Passive Income Hub Challenge After 2 Weeks

OK  another week and I now have a total of 23  hub published on one ID plus seven on my lissie account.  The search traffic for the other ID is now up to 423 views (73% from search engines – mainly Google).

What I wanted to talk about are the “public” hubs I did as lissie. Most of these are are a number of earthquake related topics. This was the “hubmob of the week” – why you might ask? Well there have been several earthquakes in California this week – and not much is guaranteed in life – but earthquakes in California are one of them!

What’s a hubmob?

Its a question asked in the forums – which is then open for a week. Every answer to the question is supposed to include the RSS feed of the other hubs answering that question. You are encouraged to add your hub to the original hubmob forum thread – self-promotion is encouraged, and the hubmob coordinator also gives you a backlink in the “official hub of hubs“.

So you get a free backlink from the forums, you get a free backlink from the hub of the hubmob and you show up in the RSS feed on every other hub on the topic – depending on how high up the voting you are on this page: that was a hint BTW 🙂 You also get a fair number of comments from other viewers because of the visibility of the thread at the top of the forum – I have a lot of comments from people who have never commented on my stuff before.  And HubPages gain authority on what is hopefully a topical subject – and in this case also an ever-green topic with random demand! So far I am getting traffic from some very long-tail keywords (7-plus) which was probably helped by the second shakes in California and Mexico which happened after I published several hubs

Earthquakes happen every where; even Australia!
Earthquakes happen every where; even Australia!

So just in case you missed it here are my earthquake hubs:

Earthquake Insurance varies between countries and I think the Californian model is deeply flawed – though the increasing costs of infrastructure in earthquake prone countries are always going to be an issue. Specifically earthquake insurance California is the biggest problem of all!  Earthquake insurance is of course just one type of disaster insurance which has been around for years but maybe earthquake preparedness from the historic Napier earthquake may teach us a few lessons on earthquake survival.

If a hubmob fits your niches then its an excellent way to get some hubs ranked quickly – this week’s topic is 4th July.

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I will have to give HubMob a try. I like these community activities within Hubpages.

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Hi Lis,
I went over and checked out the hubmob idea. Looks like a good way to get some promotion.
I was wondering if there is a help to your sites by getting comments once the hub is ranked 50 or higher and if getting fans helps once your author score is over 75? I know there is the idea of community from comments and fans, which is nice, but I was wondering if posting comments of people’s hubs or joining their fan clubs help them?
I know Griz talked about getting comments because of the search engine fodder but is there any other benefit, SEO that is.

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The comments ping whatever they ping – they add free content – check my internet marketing hub – it wasn’t short but it has over 300 comments on it! Basically commenting on hubs will get you comments back – I got most of my fans by being helpful on the forums and commenting – is it worthwhile – no I don’t think so not for the time involved . Given my time again I’d probably spend my name building backlinks – except that I did manage to start this blog off the following I had on hubpages – so the SEO is indirect and basically about having friends – which Grizz has talked about a lot

Thanks for the heads-up on Hubmob. I’ll have to check that out. Published my first hub under my real name which was quite a long hub and received a few nice comments. Haven’t touched it in a couple weeks and my author score is 77. Cool!

Would love to hear if you have experience using Hubpages to apply for Ebay’s affiliate program? They say to apply if you have “a reasonable amount of traffic.” Any idea what their definition of “reasonable” would be?

Sorry Amanda I don’t know – when Igot my ebay account they clearly didn’t have any performance criteria!

Is it possible that a poorly optimized hub could get your entire adsense account smart priced. I have a couple silly hubs and I don’t want to run adsense if that could happen

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I don’t think so I have a bunch of completely non-optimized hubs but Im not smart priced

Smart pricing only occurs on a channel/domain level. Just make sure you have a channel setup for hubs, and you can monitor the results. I have one site that was smart priced, but my other is fine. Your safe! 🙂

I haven’ tried using hubmob, as I’m really not good in this category. I’m really sorry, but I’m kinda slow. So, how are you going to earn in hubmob?

Mark they are just normal hubs – you make money the normal way : Adsense, ebay, amazon

Hubpages is really a great choice for passive income. I have a few pages that make a little money here and there, but its completely passive!

No you aren’t smart priced – if you were it would effect every site that you have Adsense on

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