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Slope Stability, Earthquakes and Passive Income

You may not know – I used to be a Geologist and even know useful stuff about how to make sure your house didn’t fall down a hill in rain storm or earthquake  (here’s a hint you probably need a 3D slope stability program to do the calculation!)  Having a science degree in real physical science has always been extremely useful – even long after I left the profession – because it taught me about cause and effect – and  that just because something happens at the same time doesn’t mean they are related.

Big Pit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Its predictable whether this slope will fail or not - it won't because the right slope stability calculations have been done on it!

Where am I going with this – and does it relate to making passive income online? Well it does relate – we mix up cause and effect all the time: we think life is more dangerous for kids these days then it was in the old days – but most children survive to the age of 5 in developed countries now – something that would have been beyond imagining  even 200 years ago, and unfortunately still is in some parts of the world.

We think that working hard on a site should see Google loving the site, sending us heaps of traffic and making us lots of money. We get mad if it doesn’t happen inside a month, most of us quit – and most people quit Internet Marketing just before they start to succeed at it.  We chase the dream – but miss the obvious – starting your own business is about risk and reward – but first comes the risk. Building a passive income online is always about building a business: in might be a rental property business or an active share portfolio. Don’t get me wrong you might not be actively managing that business –  my tenants don’t call me when the hot water breaks – they call my property manager – that’s his job –  I pay him to work work for me – but I own the business – I take the risk – no tenant, I still get to pay the mortgage.

Its a lot like building a passive income business online. There are heaps of different models out there – unfortunately the most common one is parcel up shiny objects and sell those to the beginners – and persuade them that the more they pay the more likely they are too get rich overnight. Make no mistake someone is getting rich – but its not the person buying!  At the end of the day – it doesn’t matter really how many make money online products your buy or how many membership sites you enrol in. Unless you are actually building a business i.e. creating some income producing assets e.g. websites – then you are just dreaming.

On that note –  yes I have still been doing not very much to make  passive income  online – I mentioned in a previous post that life had been getting in the way. Well its pretty been going from bad to worse and now back again – I wrote off the car (me v.bus) – not sure whether I was in the wrong or not yet but have the pay out and am not much the worse for wear. Slightly annoying but as the 10-year-old car which we’d stored for 3 years while overseas had been running well until it impacted said bus.   We have also bought a new house and weathered a health scare (that’s all it was a scare not a reality) – I am really looking forward to getting back to some level of normality next week!

Oh and the title – well hopefully most of you will know why the term “slope stability” needed to be in the title – the earthquake was the personal kind not the real deal and the passive income really has been just that for far too long now!

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I totally agree with you Lis. Whenever someone asks me about a product, I always have to ask them what they are hoping the product will do for them and more importantly, how they intend to use it. And that is really what separates entrepreneurs from folks who are clinging to a dream-

The one clinging to a dream says “this time for sure!” antes up, closes their eyes and thinks that their time has come.

The entrepreneur will take the same product and judge it not according to what it can potentially do but how it can elevate their business….

Then again, most make money hopefuls don’t really have a business so I guess that observation is a moot point.

Thanks for stopping by Leo – yes it took me quite a while I was building a business and how that was different from just working online or “getting rich quick”. I see it in other areas too – for example property investing – where its really quite straightforward business model – but people still are looking for mentors – and of course there are still lots of peole to charge them thousands to tell them what they either a)already know or b) could have read in a free forum or a cheap book

Sorry to hear about the latest misfortune … car wrecks are never fun and despite what amny love to tell tall tales about, it’s almost never all one side’s fault, so you never feel good about it.

I don’t recall now if I responded to your post regarding the loss of your (de facto) mother in law. Condolences there too, my mother in law passed back in March and even though my wife and her sisters understandably grieve, I can’t believe what a gap “mother’s” passing has left in my life as well.

Sometimes this web stuff just has to take second place to real life.

Thanks Dave – yeah real life – I have told it to go away and leave us alone for a while!

Hi there Liss!

I knew there was something I really liked about you … geologist huh 🙂 Seems I have a degree or two in that area as well (and it’s still my day job for the moment) …

Sorry to hear that the personal “earthquakes and landslides” have been taking their toll but glad it seems to be turning around. Love the analogy of geology to cause & effect then onto passive income 🙂

Take care always,


REALLY Jim – there are 2 Internet Marketers ex geos in the world! I’m amazed – now don’t you steal my client LOL Are you a proper geo or one of those soft rock types 🙂

Hi Lis

Being a chemist myself I understand cause and effect too although in the IM world its harder to distinguish them than in the world of science, especially where the big G is involved! And talking of personal earthquakes I had my own a month ago when I slipped in the yard and broke my ankle. Been hobbling around on crutches with a lot of time sitting around so have had more time to work on my IM stuff. Guess there’s always a good side to misfortune if you can find it!

I am one these noobs who knows it will take awhile before even small traffic comes. So far I have avoided buying anything and learning from blogs like yours, leos and grizz’s. I am slowly building my knowledge and have a long long way to go. Hopefully, I will survive. Thanks for being inspiration here.

Hey Lis,
Here in the UK we are very lucky that we dont have any volcanos, earthquakes or any other kind of natural threat. The only time we have been inconvenienced in recent times was when the volcano in Iceland erupted…there was no threat to us, airplanes just couldnt fly…
Great analogy between internet marketing and your prior career by the way 🙂

Hi Lis – What an awesome title. As you say, so many people give up too easily. The trouble is, a lot of them aren’t looking to build a business, or offer anything of value. They want to make a lot of money fast – and they want it by next week.

Sorry about your collision with the bus – it sounds like you were lucky.

LOL – its certainly a unique title – yup I dominate the SERPS for that particular phrase – magic eh – no link building involved LOL

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