Passive Income Goes Daily – Maybe?

OK so this whole 100 hubs in 30 days game  has been on for a whole day and I thought I might actually go daily on Passive Income just to keep you all up to speed! And to persuade Google that this blog really is about earning passive income online too. hubchallenge-buttonNow I note about times – its an issue on the Internet – your Monday being my Tuesday basically – so I am going to post every morning with the stats for the previous day which I think is actually early evening in the US – whatever.

Day 1: New identity created – its been lying around for about 6 months I deleted some duplicate content hubs and the  authorsore dropped to 18 – that’s a new low for me!

I ordered 24 articles from cyberquest and published 3 hubs, covering 2 niches. Initially I am only going post 3 hubs a day preferably over 3 niches so that I can let the profile grow naturally. If I see a decent hubscore jump to the 80s then I will increase my rate of publishing I need around 15 hubs to get hubs grouped by topic on my profile page.

To date there have been 268 hubs published with the hubchallenge tag

Meanwhile over at InfoBarrel I managed to find a bug for them without even trying – accidentally published 2 articles – got them back and then finally got one out there. Phew – OK their interface is a little confusing – but their support was really helpful- and my new article was indexed within a few hours  – got to like that!

Thanks to Glen from Lensroll Social Networking for the cool graphic

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Hi Lis,
I knew all along you were about making money by earning passive income online it was just hard to find in the posts sometimes. 🙂
Posting here each day will be really great for us to see the results of your experiment. I’m not doing the challenge as I have so many other sites to work on but I am going to do some hub pages to help with my passive income online.
Are you using the cyberquest articles for the hubs or are they for other projects?
Good luck with your quest.

agrande with low carb meals’s last blog post..A Diet With Low Carb Meals Works

Nice comment agrande 🙂 – Yes I am using cyberquest articles for hubs and also for some of my money sites – it varies a bit depending on how good the quality is. I’m writing some of them though – if I know the topic I can write a 300word “capstone” hub in 15 minutes

oops sorry I meant cyberhub - – skip all the flashy graphics! they charge $0.006/word

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