Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

This post is about how to feel the fear and do it anyway – and how it relates to passive income. You’ve heard all the catch phrases right? Feel the fear and do it anyway, if you find what you love to do you will never work a day in your life, the wind beneath your winds etc.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway!

Catch phrases have their place in the language  – though by definition I avoid cliches like the plague (joke!). This post is not about literary style though.

This post is about the feeling the fear and doing stuff anyway. Its a valid topic and now you think I am going to talk about how we all have fears which hold us back and that we need to face these fears and move on – otherwise we may not succeed in our passive income dreams?

Well I could talk about that – but you really should just head over to Zen Habits and read Leo’s take on “A Guide To Beating the Fears That Are Holding You Back. Its a well written post – useful, and better than anything I could write.

So no this post is not a self-help post either – but check Leo’s link if you want information on beating your internal fears and success.

A Post About Free Speech

This blog is supposed to be about passive income and I am no doubt confusing my readers, and the google bot by switching topics – but tough – I’ve said it before:  this is my blog and I do what I fucking well want to on it! Because you know what – I shouldn’t be using the phrase “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” – its trademarked in the US believe it or not! How the hell can a US company trademark a set of common words which in the whole reflect one the biggest cliches in the self-help industry – I have no idea.  It fails at least two of the criteria for trademarks in New Zealand : its not  distinctive and is “in customary use in the trade”.

I just know what happened to Leo after he wrote the self-help post linked to above, he wrote a follow up post about letter he got from an author’s legal team – now the original post didn’t even have the term in the title – but of course his follow up “Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway” post did 🙂

It all sounds a wee bit familiar – I haven’t mentioned the author’s name but she does indeed have a published book by the same name – Google it – the point is that the post that Leo wrote had nothing to do with her book! He had never heard of her book (who had?) – so now she has a blogger mad – blogger who has a bit of a following given the over 600 comments on the follow up post. That can be a very bad idea for a company looking to protect their online reputation.

Copyright is evolving – the future is open source I am sure, though the way forward is not clear yet.  But this is not even about copyright – this is about he stupidity of US trademark law and intimidation tactics used against bloggers. I don’t like bloggers being intimidated.  If  I was publishing a book with the name “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway there would probably be a problem. But as far as I am concerned this is a common everyday phrase that I have every right to publish and I like, Leo, have no intention of added a trademark disclaimer to the end of this post 🙂 Because I don’t like trolls – and people who think they can control what or how I say it!

There are a bunch of really pretty social bookmark icons just below – please feel free to stumble/twitter/facebook/reddit whatever this post – yes I know the traffic is useless in terms of actually making money – but this is about free speech – so just feel the fear, and do what you want to do anyway – its good advice!

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To me it is so silly that an author would protest about someone using a phrase similar to the title of her book. Why would anyone care? Right of the top of my head I can think of two books that have the same name: The Beach House by James Patterson, and a book by the same name by Mary Alice Monroe. I read the latter book and enjoyed it very much, but every time I tell people I really like The Beach House they get confused. A couple of years ago I even remember someone checked out the wrong copy of The Beach House hoping to be reading the murder mystery by James Patterson, only to find out he was reading a reconnecting story about a mother and a daughter.

Hi Sweetpie – well to me its even sillier than that – because her book is on self-help – so a blog post could point a searcher in the direction of her book… And surely this is all a little ironic – she obviously doesn’t believe in helping anyone BUT herself!

You are a mover, shaker and like to put the retarded views of our society right in everyone’s face. I love it. Your blog is not only interesting and opinionated, but I love the fact that having basic common sense pisses so many people off! I’m a fan…Keep writing sister!

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LOL thanks Robinana – I’ve never been called a mover and shaker before – usually just an opinionated git! I feel like somewhere in the last 10 or 15 years the concept of common sense got lost in the general population – it would be nice to try and get it back – but I can’t figure out the monetization model – in the meanwhile I’ll just have fun!

Thanks for another great post Lissie,
I was feeling a little blah this morning but after reading your call to arms about copyright law I am ready to go. I don’t learn a whole lot about passive income but I sure am entertained every time I check in.
And your right, it’s your blog and you can do what you want. More power to you.

Agrande from Network Marketing Leads’s last blog post..MLM Network Marketing Success with Network Leads

LOL – that’s why this site will never run Adsense – it would just get too much of a headache! I managed to get back on-topic in the next post LOL

I can’t believe she would make such a big deal over this. Like you said, it is a very commonly used term.
I could understand if he wrote an ebook with that title, but not a post on a blog. Sheesh, people are just too arrogant!

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After reading this post, I’m just going to comment on your blog with my name without keywordluv plugin crap. I’m commenting here because I want to comment for the sake of commenting.

You have my vote on what a blog should really be like!

Kai Lo’s last blog post..One Post Per Page

LOL hey cool Kai Lo – but I am cool with the anchor if you want it! BTW askimet doesn’t like you I had to dig you out of spam!

Nobody likes me and I don’t care! The only person that has to like me is myself. I don’t want to make friends with a bot name Askimet anyway.

Kai Lo’s last blog post..One Post Per Page

“This is my blog and I do what I fucking well want to on it” I think in a way this sums up what you are saying about fears. Don’t be afraid to do what you need, to do what you want. Many times the biggest fear is social rejection or the feeling that you need to do things a certain way because everyone else is.


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