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Yeah not sure I can be creative on the titles on hubchallenge-buttonthis hubpages challenge series people! I might stick with the same nice graphic for consistency and see what I can do with the titles tag.

Over at Infobarrel I finally got my 3 long articles about online business models published and now have 19 of the required points for May.

Back at HubPages – backlash time! No – not for Google – hubs still being indexed inside 24hours – but some of the “regulars” are a bit upset about all this hubtivity and lots of mail as the people they are fans of publish new hubs!

Yeah right people get over yourselves – most of them haven’t been there as long as I have either. In fact I’ve seen some old timers who had been quiet for a while come in from the cold – like Mark Knowles. Its interesting that people react in this way – to a “challenge” that in no ways affects them – unless they chose to participate.

Quite frankly I can totally understand people who don’t have time to participate  because the a) use hubpages for fun not an income and b) have other priorities in their life. Just don’t expect any sympathy the next time you complain on the forums about making 29c in Adsense in 6 months!

Some people are worried that the “avalanche” of posting will bring down the tone of the  neighbourhood and upset Google  – apparently unless you agonize for days over your words – it won’t be very good.

Quite frankly I think if you can’t write 500 words on a topic you know in 20 minutes, without gross grammatical or spelling errors  you have no right tto call yourself a writer either!

Apparently writing 100 hubs in 30 days means that you have to write rubbish. I don’t think so – here’s a random selection of people I know are doing the challenge: do you think they are rubbish?

Eco Friendly Resort Development

How to Stretch Your Money Tips

How To Be Judgemental

How To Make Yummy Pot Roast Even If You Can’t Cook

Claude Money – Father of Impressionistic Art

Residential Solar Power Systems

I published another 3 hubs 2 in a brand new niche which I found when reading someone else’s hub (no I didn’t steal hers she just inspired me). I still have a no-follow author score of 53 so I am keeping the hub publishing rate low until I can get up to do-follow territory and keeping the niches mixed up too.

To date there have been  565 hubs published with the hubchallenge

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Haha.. my feelings exactly..

People getting upset that others are writing too much is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard on hubpages yet. Turn of the e-mail alerts for awhile. get over it.

It also seems like there’s this rule that you should write on hubpages for the enjoyment of it and the community. That the money should be extra and not the sole reason. Maybe this is because many haven’t yet figured out how to make it really profitable? But for me, No, sorry, love participating in the forums and reading them but I write on hubpages for money, plain and simple and it works for me better then any website I tried to make. This hubchallenge is just awesome motivation to get me to do even more this month.

The thing about it ruining the hubpages site some are talking about. Are you crazy! The hubpages filters get rid of the crap and what is left is even more money making content for hubpages.

Because of the amount of content on hubpages already, I’m sure google doesn’t care about the influx of more content and would only see it as a positive anyways. Plus, I really don’t think there is going to be that much more published hubs then normal if you look at it on the larger scale. What maybe a couple thousand extra then normal after the course of the month. Most people seem to be committing to 30. Only a few handfuls are going for 100. I know that there are many doing the hubchallenge who haven’t even spoken up that they are and are just posting up the hubs with the tag, but even with these, thats really not that much extra.

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@stephanie – askimet doesn’t like you – had to take you out of spam LOL
We are up to 600 odd hubchallenge hubs – thats not spam – these people obviously have no idea about blackhat LMAO. Also I am on hub 11 of the new ID and I still nowhere having a dofollow author score – I reckon its going to take a week or so and by them if I was putting up spam I would have been banned before I ever got the dofollow link. It will drop off quickly as people will get bored with it – I doubt that it will add as much content as the competition last year which kept on changing the topic.

I think there is a bit of the starving artist thing going on – I am an artiste not a worker LOL – well that’s nice if they have some other way to pay the bills but I agree with you – if someone from Nigeria did send me that $20k check I’d be on the beach WITHOUT the laptop! Thanks for commenting

Hi Lis,
I wondered about the affect of the challenge on Hubpages also. I read Justin’s post at SEOZombie and the comments and it finally dawned on me that all this new content would probably be good for Hubpages because it would give Google a lot more to look at. It would probably give it even more authority status.
Hubpages has always been known for having a lot of “holier than thou” people and I think you are just seeing them come out of the woodwork. They have an idea about how Hubpages should be and no one else should have a say. I think it is more important for them to live by some arcane set of rules than create pages someone will actually visit.

@Agrande Yeah its really weird they aren’t often even published writers -they are the dreamers who can’t work a deadline – can’t imagine they would last long in the real world of writers! Hubpages mgmt (Ryan) are well into this- its a great thing for them and they didn’t even have to think of the idea 🙂 The community is really strong but at the moment there are some newcomers who are bloody experts on how to write (apparently) and don’t lower themselves to actually make money -so you wonder why on earth they feel the need to publish on a revenue sharing site 🙂 Though there is another side to there are some long-time freelance writers who are doing the contest because they want some more passive income…

Lissie, I’ve got to brag a bit–just to motivate you more, of course. I wrote 2 hubs in 5 days, this morning I have an author score of 78, and hub scores of 74 and 71. I’m amazed at how little work it takes to make dofollow.

Hubpages is my new best buddy.

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Huh – I’m not happy then LOL – I just published my 12th hub as the new me and have an author score of 64! Maybe its cause the account has been lying around for 6 months doing very little. How long are your hubs? Mine are 300-400words

Oh, they’re long–1,000 words each. One has two photos and one has one photo. I’ve been dripping the photos in, thinking updates might help.

I also seemed to get some mileage out of answering a hub request–from the start that hub jumped out ahead of my other one. So there’s a tip for you.

My profile is now up to 80, and it’s actually been 4 days, not 5. I’m already dropping in anchored backlinks to my sites. I’m sure you’ll catch up with me soon, LOL!

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*Sigh* I am over writing long hubs – I like my nice little short ones full of affiliate links 🙁 – nice idea about the answer the request thing- I will look into that tomorrow – its 11pm here I’m going to bed! BTW I do automatic updating by including a news capsule and/or ebay (not amazon ebay has more updates)

Yeah, I couldn’t imagine writing 100,000 words over the course of 30 days – that would just be insane! I think I’m going for the 30 hubs in 30 days and have taken a shotgun approach to writing them. A little bit will be targeting some niches I have sites for while others will be testing out some new niches to see if there is any low lying fruit for me to gobble up.

Here’s to writing and making some passive income.

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Me neither! I’m doing an average of 300-400 words a hub and outsourcing quite a bit of the writing! Its a good place to test new niches – I’m doing some of that too!

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