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What is InfoBarrel? Passive Income Reviews

Infobarrel for Online Income?

InfoBarrel is yet another site which offers writers a way to make passive income or residue income online. Its a site where you post your content and then you make money based on a percentage of the advertising revenue.  Authors are free to write on almost any topic, there is no up-front payment for writers and no editorial control over content submitted to Infobarrel. 

infobarrelFrom an Internet Marketing point of view – InfoBarrel seems like another site where we can exchange useful content for useful do-follow backlinks.

In many ways its similar to HubPages but a much newer site – launched in mid-2008. They are currently offering 75% revenue share:  they have a contest on for May: if you publish 30 250 word articles (or 15 x 500 words or 6 x 1000 word or mixture thereof) in May then you will get 90% revenue share in June – just a thought!

Will InfoBarrel Pay Me?

No they won’t you are paid direct from Google Adsense and/or eBay affililate programs. If you don’t live in countries that these programs support or if you have been banned from one or both then you will not earn income from InfoBarrel articles.

Similar to HubPages if you refer someone to Infobarrel you get a percentage of the impressions of advertising on their articles (from the Infobarrel share not the writer’s share). The links in this article are affiliate links.

InfoBarrel Compared to HubPages

Very similar concept that suggests to me that InfoBarrel will be in for the long-haul – if you don’ t generate any revenue you don’t get paid.

InfoBarrel has a human approve your first 10 articles: this should keep the spammers out- which will keep the Google love coming.

As a new author my articles are getting indexed within hours by Google, also my links are do-follow from day one.  Hubpages no-follow’s new author’s links until their author score grows

InfoBarrel has explicit guidelines for authors: READ THEM. They are similar to and the important thing is that you can’t put links near the start of the article.

Easy to use social bookmarking tools to share your articles with twitter, facebook etc.

X The editor tools are a bit undeveloped compared to HubPages. You have more freedom- you can use html- but this can also make it a little more of a learning curve for those who are new to web tools. As always write you content offline using a text editor like Q10 and then cut and paste it into InfoBarrel – avoids all the codes you get from Word and similar editors and means you have an off-line copy of your work in case the site disapears!

X No direct control over the url of your article – its exactly the same as your title – which is a disadvantage for SEO purposes sometimes.

X No statistics or integration with external statistics such as Google Analytics – analysing the search query that your visitor used to find your aricle is a good way to write more articles which the search traffic will find…UPDATE: they are considering integration with analytics

X The categories for articles is WAY too undeveloped – like no travel category! Also the front page is very static – with the same featured article and articles under the main categories showing for up to a week. UPDATE they are working on this in Beta at the moment.

InfoBarrel Compared to Squidoo

Instant indexing by Google of InfoBarrel articles after approval and publishing. Enough said I think!

Transparent revenue sharing model, But this will not work if you can’t get an affiliate ID for eBay or Adsense but for the rest of us its a much better way to be paid.

InfoBarrel For Writers

You can produce articles which include images, videos and html editing options (tables etc)

You can add either a custom signature (create as many as you want) or your profile at the bottom of your article to point readers to your blog or other website.

75% Adsense and eBay sales share. No upfront payment but this means there are few limitations on what you can write except for the usual exceptions which are against the Adsense TOS (drugs,  alchol, sex and rock and roll 🙂 )

X Other members are allowed to edit content – but the edit has to be approved by administrators and you will be notified for the attempted change – its supposed to improve grammar/spelling etc.

InfoBarrel For Internet Marketers

Up to 3 do-follow links allowed – preferably in the signature box – very similar rules to EzineArticles

To date the approval of articles has been fast – once less than 4 hours.

I’ve seen my articles have almost instant indexing by Google

X Doesn’t seem to have the strong internal internal linking that HubPages has.

X Has the potential to get your Adsense account smart priced, if you add your Adsense ID

What do you  think? Are you going to add Infobarrel to your online portfolio?

56 replies on “What is InfoBarrel? Passive Income Reviews”

I looked into this briefly recently but just haven’t gotten around to filling out the forms to get a user account. Finding a way to keep track of all the sites I’m a member of is becoming too difficult!

Anyway, I noticed that it was very difficult to find an article page with any page rank at InfoBarrel. At hubpages it is very difficult to find an article page that doesn’t have some pagerank! I’m not sure that this matters that much (a link is a link is a link), but isn’t an on topic link from a related page with some pagerank better? Probably.

Also, can you give links in the actual body of the articles? I had trouble finding article that had this type of link.

Thanks Lis.


Steward’s last blog post..Make Money Online With Hubpages Experiment: Phase #2

Ezinearticles lets you put a link in the body of the article? Did not know that.

Since I’m still having trouble not setting off the “this is not original content and it doesn’t look like you are the original author” filter I may try and wait until I get that under control before I try dropping links inside the content of Ezinearticles.

Steward’s last blog post..Make Money Online With Hubpages Experiment: Phase #2

The best few dollars I ever spent on the Internet was a premium membership for – I cant recall the figures but for a few cents you can copy and paste your “original” content text and they will tell you if anyone has already “copied” you before you publish it or submit to site like ezinearticles… Also always submit to EZA before any other article site.

Keeping track of all this stuff -not just the sites – but the different personas too – nightmare!

Yes you’re right – I just checked using seoquake – that would go with my comment re not as many naturally occuring backlinks. I guess I am going to have to provide my own 🙂

Yes you can give links in the body (you can in ezinearticles to – something I only recently found out) – but they have to be relevant. I’ve been holding off until I get preapproval status. Oh and they can’t be in the first 3 paragraphs either.

I may be adding Infobarrel to my arsenal of tools but not before my eyes turn red, glaze over, and pop out of my head. I’m starting to get a bit dizzy from all this link building–but your review was excellent and I like how you compared it to both Squidoo and Hubpages. Much appreciated. Thanks!

Great review Of Info Barrel Lis! I think for me, it would be a good source for links since it is fast approval and such. I am going to go ad an article, then build links to that article to increase it’s authority. That’s how I plan to use them. I don’t want any of their revenue share because as you mentioned, my Adsense ID is too volatile with smart pricing and such.

Allyn Hane’s last blog post..Get Chicks, Build Tight Sites, And Five Notes In B-Flat

Once you have 10 approved you can instantly publish – and its a good way to keep those wicked spammers at bay! Maybe that’s why Google gives articles instant indexing 🙂

Wow, thanks for the great review Lis!

I’d like to personally invite everybody to come participate at

If you have any questions or have any feedback, feel free to contact me using the Infobarrel contact form @ or even ask me here, I try to get back to everybody as quick as physically possible.

I look forward to seeing some of your faces over at Infobarrel!

Hi Stephanie sorry for the delay in posting your comment I had to dig you out of Askimet 🙁 – don’t take it personally I live their myself!

Thanks so much for pointing infobarrel to us. I have been thinking of expanding. I am already on hubpages and this seems another good one to join. I think these sites are better than ezinearticles because not only you can add your links to the texts in addition to sharing. Ezinearticles have to think of something like that otherwise writers will just walk away.

Bihar’s last blog post..sonu sharma left a comment for ‘Alok Singh’

I am going off ezinearticles big time – they take ages to approve and most of the copies of my articles are stolen because they don’t include active links – duh!

Lisse, I have just signed through your referral. Thanks for directing me to this new site.

Bihar’s last blog post..sonu sharma left a comment for ‘Alok Singh’

Question for you Lissie–do you need 10 articles approved before they publish your resource box? My first article was approved but they omitted the resource box. I read over the TOS pretty carefully so I don’t think I made any no-nos. Thanks

I said the interface had its quirks! No you don’t have to have 10 published before you get your resource box (called a signature) Set up unlimited sigs in under “my account” then in edit mode in the article use the signatures drop down (top left) to add them – though you better have a descriptive name if you don’t want to get them all mixed up! You can also get a anchored link in the content – my latest one has an link to KWA – but it has to be relevant… You can add them afterwards though the article will need to get reapproved

Hey Amanda,

This is Ryan from here.

There are definitely still a few kinks here and there in the system. I am passing this on to the developers as we speak to make sure they address this tomorrow.

You can definitely have signatures right off the bat, if for some reason it doesn’t go directly in, re-add it via editing the article and I will make sure its approved.

If you do have this problem in the future, you can use the contact form and let us know. We are really friendly and we want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and the only way we can make that work is through feedback from you guys.

We try to get back to everybody who emails as quickly as possible too!

Thanks again for contributing!

Infobarrel Ryan’s last blog post..What NOT To Do When Moving Overseas

Hey everyone just so you know I don’t know Ryan at all nor he me – I just saw InfoBarrel and thought it was interesting to check out – but with this sort of attitude I see a long a happy future for the company! Ryan it would be REAL cool to see a like a screen preview of what the article is going to look like before you hit “publish” – so you can see the placing of the images, ad blocks (placeholder fine) etc.

Hey Lis,

That is actually a fantastic idea. Another one that I will pass on to the developers tomorrow.

Again, if you ever think of anything else you think would be handy to see on the site, either fire me an email via the contact form or use the feedback button located on the right of every page of the site to let us know.

I love to get and implement feedback from users as in the end its you guys that make things work.

Infobarrel Ryan’s last blog post..What NOT To Do When Moving Overseas

OK–thanks Ryan and Lissie. I did setup the signature in my profile but for some reason it just didn’t end up in the published article even though I selected it in the little sidebar thingie. No worries! Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something. I’ll tinker with it today.

I also think it would be helpful to preview the final article–especially in terms of checking your anchor links. I’m usually pretty paranoid about that! :-]

This is great Lis! I just signed up through your link. I think InfoBarrel is going to be a real winner. Unlike I got the boot too for lack of posting. ROBBERS!

I am quite excited about InfoBarrel and look forward to being an active part on that site. Backlinks are a huge reason for any one in this business.

I have already added your feed to my site and I want to thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Denise’s last blog post..Make Money with InfoBarrel

Denise – you will get automatically booted from today if you don’t post for a month – just plead real life distracting you or some other bullsh*t and you should get reinstated!
I have been slack with infobarrel lately but will get back to it shortly – they are nice people which counts a lot in my view!

i just started with hb pages and it seems like a lot of fun, i dont know about making much money from google adsense but it does seem lke a fair way of getting so much content.

Thank you so much for the break down of the writing sites. I just joined Infobarell this morning!

Really good passive income from Infobarell and an opportunity to publish our works online that too indexed within hours by Google! – Mike
.-= Mike´s last blog ..Science and it’s quirks =-.

Pamela both hubpages and infobarrel are Adsense revenue sites – they are by far your best option because the revenue share is transparent – you aren’t paying for someone else’s overheads! Adsense pays every month you reach $100 and its over all your sites that run Adsense not just Infobarrel. I see you linked from examinar – which I think is a paid writing gig – this is not the same thing – you retain copyright on your material and you are building a buisness not selling your time

Love the review, Lissie. You had me right up to the part where you mentioned the possibility of getting smart priced. I know that it’s under the section for marketers, but I know just enough about stuff to be dangerous. I’m afraid that I’ll shoot myself in the foot, so to speak.

I’m going to check out the site and see what I think.

Thanks for this.

Don’t worry about it too much Shirley – but basically if one day all your Adsense clicks are 0.05c (on every site) – then you are smartpriced. Its not permanent though – you have to find the site which is causing the problem and remove your Adsense from if and then all is good again. It hasn’t happened to me yet

How are you finding Infobarrel Lissie ? I have signed up and got around 10 articles published but their statistics seem way off mark. They say I get around 25 views a day to each of my articles – but Adsense says I got one visitor ! Are you getting any visitors or money from your articles ?
.-= Online Stock Trading´s last blog ..Newspaper Share Tips Aug 6 =-.

Yes I like IB and I need to do some more of them! I’ve seen others make the same comment – I think they may be blocking adsense from logged in IB readers – that would be make sense of the stats and be a very good thing!

Thanks for all of the great information here! I have been building some info barrels lately and if i had a website or related article that was relevant to the info barrel that I created I am creating an intext backlink to that site as I believe info barrel is a pr 4 and should be a good source of backlinks. A few weeks have gone by on some of the articles, and when I check for backlinks from info barrel to those articles or websites there is no reference to be found.

I’ve even gone back to some other peoples’ articles where they have linked their info barrel to a related hubpage. A backlink check of the hubage shows no reference to a backlink from info barrel. I may be wrong on this, as I checked this with about 3 different free online backlinks checkers, but no backlinks registered on any of the 3 different services.

Conversely, if I check on backlinks from a hubpage to a related info barrel article, these would show up with those same backlink checkers that I was using. Just wanted to see if you or any of your readers might have any thoughts on this.


I feel there might be some temporary problem in the site? Did you report this problem (backlinks) to them?
.-= Simon´s last blog ..Looking at the stars =-.

Hi Lis,

Thanks for the great review. I just kind of stumbled on them, and looked around for a review. Happy to say you’re near the top of the SERPS for those queries. Signed up, and looking forward to gathering yet more links. By the way, thanks for the great comment on my last blog post. Very much appreciate you stopping by!


Shane “Master” Dayton
.-= Shane@Master Dayton Writing Blog´s last blog ..Why I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Freelance Writer =-.

Hey lissie, great review here, just goin through some of your post looking at the serious amount of comments on them, i know im late buy i signed up for infor barrell today, gave a few articles. Since you wrote this blog how do you find IB. Would you suggest for me to stop using Ezine articles? or just carry on using both. Thanks

Slowly gettin ground to working my way around your site Lis 🙂

And so – I use IB, Ezine and GA, for article submission. Though I tend to spread across them rather than use one specifically per site or hub. Good or bad? Dont know. And I still write everything longhand. Maybe I need to fix that 😉

Hi FD and welcome! Variety is good – keeps the boredom at bay too! Longhand? Like not on a computer? That’s cute and quaint – and a skill I have totally lost – I can’t write at all now iwthout the ability to cut and paste – and certainly can’t read my own handwriting either. In fact there was a horrible time when I was sharing a computer with my partner and I tried writing some stuff long-hand – but it didn’t work – when I came to typing it into the computer I ended up re-writing it!

Next one here that only can write on the computer, not on paper. I have ADD / hyperactive brain and when writing on paper I just end up with the proverbial pile of scrambled of paper in the bin, just like in the cartoon. When writing on the computer / in a word processor I can just add bits and pieces, write a bit at the end, a bit on the beginning, add ideas in odd places etc without having to start from scratch! I can honestly say, without a computer I wouldn’t be much of a writer / blogger at all! SY

I have been using Infobarrel for well over half a year. I wrote several articles when first joining, but have not been that active since then. However, I still make about US$0.5 per article per month from Adsense, which is pretty good considering I did very little in the way of research etc when writing the articles and the primary purpose of several of my articles was to create backlinks to my blog/hubs. Would definitely recommend Infobarrel as an Adsense revenue sharing alternative to Hubpages.


Thank you for the most excellent post. As someone who is literally brand new this review really helps clarify things in my still opening eyes. =) I’m going to take a look around the rest of your site. Thanks again!


Excellent review Lis. I have joined infobarrel few months ago but I havn’t seen any option for ebay. I think they are offering chitika along with adsense. Am I missing something or was it there before and they have stopped it now??

Wow. I appreciate your review. It was interesting, and I enjoyed it. Thank you for a awesome site!

This was an informative read. What are the chances that you will get smart priced if all of the articles you write for Infobarrel are directly related to your own website?

I’m not using Infobarrel and haven’t for a while – this may be outdated info now

I like your sub title “one website at a time”. So very true. I believe many people fail to real their online financial goals because they don’t stick it out long enough to reap the rewards and don’t stick it out long enough to understand writing at one website at a time can produce revenue.

I’m an Infobarrel member and love it. The Infobarrel forum is the only forum I participate in on a weekly basis. The members are awesome and I learned so much from them.

I was curious to see if anyone ever wrote a review about Infobarrel and that is how I found this blog/website. Very nice to meet you and best of luck growing your online business. Great picture with a perfect background. Very nice.

I find InfoBarrel to be very useful, and I love the 75% revenue-sharing model! I have four articles on there, with my favorite being “How To Roll Your Eyes In The Back Of Your Head Like The Undertaker”.

I love this blog post, and I will have to recommend it to my own readers on my blog. Thumbs-up!

Hi Lis,
I have a pretty large body of work on HP. I began writing on Wizzley, and although I like it and the community (as much as I do here) I find that the topics I write about do better here. How do you compare IB with Wizzley? And I thought I heard that IB was changing over to a payment plan more like HP, but can’t recall where I read it. Is that true or have you heard anything like that? It seems to me you need to write about 300 articles on Wizzley to make any money, or maybe I’m interpreting it wrong from pieces popular people there wrote to say they had done well, and were finally making money. They all wrote so much if they had to do that to make money, it’s a F/T job. I’ve taken a year to build content on my blog, and now I’m not sure if I want to concentrate on one more site, or go back and forth between here and Wizzley. Take care. Jean

Haven’t used IB for years- frankly all these sites are too risky in my opinion. I now focus on my own sites and products

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