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Can You Make $1000/month With Adsense?

The title of this post is a quote from a question which was posed by an new writer over at hubpages – the question was naive – the questioner probably actually wanted to know how to make money online, or even how to make passive income online,  not with the specific Adsense program.

The reality is that Adsense is a tricky beast. It appears deceptively easy to earn a little money with Adsense, most people at HubPages make more from Adsense than the other options available there (eBay and Amazon particularly), $50 a month, $200, $500 even -but a $1000 is it possible?

Sure its possible to earn that sort of money -some make much, much more than that.  One of the few sources of reliable information on the internet that I’ve found is a Canadian who lives on a frozen lake who goes by the name of Grizz and writes all about how to make money online with Adsense – go on go and have a look, here’s a nice bear picture while we wait

Take Care in the Woods!
Take Care in the Woods!

You see I knew you’d come back pretty quick, or you won’t be back for weeks one way or the other 🙂

If you came back quickly you probably thought I sent you to the wrong blog eh – I mean its a blogger blog for goodness sakes!  (EDIT  not anymore – long story) Its UGLY, its hard to navigate (hint use the archives to navigate there’s no other way!). It looks boring -there is no visual interest- its not pretty. Did you notice the comments – did you notice how many comments each post has – do you notice how rarely Grizz posts? He has 2500 subscribers too. And makes a lot of money from that ugly blog – and he tells you how to make it using Adsense only. But guess what – those subscribers don’t make him money – its the search engines that do that.

Oddly I see a parallel between making $1000/month with  Adsense and ballroom dancing (that would confuse Adsense if I ran it here!).  Its easy to learn to waltz a little – anyone can learn to do it – a little.  Its easy to look good in your average social dance, and yes my partner and I do – people tell us so and ask us how we learned to dance so well.  Its quite simple – we’ve taken 1-2 hours of private lessons and practiced another few hours, every week , for the last 10 years.   Are we going to be Australian ballroom champions anytime soon – no – we’re too old, too fat, and my pain threshold is just too low. We don’t have the talent – however much we practice.

And learning to waltz is easier than learning how to make a $1000/month with Adsense – why? The waltz has a set of very,very strictly defined rules, the way to hold your partner, the timing, the position of the head, the footwork – its all defined, its all written down – there is no debate, there is only one way to dance the waltz properly.

Adsense is different, making good money from Adsense is much harder, because Google, who owns Adsense, doesn’t publish how to make money from Adsense – how to get $4 a click instead of 4c.  Google won’t explain where to place the Google ads for the best revenue, the best type of content to write, or the best types of visitors to get. Neither will I – go back to the ugly blog and find out how to make $1000 a day with Adsense from Grizz. Oh and yes its a a PR0 blog now – because Google really doesn’t want this information out in the public!

No you won’t be seeing Adsense on this blog anytime soon!

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Lis – you are a sweatheart. 🙂

Btw – I can’t dance worth crap.

Grizzly’s last blog post..Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

My AdSense Wizard Unleashed software to guarantee $30 clicks is almost ready, but G keeps changing the algorithm! 😉

P.S. The link for ‘make money online with Adsense’ goes to the flickr bear photo credit.

Thanks Mike – link fixed! Bummer about the big G mixing things up – I will check out the e-book though – I need to get my head around OpenX at some point!

I must say I have never got so many comments so fast – was it the mention of $ in the title or the bear in the woods I wonder 🙂

Hey Lissie,

HHmmm, Adsense and ballroom dancing…ok (LOL)! Great stuff and I can definitely vouch for Grizz’s authority and approach. Its working for me!



Life In the Internet’s last blog post..The Return of Entrecard

@ Thom Its kinda weird but there are only really two people who yell at me – my dance teacher and Vic – so it kinda has this weird synergy – can’t work out how to monetize the niche though – ballroom dancing for internet marketers the 199 page e-book with bonus one-time offer of the video series? Hmm on the other hand …

Which is one of the issues with Adsense – at the end of the days you don’t make the rules. I wouldn’t personally rely 100% on any one income stream. Thanks for visiting Deborah

Mike – your own products certainly give you the most control – but its a big ask to write an e-book – I know I have several 3/4 finished LOL BTW anyone who wants to know how to make money from travel sites should check out Mike’s free ebook – its a good intro

This why I couldn’t resist your request – even though I was supposed to go to bed early tonight- same title and everything!

I can vouch for Grizzly’s knowledge. He taught me a thing or two or three. I made over $500 from AdSense last month on UV and only a 20th of the posts even draw traffic.

AdSense works for people who know how to draw search engine visitors. The only problem is that some of my search engine visitors become regular readers and make me zip. 🙂

That’s one of the reasons I ONLY show AdSense to search visitors.

RT Cunningham’s last blog post..My Free Money Tree in the Philippines is Bare

Thanks for that – every time I see more misinformation about Adsense I just point them to this post – I got tired of repeatingi the same things over and over LOL
I have to get on top of the software for only showing Adsense to searchers – at the moment I have just kept it on separate blogs

He has really good info on his blog. Greg Ellison

Greg Ellison’s last blog post..On Call Saturday

Hey Lissie,

Not sure why, but I decided to click on your link at TAA today….LIke what you got going on here! Can we both agree that Griz is apretty cool guy and his writing style rocks!

BTW- just starting reading this blog… I know…too much social…need to build links!

But am enjoying your style as well…Where does one learn to write well?

Anyway…see you over at Vic’s corner as well as the Brears Too…


BTW-doesn’t hurt to get GRiz some extra juice via your comment luv (it is do follow right?)

matt2257’s last blog post..How To Make Money With Adsense Grizzly Style

matt – first off – I had to rescue you from Askimet 🙁 bloggers are arseholes you know! Do I have a style? I kinda write what I think and make sure the spell checker is ON – I am dsylexic – from the days it was called being a bad speller LOL. I dunno about writing well – I think I have just practised a bit over the last few years – this blog is becoming fun now because I am starting to get comments (unfortunately that’s why I had to turn askimet on too!) – I guess one more person preaching the way, the truth and light cant be bad can it LOL!
Funny I get search traffic from “grizz adsense” – weird! I haven’t got do-follow turned on – but I should probably get around to doing that – I hesitate because I don’t know how much it would dilute stuff!
Thanks for visiting!

I had $50 Adsense month recently and on-the-way to scale it up. I think it’s a Number Game. It’s all about the traffic, CTR, and the paid out of each CPC. For those who want to success, take action and just get out there. Once you have some statistics and data to work with, you could optimize your theme, layout, ads placement on-going to improve the Adsense income Stream. My 2 cents!

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