Passive Income Hubchallenge After 1 Week

Well its been a week I have published 15 hubs which have had a grand total of 210 views 66% of which are from search engines (mainly  Income earned – 0.28c from Adsense.  Several of them went straight to page 1 in the SERPS though and then dropped off so guess which ones I will be building backlinks to!

I personally think that Court got a bit lucky with his earnings of some $8 in his first week   – that or he was building links to his hubs from day one – which I definitly am not at the moment.

Oh and yes I know I behind schedule – but that’s only because cyberhub has a tone of outstanding articles which they are later delivering.  Over at infobarrel I have published Affordable Small Business Websites: Domain Names and am just 2 articles off hitting the magic number to get 90% Adsense income there – mind you I haven’t actually had any Adsense income from them yet …


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Have you noticed an increase in the number of comments since installed KeywordLuv? I’ve been considering using it on a blog I own and need some honest feedback.

I have had an increase in comments but that may well because of the content – try it and see if you don’t like it remove – its free after all!

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