Passive Income Day 3 HubChallenge

Just a quick update – I have 12 hubs up now and still only an author score of 71 – ie no-follow. A commentator gave me an idea on how to up it so I am trying that out today!

One suggestion was to make really long hubs – but I don’t think that does it cause I notice that Hup Challenge (hubpages own marketing manager with a new ID) has published five really long hubs and has 24 fans and still has an author score of  41.

There are 791 hubchallenge hubs this morning.

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Hey Lis this whole Hub Pages challenge stuff looks fun wonder what will be the outcome of all of this. I have not tried hub pages yet but will probably will in some weeks. (I am quitting smoking cigarettes and I am having a hard time concentrating + low energy levels which is killing my writing) I look forward to reading about everyone’s results both money and traffic wise. Have a great week. Also Griz has been quiet for some time… maybe he is building hubs (from what I read he loves challenges).

Griz has been playing with the monetization on his MMOFB blogspot blog and I suspect also that his real-world business is probably busy at the moment. Good luck with the quiting smoking – thats a big one – but a good niche ….

Hi again Lissie. I’m at 5 days, only 2 hubs, hubscores at 75 and 70, profile is now 88. Can you say do follow? Thought you could.

Seriously, though, I hope your scores improve, and let us know what works for you. As I said on Justin’s blog, this challenge can only be good for Hubpages. These big free hosting services don’t pluck money off trees (even though some of their members think the internet owes them a free soapbox). If they don’t keep serving up new food for the Googlebot, their revenues drop and they can’t stay in business.

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Hi Lis,
I’m surprised about your author score. Do you think it is just because your account is so new? I did three hubs pretty fast though and my score was over 75 and they weren’t particularly long hubs. But I had a great fan club base as soon as I started publishing(thanks again for being my one fan,LOL).
Anyway, if you figure something out it will be great to here about it. I wonder where the score comes from, is it an algorithm or is it human generated? They may be looking closer a the hubs since so many people are bombarding them and trying to build a passive income online.

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The account isn’t that new its about 6 months old – I had a few PLR hubs on it which I deleted and never got any traffic and I think that is the key – over the day I have started to get search traffic and my score has steadily gone up to 82. I did a hub in response to a Q&A which did seem to give a bit of a jump too.

Hi Lissie,
I actually usually write under a different profile on HubPages (if you look at my email you shoul be able to tell who). I haven’t had checked my Analytics stats, but at the time, my HubScore is an 80. I only have 1 hub. I participated a little in the community. I can’t figure this author score thing out… I know it does have a lot to do with traffic though.

Yeah its definitly traffic I am up to a score of 88 with a grand total of 374 views over 16 hubs now. Ryan – I am not so keen on pure social traffic – now that I am dofollow on all my hubs I would rather have buyers not numbers.

@TM – yeah gotcha – and you have a new fan…

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