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Hubpage Challenge 100 Hubs in 30 Days

OK so not a day after I write about diversifying to other Web 2.0 article sites and review  InfoBarrel the great Hubpage challenge blows up all over the Internet. If you have been asleep under a rock and not paying attention it went like the: Court decided to have a new money making experiment: 100 hubs in 30 days. Well Hubpage’s marketing guy Ryan Hupfer noticed this (btw if you are wondering how this sort of thing happens – I have 2 words for you “google alerts” a great way to know what people are saying about you!). Long story short we now have The Great Hub Challenge:

100 hubs in 30 daysActually I am crazier than that because  I also want to get to earn 30 points in the May InfoBarrel promotion which will increase my Adsense share there to 90% for June.

A little over a year I was part of a contest on HubPages which basically meant writing as many hubs as possible on a daily given topic. It was a good way to just get stuff out there – and some of those hubs make me money to  this day – some – I didn’t know what I was doing. This time I think I do know what I am doing – so I am going to do some of my own experimenting:

  1. Use a new identity and see how long it takes it to rank or get done for spamming. My theory is that most spammers will only publish hubs on the same niche. So my new ID will publish over a range of niches. My new ID will however publish multiple similar hubs on the same niche over the month – I have at least 16 niches to spread out over and I am sure more will come along over the month (which starts Monday 11 May BTW so there is still time to join).
  2. See what sort of PR my new ID can get for their profile page – again I believe that having a mixture of topics on the page is a better way to get to PR than being too specialised.
  3. I tend to write long hubs – but for this I will focus on shorter “capstone” hubs – the definition of which are: 300 words, 1 image, 2 links to authority sites in a link capsule, 2 contextual links to other hubs, news feed, 10 tags. That is the requirement for one of HubPages own paying programs so  I don’t expect to get hit with “spam” using those guidelines. The requirements also fit nicely with my understanding of SEO and I think this will mitigate that the experiment will see HubPages hit the Google spam filter (see SEO expert Justin for the contrary view).
  4. I want to see just how important being social on hubpages matters. I have always felt that “lissie” does well partly because new hubs are emailed to 1000 + fans every time I publish. The new ID won’t be doing any commenting or forum posting so that should minimise the fans to other spammers – I am intrigued to see what this will do to my hubscore and author score.

Where Does HubPages Fit Into My Online Real Estate ?

I use Hubpages for four main purposes:

  1. To get backlinks to other sites that  I am trying to push up the search engine rankings;
  2. To make money – I still earn most of my eBay and Adsense income from HubPages though that percentage will go down as my other sites start producing;
  3. To try new ideas –  I am going to specifically build some hubs to be landing pages for affiliate offers: its a lot easier than developing a mini-site from scratch and I think it might work better too…
  4. When I want to write way of topic like Star Trek 11 2009 for example!

So am I mad  – will you join me in this challenge?  There is even a babies version of 30 hubs in 30 days – but that’s just for wussies! Oh and if you are not already a member or you need a new identity feel free to use my referral link!

12 replies on “Hubpage Challenge 100 Hubs in 30 Days”

I read about the hub challenge on Court’s site and I look forward to hearing about people’s experiences. I know that I wouldn’t be able to create that many hubs in such a short space of time as I am a newbie to this. I wish you good luck with it all.

Tiptopcat’s last blog post..My Adsense Earnings

Oh I love a challenge! I’m new to hubpages but I’ll give it a shot, do I need to sign up for the challenge or can I just start making hubs now?

LOL should be fun, can’t wait to see how your experiment goes!

Good luck!

Beginner blogger’s last blog post..Make Money Writing For InfoBarrel

You aren’t supposed to start making hubs for it until Monday – but it is already Monday in New Zealand so you are close enough – check out the forum post I linked to in the post – you can make your hubs identifiable by adding a hubchallenge tag to them and also using the same as a twitter hash tag if you twitter them.

Me, I just gotta be different, so I won’t be participating in the challenge. But I just signed up for Hubpages (under a different name than I use for my MMO work) and have already written two hubs, with more to come as I get time. I have two very simple objectives:
(1) Get into eBay Partner Network. So far my own sites have failed to make the grade, and I need to be in their program.
(2) Get my profile and some of my hubs some page rank so I can send links to my second-tier sites. No way am I linking to any of my money sites from my hubs and exposing everything I do for income online under one profile.

I can be a bit obtuse at times, so Lissie, could you explain to me why 100 hubs are better than 10 if it only takes three or four of them to drive your score over 75 and make your links dofollow?

The main reason I like Hubpages is because it’s a place to write about stuff I’m (god forbid) passionate about and indulge in some social blogging, while still accomplishing my two goals stated above. I had gotten so bloody tired of writing about boring shit with good keyword scores that I was almost ready to ditch IM and go to boat motor mechanic school.

Lorecee’s last blog post..An Unbiased Review of SEO Elite

Well I’ve quit this IM business at twice – the trouble is its such an enticing thing – to get paid when I’m not working – and it happens just often enough to keep me trying! At least now I have a bit of income coming in – I am outsourcing all the boring keyword stuff to others – it helps with my procrastination quite a lot!

Hubpages will I think help you get accepted into eBay (I don’t know cause I got accepted when they would let anyone in) and yes lots of my hubs have PR which is very helpful.

The advantage of more hubs is easy: I have about 20 niches at the moment – I produce 5 hubs/niche then I am producing 10 backlinks to each niche site. Also I often use hp to road test ideas – if can’t get a hub ranked I have no chance of getting my own site ranked. I also make a significant % of my income from hubpages still – so they are both a link and an income source …

I have been thinking about launching a second ID on hubpages so I can obscure some of my niches – I’ve avoided doing it because I thought it would be too hard, so this is just a push in a direction I was thinking about anyway

Lis–I was thinking that getting a second hubpages ID would be hard because they link up with all your moneymaking accounts like AdSense, Amazon, eBay, etc. So you might be able to create other IDs but not monetize pages under them (unless you make other AdSense accounts). But this is all speculation on my part. Do let us know how it goes.

Yeah, more Hubpages = more backlinks. Duh–backlinks 101.

I’ve never really been serious about quitting, but I’m trying to spend less time in front of the computer and still accomplish something useful.

Lorecee’s last blog post..An Unbiased Review of SEO Elite

Hi Lissie,

Seems like this challenge is right up your alley. I’ll be watching your results with great interest.

About how long does it take you to create a hub from idea to published work? I’m sure it depends so what factors can slow you down or speed you up?

Just curious… Thanks and good luck!

Good luck on the Challenge. 100 may seem like a lot to some, but its still possible to do without loosing quality of the hubs at the same time. It will definitely be interesting to see how the money improves. At midnight, I will try to start my hubs. 5 is my goal a day.

Melissa’s last blog post..100 Hubs in 30 Days

@Lorecee -hubpages has no problem with you having a second ID – in fact there is an option when you log out to log back in with another ID! You need another email address – but they are cheap to come by 🙂 Yes Google could figure out it was you because of the Adsense ID – but I more worried about exposing niches to competitors than to Google.

@Jerry Lee – it taks as long as it takes 🙂 It depends really obviously the quickest ones are the ones that I have outsourced the writting on! The next quickest are ones I know the topic very, very well.

Sounds like a lot of work @ around 3 a day. I still think you would be better to write a few good quality articles for your own site and then try and promote them on social networks.

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A quick hub on a topic I know takes 15 minutes max – I’m doing it purely for the backlinks and the SEO value the last thing I want is social traffic!

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