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Google Censors the Internet

I wasn’t intending to write this post: this is not a political blog, but I am MAD, very mad. Google has had bad press recently in Australia particularly, and in fact our competition watch dog is currently taking Google to court over anti-competitive practice. That’s kinda a given given the size of the US-based Google. That I can live with – its business.

This however makes me mad! I posted recently about Courtney Tuttle’s keyword sniping approach which is all about creating focussed websites. Its NOT about spamming but apparently someone has reported to Court to Google and now he doesn’t even rate for his name for his main site Courtney Tuttle

So what is so dangerous about Court’s site that he shouldn’t be shown if someone searches for his name? Well Court obviously thinks its because he suggested that content wasn’t King, and that getting legitimate backlinks via articles and other means would get your content ranked.

So now Court has to backpeddle, take down his most useful posts on keyword sniping and post in effect a retraction saying he was wrong! Reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition to be honest – remember how you could get burnt at the stake for believing in the wrong form of God, well this is the internet equivalent. No his life isn’t threatened, but his livelihood certainly is, as his main business is an internet marketing consultancy with his brand built around his name.

So because of some un-named, unknown, for reasons which he doesn’t know about, suddenly his business is affected. He’s now guilty and has to prove himself innocent – all because someone is jealous or worse a business competitor can’t think of any other way competing with him!
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LOL I just got a Google alert on this post within a few hours so obviouisluy the G is watching! They don’t normally notice when I post on this blog!

It makes me laugh becuase fundamentally google is nothing but a scraper site. They scrape other people’s content, without their permission, and slap some ads up on the side. Then they take it upon themselves to lecture about content.

Obviously they are entitled to kick someone out whenever they feel like it, after all there is no contract between the website owner and google. But morally they really cannot justify it.

Thanks for commenting Ivan: I don’t think morals and American big business have ever really had anything to do with each other!

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this altogether anyway. We shall wait and see and watch and learn.


Thanmks for visiting Monika. Yes I will be interested to see how this story ends! BTW feel free to use the name/url option – this is do-follow blog !

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