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Passive Income: Hubpages Challenge FAILURE!

Yup I did it again – I failed! But its a glorious failure let me explain! You probably heard about the 100 hubs in 30 days challenge and I want to say up front – I failed I didn’t make 100 hubs: I made 62 hubs spread over 3 accounts.

Now to date only one of those accounts which has a grand total of 14 hubs in it is the money winner. The hubs specifically targets long tail keywords with a high cost per click and little competition. The hubs are long – 800 words and I have been building backlinks to them as well.  They are using this Adsense placement layout.

The first hub I published on that account was on the 29th of May – to date – 12 days later I have made $14.60 in Adsense from that account. I have virtually no Google traffic to the hubs yet – I have build a few backlinks, not enough.  Now $14.60 may not sound much but do the maths. I am making that sort of money because I am getting clicks worth up to $5 not 5c. That’s the difference – and to date I am nowhere in the SERPS. When I get to the front page of those SERPS suddenly Court’s claims of making $1500/month on Hubpages don’t sound like good luck at all – just hard work and understanding.

If you want to read about someone who is really making money online with hubpages he’s going for 200 hubs in 30 days! Is he for real? – yes he is, I know that for a fact.  We hang out in the same forums. For the last 2 weeks I have been confused as to why my Adsense figures didn’t add up – he’s the reason.  With HubPages affiliates your Adsense ID is served on 10% of their page impressions and his ID is making me so much money it was causing a serious gap between my channels and my overall Adsense figures LOL!

So what’s the secret formula for making money with Adsense on Hubpages?

  1. Keyword research  – that’s the number one most important thing – find high value/low competition keywords. How do you specifically  do that –  well to be honest I’m not telling you cause I am using the system taught at The Keyword Academy which is a paid program – and its their system I’m using. Its a legit above board and logical approach which happens to work. Its nothing new but the detail is what made the difference for me. Its their system so I’m not spreading their IP all over the Internet – sign up and try it!
  2. Write an adequate amount of unique content – the debate is raging as usual about what is adequate content of course.
  3. Throw a lot of shit against the wall until something sticks. I feel that I got lucky getting such quick success – statistically I could have done 50 hubs before I started to get some income.
  4. If you decide you need a new ID for this experiment – feel free to sign up with as my HubPage affiliate!


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Congratulations for achieving 62 hubs!!! oh my goodness! I don’t know how people managed to write all these hubs as well as comment in forums and on their blogs. I raise my glass to you. Now go and rest those poor keyboard fingers.

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You did a great job. I’ve managed to publish only 15 hubs and made some $5 out of them so far. I’ve started to see some Google traffic to most of my hubs. Maybe some good backlinks could help them do better.

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I wish I would have failed that bad. I got 45 before time ran out. So far I have made a little over 5 bucks. I am starting to get some traffic since I have done a little promotion and I expect it to get better.
Congrats on all you did accomplish, pat yourself on the back but don’t pull any muscles you’ll need for dancing.LOL

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Weird, but congratulations on failing! I have yet started to “fail” making money with hub pages. I guess I’ve been too passive and need to getting busy writing.

Thanks for your insight!


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I wouldn’t describe making 62 hubs in 30 days as “failure”. Failure is aiming to make 30 hubs in 30 days and only managing 17 hubs – like me!

I wrote all my hubs myself though – and found that if you occasionally write stuff that no one else is covering in the same depth, you get spontaneous backlinks.

I’m very glad I did the experiment, I learnt a lot about what works and what didn’t. I never would have gained these insights without the challenge, as previously I had been nursing my three hubs convinced that I needed to focus on promoting them, instead of writing a lot of new hubs and producing a lot of variations in a given niche to really make the profits.

P.S. I learned something from your post today – didn’t realise that if you introduced a hub affiliate you got 10% of their income. Does this mean that if you set up a new account using your own affiliate ID, you increase the % of impressions using your Adsense ID? i.e. does it go up from 60% impressions to 70%?

I don’t imagine that you are supposed to use the affiliate system at Hubpages for your own other logins – I haven’t tried to be honest. Yes hubpages is a numbers game first – then you still have to build the backlinks!

I think you need to find a fair balance to High Value/Competitive keywords when dealing with Adsense. Low competitive keywords might not have a high value in the search engine. They key is too finding something you can rank well in that provides a ton of value.


I know hubpages but you still have to write content whatever crappy or good it is. Basically, once you start creating more than 10 pages your mind gets exhausted. If you have a way to find content easier and cheaper than it is probably worth. At the same time backlink building is another huge task itself. I think doing hub pages may be rewarding but return on the amount of work is far less compared to ppc or blogging on your own domain.

Let me know your views.


Hey Lis,
Congrats on making 62 hub pages – that takes real time and motivation (I’ve made about 14 over the space of 2 years and you’ve done 62 in 3 months!) In a task like the one youre undertaking I expect the link building to be the toughest part…but then when you consider the return on your investment of time and energy, its pretty easy to motivate yourself. I look forward to hearing how you get on with these hubs – good luck!

those hubpages make me money to this day and I havent done any work on them in 6 months!

I love the passive income I get from sites like Hubpages and InfoBarrel. I recently started writing for another site called They are a travel themed website, and give authors 100% Adsense revenue. (I think they make their money off InfoLinks, or maybe private ad sales). Since travel is such a high paying niche the CPC is pretty good. So far I have ten articles published and am averaging between $1.00-$1.50 a day in Adsense revenue. I’m thinking about doing 100 “Globe Tales” in 30 days challenge.

Thanks Adrianne I haven’t heard of globetales – looks cool I will check it out!

Hey Lis, thanks for sharing real figures with us all. If you can do some more link building I guess you’d expect your hubs to move up the search engines and the $14 you earned from one account could turn into $140! That wouldnt be bad at all! Well done and thanks for the sharing all the details of the challenge – this inspires me to get of my a*s and do some work!

Thanks Sam – yes I used to look for real figures myself – and there are precious few out there – which is why I started publishing them.

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