night. I have decided that   I will only promote on this blog what I use myself and find useful and explain why  I use it and why. This does seem to convince the occasional person to buy from me – I thank you 🙂
  • finally being able to rank a site based on the keywords I wanted to rank for – it doesn’t sound like much – but trust me it was the “proof of concept” I really needed  – sometimes you just have to do it yourself to understand that it will work for you – dumb but human I think.

So 2009: what is happening going forward.  I am torn, and have been for 6 months, between being an internet marketer, a freelance writer, and more recently a blogger. Unfortunately I am instinctively more comfortable in the social role of blogging or the contractor/employee role of writer  – but where  I need to be is an internet marketer.

Internet Marketer

I have learnt a few things over the year  and now have several sites developed and slowly starting to make me money.  There is money to be made, though at the end of the day its not content which is King, but links and search engine rankings.  That said I still try to make my sites to have some useful content in them, and so far  I have not had any issues with them being taking down as spam so  I think I am doing OK there.

Freelance Writer

Ironically I have made around 60% of my online  income by writing for other people. This was an unexpected development as I never thought of myself as a writer  but like any skill the more the do you the better  I get, and understanding something of how search engine works is definitely an advantage in this area. At the end of the day  Freelance writing is hardly passive income   – as any writer will tell you. Instead I am using it as a way to buy leverage for my main business that is sites and yes content too.


I got involved with, initially anyway, because I thought that I could get some easy backlinks to other sites and make some money on the referrals.  I was right on both counts  – but also found that I quite enjoyed the interaction and given that  I was being paid for traffic directly  I could play with some of the social networking stuff such as Entrecard.  Both blogs  I started in November are now PR3 Australia News is more a trends blog while Travel Over 30s is turning into a general travel flagship/social blog.  Basically the idea with both of them is to use them to not just get backlinks but maybe attract a few would be entrepreneurs over to this site or to my hubpages cotent.

Goals for the first 1/2 2009

  1. Get more organised and focussed on the important stuff so that I can achieve the following:
  2. Develop at least 10 more niche sites developed and promoted and ranking in the top 10 for my keywords
  3. Develop at least 1 e-book out a month  – to be also promoted via my own website which involves learning a few technical bits and a hard thing – how to write a sales letter!
  4. Maintain this blog, Passive Income on a regular basis – sorry can’t promise better than that –  I try not to post unless I have something to say – or a question to answer – so if you want more posts ask more questions 🙂
  5. Maintain my two blogs – trying to blend social blog with trends to get a lot more search traffic to them – and do some entrecard dropping at least in the short-term.
  6. Uses AMA more frequently to support my money sites and other blogs.
  7. Maintain and diversify my freelance writing income – probably to replace the part-time, real-world job I have, which is looking very shaky at the moment – mineral exploration anyone?

Hell that’s rather a long list!  The bottom line is though –  I need to start making a decent income – which around here is at least A$1000/week and I am not close yet! But  I will be!

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I am thinking I need to get my arse into gear this year. I have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them. I think I could make more money just by working on what I have rather always trying to start new things.

Anyway good luck for 2009.

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Yeah there is that too – the trouble is I don’t yet have enough confidence in my own keyword selection to know whether a site is a waste of electrons or I just need to do more work LOL. I just know I don’t want to go back to “professional” work so I better get my sh..t together!

Im making nothing off affiliate sales right now. I need to start ranking better in keywords but I only have a few sites right now.

Regarding your response on my site: I like AMA, despite a lot of the blogs are simply there to accept articles and are pr0 or pr1 but things move up over time and I think the site has a lot of potential.

I love SEO Elite. Great way to get links. Once I finish my move, I will start using it more often.

I use Jetspinner to make unique versions of articles for submission sites. I use Brad Callen’s Article Submitter to auto submit to a lot of sites. FYI though- about 100 directories did not work.

I don’t like UAW because a lot of where they submit too are blogspot sites and junk directories. For 67 a month, you are better off using Brad’s submitter (a one time buy!) and AMA together.

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Yeah I haven’t tried UAW – I figured AMA was in about the same space and I am not even keeping up with articles for that at the moment! Oh well I am on a couple of weeks of no-work lay off so now I have the perfect time to get on top of stuff! I had the same experience with article submitter – the problem is that ever directory has different categories and even travel moves all over the place so no one size fits all!

“Hell that’s rather a long list! The bottom line is though – I need to start making a decent income – which around here is at least A$1000/week and I am not close yet! But I will be!”

Get’er Done Lissy Were rooting for you!

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