A Perfect Passive Income Opportunity?

This is absolutely brilliant as a way to make passive income – in my opinion anyways. There are already websites up and running which will tell your online friends if you die – a worthwhile service in my view and very much in its infancy.
addressesmatter This site takes it one step further though. Some Christians  believe in the imminant arrive of the so called the “rapture” – which is the end of the world when

the signs described in the Bible that foreshadow the return of Jesus Christ are becoming all too clear. Not all who live during coming Great Tribulation will be spirited away to be with God. The Bible tells us that only those who repent of their sins and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The problem is of course is that the saved won’ t have much notice of this event so they may not be able to make arrangements for canceling day care for little Jonnie and adopting out the dog.

That’s where Post-Rapture post comes in. They offer the service to deliver letters for the saved. You write the letter now – they deliver after the rapture – you see they are atheists so are confident they will be able to deliver – really,  honestly truely.

I personally thought the “I told you so card” at $7.99 was a little unchristian – but the class 3 message of up to 30,000 characters on patchement paper and handtied with ribbon for $799 is just perfect.

Just perfect for making passive income that is,  payable now via paypal  – as they clearly state no items will be delivered until after the rapture!