A Perfect Passive Income Opportunity?

This is absolutely brilliant as a way to make passive income – in my opinion anyways. There are already websites up and running which will tell your online friends if you die – a worthwhile service in my view and very much in its infancy.
addressesmatter This site takes it one step further though. Some Christians  believe in the imminant arrive of the so called the “rapture” – which is the end of the world when

the signs described in the Bible that foreshadow the return of Jesus Christ are becoming all too clear. Not all who live during coming Great Tribulation will be spirited away to be with God. The Bible tells us that only those who repent of their sins and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The problem is of course is that the saved won’ t have much notice of this event so they may not be able to make arrangements for canceling day care for little Jonnie and adopting out the dog.

That’s where Post-Rapture post comes in. They offer the service to deliver letters for the saved. You write the letter now – they deliver after the rapture – you see they are atheists so are confident they will be able to deliver – really,  honestly truely.

I personally thought the “I told you so card” at $7.99 was a little unchristian – but the class 3 message of up to 30,000 characters on patchement paper and handtied with ribbon for $799 is just perfect.

Just perfect for making passive income that is,  payable now via paypal  – as they clearly state no items will be delivered until after the rapture!

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I’ve seen something like this before but I think it was for sending out emails or something like that.

Anyway, the understanding of the rapture as an event where only Christians are caught up into the sky and there are tons of non-believers left for a tribulation that lasts a thousands years is, in my opinion, a misreading of the biblical texts.

That is just to say not all Christians believe in that type of rapture (but if you call yourself a Christian I think you have to believe in the imminent return of Jesus) – so these people won’t be making any passive income off of me. 🙂

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@ Steward I saw a place that will send emails to a list of contacts on your behalf when a nominated representative of yours contacts them and notifies them of your death. That actually sounds like quite a good service – my partner doesn’t know all the boards I’m on and wouldn’t know how to update this blog …

I’m not a Christian but I was raised one and I had never heard of such a literal interpreatation -I know Ministers who would laugh themselves silly over this!

You are a gem Lis. How do you find these great make money with passive income ideas? This one is almost as good as freezing people so they can be brought back to life later once medical technology can fix what ever killed them. I can’t wait for Walt Disney to come back as I am getting tired of watching the same Mickey Mouse cartoons over and over.
Thanks for fixing the comments, I tried to give you more of my wonderful words of wisdom on passive income yesterday but I didn’t know the secret handshake.:-)

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I wondered what happen to the deluge of spam! Actually its better than freezing people – this little gem doesn’t have to DO anything -accept the paypal donations! Of course if there is rapture some of us are in an awful lot of trouble – but last minute confession can always work …

Compare this scheme to the shyster televangelist who blatantly just asks for money and delivers nothing.

In this case there might be something ‘delivered’ for the money spent, but who’s going to know?

More than 200 years after ‘the enlightenment’, sheeples’ lack of rational thought never ceases to amaze me 😀

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@Mike – I agree its not a scam – they may well deliver the letters after the rapture and they are certainly disqualified from attending the rapture themselves – so know I think its hilarious – but not a scam!

Don’t let this happen to you:

AUSTIN — Herbert Washington, whom co-workers at Significant Plastics Inc. say was unduly concerned with the rapture and the second coming of Christ, suffered a serious heart attack when co-workers pretended they’d been caught away without him.

Last Tuesday, they lay work outfits on their chairs and hid in a supply room, and when Herbert came back from the restroom, he thought the rapture had occurred. The janitor, an outspoken Muslim, pretended to have witnessed everyone disappear and ran around the office feigning panic. Herbert fell to the ground clutching his heart and screaming, “I knew you’d forget me, Jesus! What did I do wrong?” He was taken to a local hospital. The employees emerged, sobered, from the supply room and gathered up their extra clothes.

“We didn’t mean to scare him to death,” said one woman. “He’s just always talking about it, so today we decided to turn the tables on him.”

Washington underwent bypass surgery and is recovering well and “digging into the Bible like never before,” says his wife.

Significant Plastics, eh?

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This one’s probably a hoax, but it’s funny as hell.

A Little Rock woman was killed yesterday after leaping through her moving car’s sunroof during an incident best described as “a mistaken rapture” by dozens of eyewitnesses.

Thirteen other people were injured after a twenty-car pile up resulted from people trying to avoid hitting the woman who was apparently convinced that the rapture was occurring when she saw twelve people floating up into the air, and then passed a man on the side of the road who she claimed was Jesus.

“She started screaming “He’s back, He’s back” and climbed right out of the sunroof and jumped off the roof of the car,” said Everet Williams, husband of 28-year-old Georgann Williams who was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I was slowing down but she wouldn’t wait till I stopped,” Williams said. She thought the rapture was happening and was convinced that Jesus was gonna lift her up into the sky,” he went on to say.

“This is the strangest thing I’ve seen since I’ve been on the force,” said Paul Madison, first officer on the scene.

Madison questioned the man who looked like Jesus and discovered that he was dressed up as Jesus and was on his way to a toga costume party when the tarp covering the bed of his pickup truck came loose and released twelve blow up sex dolls filled with helium which floated up into the air.

Ernie Jenkins, 32, of Fort Smith, who’s been told by several of his friends that he looks like Jesus, pulled over and lifted his arms into the air in frustration, and said “Come back here,” just as the Williams’ car passed him, and Mrs. Williams was sure that it was Jesus lifting people up into the sky as they passed by him, according to her husband, who says his wife loved Jesus more than anything else.

When asked for comments about the twelve sex dolls, Jenkins replied “This is all just too weird for me. I never expected anything like this to happen.”

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Lorecee -I’ve always thought hell would be a whole lot more fun anyways – I will see you there! So this is quite a common belief in the US – I really hadn’t realised so many people too Revelations (?) so literally…

Good thinking I will put up a website that sells special UNI-RAPT phones. If you think I might get raptured you can buy a set of UNI-RAPT phones for you and your athiest loved ones. These special UNI-RAPT phones will enable raptured peeps to call down to left-behind peeps 1 final time. I have prayed and Jesus said it was a good idea and he would endorse it. Prototype:

Jesus Endorsed UNI-RAPT phones..only 97.00 + recurring membership in Rapture Club billed monthly at 9.98 + free Rapture Countdown Newsletter, only pay 3.95 per month shipping.
As a bonus if you act today we will enroll you in a 30 day free trial for ACAI Weightloss Program (Jesus wants you to be in shape when he calls you home) AND a 14 day free trial to the Easy Grants Cash program (Jesus wants you to be rich during your stay on Earth).

ACT TODAY (Jesus doesn’t like procrastinators)

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BK<———Watching for lightning bolts.

bk’s last blog post..100 Hubs in 30 Days…still

Gee – do you God knows what my IP address is – now I’m getting nervous – and there is a bit storm here at the moment 🙁

Hey Lis,

The flavor of Christianity that loves the notion of rapture where Christians are “secretly taken” while non-Christians are left behind is called Dispensationalist Premillenialism (now thats a mouthful!). It is pretty popular in the US because of a best selling series of books called Left Behind. It is actaully a really new interpretation of some of the biblical texts that talk about the second coming of Jesus.

I am a Christian (a very conservative Christian at that) and think that this understanding of the second coming is pretty wrong and should be avoided. I also think it very sad that people try to make money off of people’s faith (that goes for both a televangelist who claims to know God and an atheist who just wants to make a buck and make fun of people they don’t understand).

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Stewart – that’s really the name? That would explain why it never made it into my brush with religion 2 decades ago. That really is quite a mouthful, but useful to know for quiz nites! I agree and I disagree with you – manipulating children via advertising to want the latest toy fad – is pathetic in my view.

But adults chose to believe what they want to believe – at least this guy is only taking money, and that in return for a service that the customer believes in, that fact that he doesn’t believe in it is, I think, a moot point The cult leaders who promise hope in return for submitting to mind control – that’s really sad. Thanks for commenting.

Lis – I guess I don’t really see them as different in principal, but they are different in degree. In my mind both take advantage of another individual’s personal belief for their own personal gain – while often not believing in the idea themself. This seems wrong to me.

I think they both offer false senses of hope and comfort to people in return for money – the one by promising to contact those “left behind,” people that the believer loves very deeply and wants to have share in their own belief system; the other often promises a person health, wealth, and prosperity if only they could demonstrate their belief better by giving more and more money.

Both are equally evil because they both do the same exact thing. But the televangelist probably does more damage to a person’s pocket book and psyche than the Post-Rapture Post people do.

Hi Lissie!

Once you open the door to ethical questions you are inviting all the worms out of the can……

E.G., What does an atheist do when invited by his insurance man to insure against “acts of God”?

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@mike – he says: “More than 200 years after ‘the enlightenment’, sheeples’ lack of rational thought never ceases to amaze me”

You need more faith to be an Atheist

read this book:

the law of none contradiction says opposites cannot be both e btrue at the same time. if Christianity is true then what is opposed to it is false. The books builds the arguement from the ground up.

@BK – why do you want to go to hell? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone

Personally I’m keen to go to hell cause all my friends will be there!

“Day” I’m a rationalist – religion was designed by primative man to explain the unexplainable like lightening/thunder and death. Science has explained the first 2 – we don’t believe in Thor or other thunder gods anymore. Its pure arrogance of humans that keep the myth of religion going – we don’t want to believe that once we are dead – we are gone – we (in the immortal words of John Cleese) “cease to exist” – its that simple – occams razor the simplest explanation that fits all the facts will do – or words to that effect

“The problem is of course is that the saved won’t have much notice of this event so they may not be able to make arrangements for canceling day care for little Jonnie and adopting out the dog.” Lol good one. As are the bumper stickers that I see some people with on their cars. I wonder if people write out rapture wills with “what to do when I am saved” instead of when they die.


The rapture is one really special event that is best kept secret because once the business world learns of the actual date, every business will turn out merchandise geared to that special event. They will make a ‘killing’! But those that get left behind should not despair. there is another, bigger group waiting to welcome them… in lake Geheena.

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