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HubPages is NOT a Waste of Time!

I occasionally get the comment that I shouldn’t publish all my better content on sites I don’t own or control. The comment came up again on HubPages where I was told again that I was basically wasting my time publishing there.

Well its true at one level: the actual direct income I make from Adsense/Kontera/eBay/Amazon revenue sharing pays for my hosting: but that’s about it!. No the effect of Hubpages is more subtle than that. I have readers who actually read what I post there.

That said my best ever hub in terms of views by hubpages readers is this one high-lighting some sexy pictures of Nicole Kidman. I have a theory on this. As an exclusively English language site HubPages has a quite a number of Indian authors. India still has tight censorship laws which probably block most of the X-rated sites which are prevelent across the internet. HubPages bans “adult” hubs but their interpretation is the same as Adsense’s that is the odd American view of sex which bans (female) nipples but wet transparent clothing is fine. I don’t know for sure but I know that I have had over 200 views a day for weeks at a time, and then the views drop to a tenth of that: probably because the hub is no longer featured on the front page of “hot” hubs! So I am guessing that I will get quite good PR on that hub on the next update. BTW people looking for pictures do NOT buy anything!

My other success recently on Hubpages has been a serious of hubs I have done around the “make money online” niche.

Consistently the most commented and popular pieces are the ones which either relate to Internet Marketing, HubPages and personal experience in those areas. People seem to love to read about people’s success’s or otherwise with making money on-line. My all time comment record is the HubPages for Internet Marketing 251 approved comments: that’s not counting the comments I have spammed; anything with “marketing” in the title seems to get a lot of spam!

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No, they are not a waste of time!! On the contrary, they are great traffic builders, I have a few myself, and frankly, they get more traffic than Squidoo lenses (the ones I’ve done anyway!)

How about writing guest posts on really popular blogs? Regarding the Nicole Kidman pics, I had similar success writing anything about playboy or nude athletes on my Beijing Olympic site. They were the most popular posts, but its not the kind of traffic that makes you money.

Great Article. Yes I agree that people looking for pictures will rarely buy anything. They mey click on some of your ads for more pictures but these kind of ads pay you the least. They can pay you as low as $0.01 per click. Just imagine how long will it take to make $1.0 with picture hubs / blogs etc.

Ray’s last blog post..How to manage your money | Money Managing Tips and Advice

Thanks for visiting Ray – yes you’re right that its important to make sure you have well paying ads displaying!

I don’t have luck in Hubpages but I know it is a good way to gain relevant backlinks for my blog. Another thing is the hubs are easily indexed by Google which only takes one up to three days of waiting.

i really do not agree with what you all guys say.

i joined hubpages to make money using adsense.
after using for 3-4 days, i realized that there is a BIG PROBLEM with hubpages revenue share. Other sites share revenue n terms of share like (50% site, 50% publisher) but hubpages works on a different revenue share.

According to hubpages, 60 % of the time they show Publisher’s ads & 40% of the time they show their own ads.I studies a bit & they really didnt show my ads 60% of the time . not even 40% of the time.

They are allowed to put 6 adsense units per pages, as they are premium publishers.

But 5 ads out of every 6 ads are shown with hubpages adsense id. Rarely,they showed any of my ad( with my publisher idf) that too at the bottom of the ride sidebar, which is worst place to get good CTR.

I even saw they always use best ad placement for there own ads ( ads above post,ads below post, ads inside the post )

I really wonder how any one can really make money with such ad placement.. :O & people claim to make 1000 $ every month. πŸ˜›

They are few good point i noticed about Hubpages are

1. Hubpages CPM ads which can fetch you steady income
2. ebay & amazon are awesome & you really make lot of money from them
3. great for backlinks, promoting your stuff

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this thing or not….

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