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Pick Myself Up, Dust Myself Off, Start All Over Again

Thank you. The last email I sent out to the list was rather long, and had bad words in it. Frankly, I was not sure how it would go down. Given the choice I’d rather have put it on the blog, but there are some conversations I’m not prepared to have “out in the open” any more. If you want to know WTF I’m talking about – sign up for the list (under this post). Its the only truly G-monster proof place I have to chat. (No I don’t believe that Facebook pages are secure either, whatever their privacy settings).  

What I got was a ton of replies – some from people I’m pretty sure have never actually commented here.  Thank you. Its nice to hear that I am sometimes useful. 

A few days after I wrote my last post my premier travel site got damaged by the rampaging bird aka Google’s Penguin update – maybe. Its weird – its going up and down in the SERPS like front page, not in the top 100, and repeat. Not just for one search term – for ALL of them! There used to be a sandbox when Google wouldn’t  rank a site for anything for the first 6 months, maybe 12. That gradually faded over the last few years – maybe its been replaced by this ping pong effect? Making me dizzy anyways – was always crap at table tennis.  

Tent on Display, Greytown, New Zealand
No I am not sleeping in it - I just though it looked cute

For the record I hadn’t used BMR on this site, but I’ve done some guest posts plus some good quality articles on relevant sites with key word anchored in-content text links. I’m seeing “phuket or koh samui” go between zero and 8 visitors a day. It was back to 3 yesterday. And when I check Google via proxy I’m sitting at #4 behind Frommers, Lonely Planet (legit publishing houses) and – none of which I’d argue with. The page is better than it was yesterday where a bunch of hotel results were showing (not consolidators actual properties) which had both terms in their address, i.e. they had a hotel on each island – that’s not the answer to a query which is really the searcher asking which place has the better weather, or the better nightlife, or easier to get to. 

BTW the very best information I’ve seen to date on Penguin was  on a blog I’d never heard of before, Microsite Masters – who actually analysed the data they collect for clients and reported the results of Penguin here The only thing I object to is the word “easy”  in their title. None are particular “easy” – but some are actionable so I will be implementing some. 

Which brings me back to the point of this post – yeah this post has a point. 

A New Business Direction – I’m Out of Diversifying Niche Sites 

Yeah – Google all those sites you just slammed – you can have them. But I will be getting my travel site back thank you very much. 

But I do think its time for a bit of a change of direction. My 2012 internet marketing business plan just went out the window.  I’m not looking for new niches, and I’m not creating pure Adsense or Amazon affiliate sites anymore. I think its the high road to nothing.  

Yes I have a cash flow problem – I guess some of you do to.  If I hit payout with Adsense this month I’ll be surprised.  I’m hurting financially. Let’s be honest here, I have partner who earns good money, and who can more than afford to support me, I won’t be in a tent any time soon. But I want him to retire.  I could cash in some investments, but we’re not looking at losing our home, and I forever thankful that I live in a socialist paradise that considers cheap medical care one of the basics of a civilized society.  And the frigging US$ keeps collapsing against the NZ$, thanks a lot forex markets. 

I can’t afford to wait 12 months, or even 6 months to replace my income. I want to be earning $5000 month by the end of the year. This year. 2012

But the game just changed – and its adapt or die time. So I’m adapting. 

I will be focussing on two niches – this one and travel.  

This site just changed – its not about making hundreds of niche sites and ranking in Google and making money. 

Its about what I’m going to do to rank  in the travel vertical (I think that’s the marketing jargon).  I’m turning around some of the stuff that I’ve been adamantly against for years. I am going to try to be “branded” and a leader in the travel niche. I am going to be chasing social media traffic. But not exclusively. I’m taking what I know about SEO and I’m applying it to this business.  I figure the general approach will work in any niche that you know well, certainly doesn’t have to be travel. 

Do I have a blue print? No not really.  I’m pretty much doing what I described in my making money with a travel blog post. 

This site? Well its now about building a G-monster proof authority website that makes money. Without the cult of personality bullshit which seems to accompany so much of this.  

I’m going to achieve this while remaining an introvert, who doesn’t want to go on a speaking tour, become the go-to authority for daytime TV in the niche, and frankly isn’t interested in getting out of their PJs before midday.  

Its about taking the stuff that the blogging crowd has been talking about for years: “write and they will come”, “social media matters”, “the money is in the list”, blah, blah, taking the good bits – yes there are some good bits, and combining those with the best of SEO. 

After all how hard can it be?

You might want to stick around for the ride. 

You see I figure if I can make this work anyone bloody can! 

So hang around – and sign up for the sodding list – because there is definitely going to be stuff I don’t want to talk about in front of the G-monster. 

The passive income dream ain’t dead – but I think we just saw the end of the beginning. 

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I really don’t believe you can make money the way you mentioned, but good luck trying. Have you considered a real business like selling books on Amazon, or other products you can advertise with AdWords, etc.?

LOL – did I say I wasn’t going to sell books and other products? I didn’t mention monetization I think. Nor did I say how I was going to do promotion. You make a lot of assumptions

Well, good for you then. I wonder how TKA is going to handle this update?

Actually they’ve been advocating something similar for nearly a year now. So what’s your plan?

I’ve been doing this for so long. It’s just the way of the world. I’m glad I started a few years prior to the Florida 2003 Update. So far nothing has decimated my earnings like that. It toughened me up and I just keep adapting.

Wow I had to google “Florida 2003” – and it all sounded so awfully familiar! Yeah this is not a business for wimps that’s for sure.

Good for you Lis!
I think you may have been selling yourself short in the past by not trying to make a “brand” for yourself. Your style of writing and personal viewpoint are just as good (and probably better) than those who stand before you…or rank above you 😉

Yup – you’re probably right, but like a lot of us I have always be absolutely horrified by the bullshit artists in the make money online niche. Its taken a while that I should be able to out gun them with descending to their levels of hype and nonsense

Hey Lis,

I’m with you on the authority site thing. I’m working on right now (slow going). I’ll be building that one up along with Untwisted Vortex and pretty much axing others that I’m working on.

In the end, I think “almost passive” is the correct term to go forward with. The days of set it up and forget it are gone.

Guys, you miss the point. Depending on Google for organic traffic is not just silly, it is delusional. Even worst is analyzing what Google is thinking. Even worst than that is getting angry at Google. Google has no reason to list anyone, and soon they probably won’t.

Here is how to get rich online.

1. YOU YOUR TIME WISELY. Stop analyzing each update. They can change for any reason, so even if you are right (and chances are you will not be), they could change for any reason, at any time, and probably will.

2. Here is the only question you have to ask before starting any online business: What if search engines didn’t exist? What would be your marketing strategy?

Here is what I recommend for Liz. Keep this blog and add a paid (Warror Forum) style forum for $4.00/month. I bet you would have 100 sign-up before you could count to 10.

Everyone who reads this blog clearly has all they need to make a lot of money.

Its kinda of a useless thought experiment though – if search engines didn’t exist – neither would the current internet! That said plenty in the travel niche have large audiences and virtually none from search engines. Though it does mean you can’t stop posting or promoting.

Actually I’ve thought about adding a paid forum here (I would never do a free forum in this niche because of all the no-hoppers and spammers) – but Dave got there first – – not an affiliate link – and he charges $10

I am sorry to hear about the hit, but at the same time I love your attitude towards it. I thought I was already on your list, but I wasn’t so I signed up and read the post. You go for it! My sites are hit too and I am just letting most of them expire. I am going to work on my passionate sites and Kindle books now.

One note – you mentioned you didn’t want that email post to be indexed by google, but it’s on the Aweber archives page so I think that’ll get indexed by google instead.

I really enjoy your travel site, I think you have some excellent experience and a good niche within the niche to target. I have just read your post about the reasons people can’t travel – so many people make excuses to me so I want to send it to everyone and let them know it is possible if they want it!

Its weird Ruth – that actual Aweber archive page isn’t indexed – none of them are! Anyways its on aweber’s site not mine 🙂

Great post Lis!

I guess that post you’ve linked to was a big massive advert for TKA’s methods! Now if only Postrunner can raise the quality bar in terms of the sites in it.

My sites don’t seem to have been hit, except that I’ve lost authority from the ever declining fortunes of my Hubs.

I have bought my last niche site. What I’m doing now is to focus on my membership site and mailing list. I am also branding myself as the expert in my niche. One thing that is useful is that building a membership site from scratch is giving me some phenomenal knowledge of my niche – there’s no way I would know this from article writing alone.

Yup time for a big change of direction – but actually I’m fairly buzzed about it 🙂

Actually Mark is trying hard – but first we have to stop people posting crap onto the blogs -I think i’ve accepted one post and rejected 10 – and that wasn’t even about being picky!

I like your new direction Lissie. I saw your post on the KWS forum about not renewing your travel domain & thought noooo! Glad you decided against that!

I wasn’t affected by Penguin (so far…!), but went through the same thing last year with Panda. I decided then to change direction & focus more in one area that I enjoy, and try to reduce my reliance on search traffic. I was burned out on all the article writing anyway. It’s actually been really interesting to explore the options that exist beyond the standard ‘write articles and get backlinks’ dogma that I’d heard for years.

I’m sure your travel site will do really well, with all your experience & your unique writing style.

Thanks for the mention Lis, I appreciate it. And I am loving how excited you are sounding too. That is half the battle won I think. Actually showing off that enthusiasm is going to really make your sites winners.

Time to get our there and be the absolute best there is 😉

You know Dave when I’m rolling in the cash – my retirement project is gonna be “Any Idiot Can Make Money Online” Written by an Idiot Who Did LOL

Shane Mcleagh has recently done a webinar about this issue to his list. The take away message is to concentrate on good user experience with SEO as a valuable extra rather than the main course.

This is his site ( no affliate link)

April was rough for me. I just posted a disappointing income report. After all, niche site business is not passive as I thought. I’m regaining momentum and building out a few Authority Style ones in the near future. I think that is way to go and create long-term passive income.

I have followed you for about a month now infect it was your articles that led me to keyword academy. I did what they said, not easy for a newbie who has never done anything like this. I can’t monitorize until recommended 100 clicks per day so sending guest posts out and out of 40 I have had six replys of yes we accept your article. Enough about me – I really enjoy your posts and have so much respect for you as you just keep going. I would love to pick your brain sometime when you are not too busy ( although I know you have a goal to reach) . Good luck and share your news I love reading it. Thanks I think for the intro into all this online capers 🙂 best wishes from the uk

Hi Penny, no its not easy – but hey at least you have a plan to follow – I never did until I was several years in! Flick me an email if you want at lis (a) lissowerbutts (dot) com and I’ll try to reply!

Shane Mcleagh has recently done a webinar about this issue to his list. The take away message is to concentrate on good user experience with SEO as a valuable extra rather than the main course.

Google’s not going anywhere either is the niche site biz, My opinion is you just work a little harder, the economy has tanked in a lot business’s everyone is in the same boat, We just study Seomoz for hours on end and apply it and keep the faith.

the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome. I certainly don’t believe everything SEOMoz has to say either – they definitely have an agenda.

I understand your issues and feel your pain but, all is not lost, you still have the drive to do your thing and make it work. My hat off to you

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