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Passive Income:HubChallenge Taking Over My Life!

This will be brief – the hubchallenge has got bigger – I am really trying to optimize some hubs for Adsense – you might want to check out my thoughts on Adsense placement on HubPages.   The reason the challenge got bigger: I’m now doing 800 word hubs not 400 word – and also articles for backlinks – so that another 450 odd words per a hub. I don’t think I am going to make the “deadline” of next week – but I am determined to have some income producing hubs not matter what! Some of the writing will be outsourced but I am planning on a serious writing fest for the next few days as well.

If you think I’m mad check out Ban over at make money online with SEO he’s attempting 200 hubs in 30 days – how he quite manages to produce that amount of content plus the work finding the keywords of course is a little bit beyond me – but I’m very impressed.

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I just want to say congratulations for not giving up on the challenge. I am fairly new to hubpages so there was no way I was going to even attempt even 30 hubs. Still trying to figure out how to find profitable keywords. The 30 day challenge with Ed Dale will be starting shortly so hope to gain some more insights into SEO etc.
Anyway – good luck with the rest of your challenge and I would be interested to know if you have been one of the lucky ones that has made money from your hubs.

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TTcat – its all about the keywords – I am basically using the keyword academy’s selection system – it works for Court so hopefully it will work for me!

Hi Lis,
I’ve been following Ban, the guy is absolutely a writing machine. I didn’t really start on the 100 hub challenge because I didn’t think I could do it but last week he started a 30 hubs in a week so I decided to bite the bullet and do that. So far I have a lot of hubs but no money. I need to look at more niches so I might not make the 30 but hopefully I will be able to make a little money.
Good luck on your challenge. Do your fingers hurt?

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LOL agrande – had to buy a new keyboard to improve the ergonomics of my laptop…

My hubs are going straight to the sandbox. I quit making them for now. I wonder if the challenge is making G filter hubs more.

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