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Using Twitter for BackLinks

Not sure what a backlink is and why you need them? Check my earlier post on why backlinks are important. Check here for an update on using twitter for backlinks.

I haven’t been convinced yet of the value of Twitter for building my passive income online business. I have however just found a twitter ap which may be about to change all that.

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I only started using Twitter to follow Vic @ Bloggerunleashed random live chats – he twits before a chat.  A couple of months ago I started following people I knew from other forums or whose blogs I liked. I still wasn’t that impressed.

Twitter For Breaking News

Then I started doing some trends blogging with my Australia News blog.  Then I found a use for twitter – I knew about the airplane that ditched in the Hudson about 3 minutes after it happened – it was a tweet. I saw a tweet about a $100k job to work on a Queensland Island job The first post I wrote on the subject got 200 visitors in one day.  The job applications don’t close until the end of February so I am expecting long-tail traffic on this one for some time.

So twitter stayed -as an information source – but I still didn’t like it for promotion – I just don’t get that much traffic from tweets and I and the links to them on my Twitter Profile were NOT do-follow, and I am the only one who actually like to read the url before I click it rather than just like a junky shortened url?

TwitWall is the answer to my problem with twitter – the limit of 140 characters. I find it way too limiting – and yes I hate SMS on cellphones to, call me luddite if you want 🙂

TwitWall For Backlinks

So I get to talk more on TwitWall

I get to include anchored links which are DO-FOLLOW.

I get to add photos which can be useful for a bit of traffic too.

The downside – people – who click my tweet will go to the twitwall and will need to click again to actually come to my blog – so they may not come!

At the moment I am using a combination of twitwall and normal tweets.

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Ah Ha! An actual real use for Twitter, to get/give backlinks.

My cat threw up this morning (link to my cat niche blog).

I can see it now.

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Great info on TwitWall… I did not know that. Hmmm… maybe I will look more into the Wall.

Julie M’s last blog post..Different Styles of Writing: Finding Your Voice

Well Lis, I came here through Twitter. 🙂

I definitely need to check into the TwitWall thingy. I hate Twitter myself. I have been on Twitter for a long long time and I rarely use it. Now I guess I have to start again.

Well off to read what you have to say about TwitWall.

Have a great day!

Denise@Make Money Online at Home’s last blog post..Make Money Online with Niche Blogging Network

LOL that’s funny Denise! I seem to have got a few hundred followers there – is that a lot? Its all pretty dire but some of the travel bloggers are good for my writing inspiration!

Hey Liss Sowerbutts, I see you said this blog use KeywordLuv, but you use nofollow tag, this is unfair. Probably your readers are thinking their comments are rewarded with a wonderful dofollow backlink, but I recommend everyone who want to post here to give a look in the source page to see your nofollow links. I want to make a shame page with blogs that claims they are dofollow, but they don’t. This blog will be there.

The comments are do-follow – that’s all that should matter to you – idiot!

Hmm..that’s a good and great Idea for using twitter as a backlink, thanks for the info 🙂

Cool tip about backlink building. I only have heard it used for driving one time traffic not also improving the number of backlinks for SEO purposes.

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first, I totally recommend twitter for growing your business, and second, have you tried tweetdeck? I really like the look of it and you can follow multiple tweets easily.

I have made a few twitwall entries over the course of 2 months using anchor text. I have not seen an entry yet on yahoo site explorer. If twitwall really does give backlinks, why haven’t I had any ?

Because yahoo takes a while to list backlinks. If you check the twitwall it is cached by google and there are definitely backlinks with anchor text there that are dofollow so it will have to show up in yahoo’s backlinks at some point. Unless yahoo has purposely excluded twitwall as a link source (which I doubt).

Cool tip about back link building.I definitely need to check into the TwitWall thingy. I hate Twitter myself. I have been on Twitter for a long long time and I rarely use it. Now I guess I have to start again.

I have used Twitwall now for 3 months, made entries with keywords for anchor text with links back to my site, and the only backlink I have for Twitwall is my profile page.

Very interesting Article. Id previously not heard of twitwall but its now my next port of call, thanks for the tip, glad twitter finally worked out for you.
.-= bodybuilding routines´s last blog ..Sorreeeee =-.

Twitter is an amazing place to get the latest news, and it makes sense because I think that CNN is the most followed profile on Twitter. It also blew up on Twitter when Michael Jackson died.

Hey There Lis,
Great info, I’m going to try tweet wall, I currently use twitter but not that much. Who knows , maybe it will help me out!

Love the blog BTW.

Twitwall looks pretty good! I don’t use twitter for some reasons but I really like the idea of using it as a service where you can quickly reach to many people within few minutes without remembering their names. And TwitWall will make it more attractive for those who use twitter on regular purpose and want to share something more than only a couple of lines message.

I just started using twitter with my new blog. What i noticed and i hate is that people are using it to push all kinds of affiliate products. And its ridiculous. I wonder if anyone ever buys anything after reading about it on a tweet. The only thing I see twitter helping with is to build the first part of an optin list. Twitwall can actually make the Twitter experience worth the time.
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I agree with you – I constantly get people following me even though I hardly ever tweet! And the DM saying try out my fitness product – a topic which I never tweet about …

I am just starting to get into using Twitter more effectively. Before that I was using it to simply follow along with a few of my passive income buddies!

I’m not sure what thay guy was on about. This comments are dofollow :/ Maybe I need to get into this Twitter thing.

Never heard about getting backlink using twitter. I have not opened my twitter account for more than a year. I hope they do not inactivate my account…Thanks for the trick.

Wow, I have a twitter account but no followers and I never get on. Thanks for the tip, I will have to use this! I’ve never heard of this. Thanks!

this is wonderful to read that we can get back links from twitter and i had never heard of this before.thanks!

Granted, Twitter does not have link juice. But because of their insanely high pagerank, your tweets and even your Twitter profile page can get on the first page of Google just with the simple backlink strategy.

Hmm, I’m not convinced! Twitter still seems to me to be something for twits! It’s so impossibly transient. Say, on your blog, you seem to have 5 Adwords blocks. Or do my eyes deceive me?!

I don’t own the site – they must have a special arrangement with Adsense – you will see it on hubpages from time-to-time as well – for big time publishers the rules are different – not for me or you!

Interesting… I’ve been using Twitter for around 9-months and have managed to build a reasonable following (about 600 followers).

I have however struggled to leverage my account properly and generate real benefit.

I’ve now signed-up to TwitWall and will see how I get on.

Glad to see you also discovered Twitwall! I know Twitter is supposed to be great, I haven’t quite figured the whole social media thing out yet, and I also use a combo of Tweets & Twitwalls, but a free backlink – why not? ;o) At first I really loved the extra characters and other features. But once I figure out I could get backlinks that were do-follow, I was sold! It actually gave Twitter a whole new purpose…

Hmm it looks like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips and hints for novice blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate

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