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Entrecard Will Kill Your Search Traffic

OK I have been doing some Web2.0 stuff over the last few weeks and have looking for sources of backlinks which will a) work for the search engines i.e. give me a do-follow backlink and b) might even get you some focussed traffic.

OK I have been doing some Web2.0 stuff over the last few weeks and have looking for  sources of backlinks which will a) work for the search engines i.e. give me a do-follow backlink and b) might even get you some focused traffic. Getting my sites to the point their earn me passive income is all about increasing my backlinks

Entrecard Sucks!
Entrecard Sucks!

I don’t know if you count Entrecard as 2.0 as really its just a fancy banner exchange which as been around forever (ie like 10 years – a LONG time on the Internet).

I never took much notice of Entrecard but people over at the Today forums were singing its praises so I signed up (free) and installed it on my Travel Over 30s blog.   And I dropped my entrecards – almost always on relevant blogs in the travel and expat sector. You can drop a maximum of 300 cards a day – with a little distraction – ie. actually reading some of the blogs this can take several hours – most of the blogs have every widge under the sun and take FOREVER to load.

And sure enough the traffic came – maybe 50% of people I dropped on dropped back within the next day or so – to be honest this was better than I had thought. I got a bit of traffic from them.

Then I stopped  dropping – and my after a day or so my Entrecard traffic went down to a handful a day. Which again was to be expected. This was not passive income – if I didn’t drop no one was going to drop back or even visit.

So Entrecard wasn’t building me an ongoing audience – it was just getting me a reciprocal “drop and run” response. So if I didn’t drop I didn’t get traffic.

Which in its self is not so bad – but it got worse, a lot worse. My Google search engine traffic disappeared. I was getting a steady flow of queries from Google to a number of different posts – I had had this traffic for around a month.

After a week or so of serious Entrecard activity -my search engine traffic had gone. Why?

Well I don’t know for sure- as you never do with search engines, but I am almost certain it is because my Entrecard traffic was low quality – it was hit and run – they came found the Entrecard widget – dropped and left.

Google rates pages for a number of reasons – but a lot of very short term visitors who click in and out – seems to get you marked down. And I think this is what has happened to my blog.

Meanwhile my other Today blog, which I never had Entrecard on has gone from strength to strength on search traffic.

So not only will your Entrecard traffic not convert to sales, Adsense clicks or even readers – it will also have a negative effect on your search engine rankings.

Entrecard is off my blog as soon as my current backlog of adveritsers are through.

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While I’m not here to defend EC I can tell you they haven’t been around 10 years. They’ve been in existence for 14 months. And while I have no idea why your search engine traffic dropped it isn’t the fault of any type of traffic exchange program. That argument doesn’t make sense.

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I didnt say EC had been around 10 years – I said banner exchanges, of which EC is an example, have been around a long time!
Think about the type of traffic argument – if you you go to a really, really good site – what do you do – you stay, you look around, you go to a few pages, maybe watch a video – i.e. your visit length is long and you go to lots of pages. Now you hit another site- which is just all ads and flashing banners – what do you do? Leave, fast – Google can tell how long you stay on a site – don’t you think your behavour on each of those 2 examples tells Google something about the quality of the site?

Hey Lis,

Think about this for a sec. If you’re looking for traffic to an Adsense site, isn’t the point to get them to the site, realize they’re not going to find it, and click an ad? Isn’t that also hit & click out traffic? But we both know folks who make a ton off that very pattern. I have to agree with the two previous posters. I’m not seeing how quality would hurt you.

And now, for an alternative pov on Entrecard traffic. I just posted The Return of Entrecard today with a very specific way that Entrecard can help your site(s). If you consistently drop on sites that make a monthly “Top Droppers” post (including a link of course) AND that site has PR, you have just gotten yourself a backlink from a site with related content, on your keyword (hopefully) from a site with PR. How is that a bad thing?

As you pointed out, there is of course one drawback to Entrecard…the time it takes to make the drops. Here’s a tip. Use your feed reader to pull the RSS feed from your drops inbox. You can click off to the sites dropping on your site directly from your reader! I was able to drop about 120 (119 actually) cards this morning in about 30 minutes using this method. That would mean a hour and a half to drop all 300… not awful but…

Great topic and post Lis, hope all is well with you and I hope to be stopping by more often.


Hi Thom- nice to see you here – my first bit of linkbait is going quit well LOL Know argument re they come, they flee via Adsense is EXACTLY why I thought entrecard was a good fit with my today blogs!

I like your idea re top droppers and your technique – I have to think about this again! I love a good debate and this is turning into an excellent one!

I think I agree – its logical if you just run from the site then the assumption is that the site is off little value – I suspect that’s why my hubpages do so well in the SERPs – and so badly with CLR!

I had used entrecard initially as a traffic boost; however I just use it now on test sites, to get an initial traffic boost to help with rankings etc; and this seems to work well.

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Made me think twice about adding the entrecard widget. Probably won’t anymore.

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I must admit I havent gotten around to removing but stopped dropping very much , the search traffic did return!

I have no prove that Bounce Rate will effect the ranking (My site is on the Sand Box).But the backlink and the “hit” from different IP will definery improve the page rage.

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Same exact thing happened to me. I’m seriously considering removing entrecard completely now.

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I again stopped dropping and my search traffic went right back up and compenstated for the lost entrecard traffic without actually having to do anything!

I wonder if this is just an effect of using Google Analytics, since it seems to be the only real way they could track your bounce rate and referrer information in a mass way, which could in turn be used to affect your SERPs placement. I did a quick check and nearly every one who commented here is using Google Analytics, I’d really like to know if this really is the correlation…

I see no real benefit in using Analytics over something like Piwik, and if you have your own hosting, you’ll get more accurate results from something hosted locally, since people with NoScript and other such plugins tend to whitelist TLDs.

That’s an interesting view point fuzion – I’ve only used entrecard on one site – on – and I think they use analytics over the entire site.

Hi, thanks for this arguments. I’m also thinking that i should remove entrecard on my site. I just don’t have enough proofs from people who used entrecard and what their experiences were.

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Nice information you got in here. To be honest I didn’t get much traffic with entrecard. That is why I’m thinking to remove it from my widget list.

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