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Online Income – The Secret to Success Is …

Online income is something many people profess to want – but few actually achieve it. Why? Isn’t terribly technically difficult – nope, is there really a secret – yes but not what you think. Online income, passive income whatever is a business – and a business is all about YOU.

I read a couple contrasting attitudes today – which I thought were relevant. Chris posted on The Keyword Academy forums:

To anyone whose article got returned on,  I apologize, it definitely isn’t my style. With the craziness going on with the Iraqi government formation and the troop withdrawal, our base is taking a lot of mortars and rockets, and one just happened to nail our internet satellite.

They just installed a new satellite, and I worked through the 119 articles pending, but I know some got returned, and I’m sorry. For the next 24 hours I’m doing hourly submissions to make up for it (besides sleeping of course), so hit me with your best shot.

Just to explain – Chris owns a article directory on TKA’s postrunner system,  and if you don’t approve articles submitted within 7 days they are automatically returned to sender- something some people whinge about a bit on the forums.

Chris obviously has a full-time job – in a war zone – and he’s concerned that he’s let others down … It would be really cool if some of you could add an anchored link to his site … (and yeah I disagree with the US involvement in other people’s countries too – but this ain’t about politics ). Something tells me that Chris is going to succeed in this game.

Also this morning I got a PM through the same forum asking:

I need help and don’t know where to look or ask. I’m half lost in all of this. This is all new to me and I am trying to learn it by myself. I know I am missing several things, but don’t necessarily know what.

Note this was from within TKA – this person is already a member of the site that I push everyone to who tells me they want to make money online.  A site that provides a set of step-by-step videos telling you what to do. I tell people in emails – that they will teach you everything you need to know. If you follow the program you will succeed. But I think I left out a step. So I’m gonna rectify that.

Before you write that email and ask for help (and this isn’t just the above one – I get an email via the contact form at least once a week asking for similar things). And don’t get me wrong I would like to help – but before I spend 1/2 hour of my time giving you free specific advice (something BTW I’ve never asked anyone else to do for me) – I’d like you to spend the time to answer these questions:

  1. Do you really want this? Do you really, really want to walk the road less trodden – ’cause this is what it is. If this is just a fill-in before you get a job, go to College, the kids go to school, – then frankly I doubt that you will be committed enough to make it happen.
  2. Can you deal with being  faced with  blank incomprehension every time you are asked what you do for a living? Do you have an ego wrapped up with what you do for a living – then this is most definitely not for you!  Most people will think I am a web designer!  Can you  handle not being taken seriously: my own partner thought I was “playing online” until he saw the money, I got asked last week “when was I going to get a job”, again, the same person then turned to my partner and said “I guess you have no choice but to have a job!” . For some people even if your business is a success and you pay the bills (mine does) – that will never be good enough. Some of those people will be related to you and you will care that they don’t get it.
  3. Do you want to own your own business. Can you handle the uncertainty of it – the fact that your income will go up or down, and its always gonna be like that ? Can you handle being the ultimate decision maker – for everything.
  4. Do you like your own company? If you intend to do this full-time are you happy about sitting alone in a room, just you and the computer for day after day – believe very, very occasionally I miss the idiots I used to work with…
  5. Are you prepared to take responsibility. Responsibility for your success as well as your failues.  For a long time  I thought I was scared of failure – but I was also scared of success – in the end I was just bloody scared!
  6. If you are doing this full time do you have saving for 9-12 months of living expenses? If you are doing this part-time are you prepared to do this with no financial reward for 12 months plus?
  7. Do you understand that Internet marketing changes all the time?  Do you consider that a challenge or a threat?
  8. Do you realise that you can’t just blindly follow a formula – that at some point you will have to step up and do your own testing and experimenting?

Frankly most make money online blogs won’t tell you this – but the vast majority of people can’t make money in this game.  My first serious mentor told me that – and he was right. I’m border line – I nearly didn’t make it – I had no actual experience or natural ability in this game. Oh I understand the tech, the websites, enough html and css. That’s not the issue – the issue is self-belief and having a business plan. Anyone with a background in commission selling or successful MLM – will  do way much more with this business much faster than I did.

To the rest of you – you have a chance – but only if you really, really are prepared to throw all your preconceived notions out, forget about the sensible and logical thing your years of experience in education or being a good employee has taught you. If you’re not then – cut your losses – get out  – get a job – or take up a hobby –  that’s not so bad – its what most people do. Isn’t it?

New Plymouth Gardens
New Plymouth Gardens - the road less travelled

Hey you’re still reading – must be stubborn…

Over 16 months ago, I wrote about the turn-around point in my business, not the moment  that I understood keywords, or understood  how to optimize WordPress, or how to find backlinks – but after I started believing in my dream.

In the next 3 months I doubled my online income. That wasn’t because I some how magically wanted it enough or any other “The Secret” bullshite – I stopped worrying about whether this could work and did the bloody work to make it happen!

I’ve said it before : I’m writing it down here so I can refer to the post the next time I’m asked :

If you have no money and no clue about earning online income:

  • answer the above questions;
  • still here? Enrol in TKA (handy affiliate link at bottom of post in blue box) and actually study the core videos
  • find some keywords – build hubpages – they are quicker and easier to rank and make money from than anything else I know

If you have money, no time and no clue (aka a J.O.B or a partner with a J.O.B):

  • answer the above questions;
  • still here? Enrol in TKA (handy affiliate link at bottom of post in blue box) and actually study the core videos
  • buy some domains and hosting and  install websites
  • learn the basics of the business and then invest in learning to outsource, preferably everything, but starting with the writing.

If you have money, time and no clue:

Pretty much the same as above but you should be seeing results way quicker because you can afford to both reinvest in your business and learn it all at the same time.

The secret to success with online income – there is no secret – its just a lot of hard work.  But you do “meet” some cool people along the way.

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—I got asked last week “when was I going to get a job”, again, the same person then turned to my partner and said “I guess you have no choice but to have a job!”

jesus, some people! I’d have felt like smacking him/her lol
I hate being asked what I do – I’m just as evasive as possible, then try to change the subject.

Anyhow, good post. If I created an IM info product (which I never will), I’d make a sales letter that includes a list of questions like that. It would be different from the rest if nothing else!

LOL – a real IM product cat – but you can’t do that without selling the dream LOL

I tried to explain to a few of my sisters friends what I did when I cam out to NZ early this year for here wedding. When I told people I did Internet marketing it was like “Ah tele-sales”, or “Do you work for Google then”, it is the hardest thing to try to explain. Now I just go with “I build Websites”, I don’t even know how to explain it to myself sometimes.

Mostly it involves a lot of typing and a lot of web properties that I spend forever on and make no money from.

All part of the good game though.

Nice inspiring post Lis, keeping it real. This way of making a living requires a stunning amount of work to really make a go of it. Every new site I start I forget just how tough it is to rank and begin to get some real traffic. It is a hard slog indeed.

Back to Postrunner for me.

Yeah even my partner has only the vaugest idea LOL- frotunately the websites thing scare most people off!

I go always with “internet marketing” – 95% of the people who asked will say “Ahh Okay!” and have no idea what I was talking about.. The rest of the 5% ask “what does that involve”, and I throw “mostly a lot of Search engine optimization”, and they don’t want to know more… 1% might ask “then what is it that you really do every day?” and I start explaining to them how Google ranks the search results, and they don’t want to know more after the first sentence..

I don’t really care about other people than my lady here, and it can be really frustrating since she still thinks that I am just sitting here at home and playing games on facebook – especially after I suffered a serious income drop recently…

Indeed Lis, very inspiring post. But I have a (stupid?) question about TKWA. Is it still worth following their system, given I’ve lost my Adsense account(but this is another story)? In other words, is it still applicable to Amazon/CB or other affiliate sites, or should I instead focus on Adbrite etc.?

Keywords are key to any form of monetisation – of which Adsense is only one – go for it Sergey

Great post, Lis! And I agree, it amazes me how many really interesting and good people you meet online. Definitely a ridiculous amount of work. Three months into it when I was still dabbling and then found out I was losing my job, I had this naive idea that I’d be up to full time income in 12 months. Oops, LOL! But it’s going great, and now that I’m back to freelancing and seeing really steady growth in the passive income, i wouldn’t have it any other way! The work is worth it, but don’t let anybody ever say we haven’t earned every cent we have coming to us!

I really glad its starting to come together for you Shane – most freelancers seem to not be able to work out why writing for “free” is a good idea LOL

I quit my job over 3 years ago to be a stay at home mom. I first learned about internet marketing when I started doing freelance writing online after wanting some extra income just in case. It was always interesting when family members and friends thought I just sat on the computer and couldn’t understand what I wrote online. Now, that I don’t do anymore writing for others and strictly focus on my own websites it’s even more interesting. It really erks me when people say I don’t have a job (even though I do consider it a business and not a job). No one, not even my husband really understands what I do and now I’m happy with that because I got sick of explaining it and people still assuming that I “play online” or having that blank stare like I am talking in a foreign language.

Definitely some great questions to ask yourself before you start doing this. Although I don’t do it full time and we don’t depend on my income to pay the bills it can still be frusterating and slow going. You need to make sure you are actually motivated and you are the type of person that can wait to see the results of your work.

Well at least they thought you “wrote” online – mine thinks I “play” online and not even poker! I quit caring a while back but everynow and then a barb gets in under the radar like the one I mentioned in the post – perhaps I should do tupperware on the side as a cover!

Yes I think the Tupperware cover story is a good idea. I hope many people read this article, Lis … it pretty much hits every point that needs hitting.

I do notice, however, the number one thing my readers fail at is plain, ordinary reading. I’ve taken to answering the emails that show me they never read my articles with links back to those articles. Grumpy and blunt, of course, but then I never said I graduated from charm school.

The biggest obstacle though, that people mention, is time, and it is the one we can all do something about … even the slow readers.

Having just utterly wasted the past two hours playing, now that I just realized what I’ve done, I feel qualified to pontificate … we all have the same amount of time, even the same amount as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs … and unlike many other concerns in life, we have almost total control over how we choose to spend it.

How much could I have done with my latest project had I spent the two hours working? How much can you out there ..yes you get done if you skip the next baseball game, football match, golf tournament of Friend’s re-run on TV?

No need for a public answer, you already can figure it out for yourself, right?

I inherited my mother’s tupperware – I don’t need anymore – but there is a party plan that sells sex toys for women – that might be more of a conversation stopper LOL

Oh I can assure you I have never wasted anytime watching any ball sport on TV or in person!

Hey Lis, thank you for the linkage!
Gotta say, this is one of your best articles/posts! Epic!
Here is my favorite of the bullet points:
“Do you realise that you can’t just blindly follow a formula – that at some point you will have to step up and do your own testing and experimenting?”

That is so important for any marketing person, on or off line. I wish more people would get it before they start or quit or both!

LOL Allyn – I have figured out if I am mad and right a post and then leave it long enough in draft to proof read it – it comes out OK! Interesting at the webinar in TKA today someone asked what would happen to their business if TKA stopped being in business or closed their site down – gotta say kudos to Mark who managed to answer in a straight voice – I was just ROTFLMAO!

Count me into the group of people that are “faced with blank incomprehension every time you are asked what you do for a living?” That is the bit I really don’t like! But, on the other hand, more and more offline acquaintances come now to me and ask me for help to set up their personal or business websites, I only hope that doesn’t develop into a second job 😉 As for the pms / emails, yep, count me in also, I normally don’t answer their questions anymore, instead I fire back a long line of questions similar to yours. If they take the time to answer those, then there is hope for them, if not, I haven’t wasted any time. Sounds harsh? Perhaps… I have wasted too much time in the past answering questions and my advice (or any advice for that mater) never got implemented. There are a lot of theoretical internet marketers out there, that have all the knowledge they need to get started, but that will never make one single dollar or Euro because they never ever started anything. SY

Yup I’m gonna be getting tougher on the unsolicited emails – like you say if people cant demo that they are prepared to do some work why should I? for free?


Just noticed Grizz has made a post too. You two been chatting on a golf course somewhere?

I’m just starting on my long journey and have a full-time job still. Finding it tough to keep up and get everything done. I suppose it’s not a race though anyway. Your site was one of the early ones I stumbled upon (not advertising the name there honestly!) and I keep coming back because I love the “plain vanilla flavour” of your success. Well done girl on your lovely site.

Thanks a mill,

Haha – my online reputation in tatters again Martin? I don’t golf – I hate golf – I think golf is a insult to grass and small white balls! Perhaps I can sue and get all my money that way -that’s what Amercians do isn’t it!

Hi Lis !

I am a faithful fan of yours from Montreal, Quebec. Found you by Grizzly’s blog, a long while ago. I always appreciated your sense of humour and your down to earth common sense.

I was upset again this week reading an offer made by a marketer who is trying to sell a product teaching newbies how to implement a membership club. To newbies @& »|! (You don’t really want to know how we swear in Quebec). 😀

Which inspired me to write an article horribly long, but I couldn’t stop. When I saw your 5th August post, I thought for one moment, « Rhonda Byrne, leave the poor Lis alone ! ». But, phew, you were on board 😉

I found your questions very inspiring so I included some of them at the end of my text.

I am quite the unconventional blogger here. I don’t do what is recommended by the “experts” in blogging, but I have a big smile when I read on the French blogs that you can’t make any money with Adsense. I followed many of Grizzly’s advices and my income really increased after that.

All that to say that there is a little link on my article with your blog. My readers speak French but many of them read English. So I hope many of them discover this great blogger on the other side of the planet.

Hoping you can read my loooooong article, without falling asleep, with Google Translator !

Always happy to read your blog,

MarieBo Solutions

Hi MareBo – I saw your ping back and read your -post – well in translation anyways- and thought it very cool! Your comment was stolen by Askimet – ask for readmission. I have been to Montreal – but at Xmas – it was very,very cold – understand why you guys invented the mall! I figured you were a Grizz person – no one does 2500 word blog posts LOL – no one has that much attention span you know !

Hmmm …

So basically, the “secret” is …

– Believe in yourself / your dream

– Get to work

lol, why does human nature seem to require that most of us Must assume that it’s much more complicated than that?

btw, I decided to rejoin TKA (thru your link) … last summer when I was a member, I didn’t have the opportunity to take full advantage, as my Internet connection in Iraq was too slow to view any of the videos. Looking forward to watching, what I’ve already read about. See you in the forums 🙂

Hi again !

Glad you could come by for a little visit.

You would be surprised by the kind of heat we’re getting this summer. I LOVE cold, so I’m dreaming of going back to Nunavut where I worked in a previous life.

I hope you mean “attention span”, otherwise I would be quite puzzled 😀

Hope everything goes well for you !


Lissie, I love your posts about the mental game of IM, which in the long run is the biggest obstacle. In the past year and a half, I’ve learned to build a WordPress site in two hours, write four articles in an hour, get a site indexed in 24 hours, and rank a post on page 1 for a moderately competitive keyword in a month and a half. I’m even making money every month. But I’m struggling with how to take it to the next level–I want to make $10,000 a month (or more) and am not sure what to do next. It’s obvious that I need to find my own approach. It doesn’t help that I had to stop working on my sites for the past two months because of my dreaded J-O-B (actually I have two 3/4 time jobs plus a half dozen demanding clients). The cool thing is that my online income never missed a beat the whole time.

I think this might be more of a stumbling block than I first realized:

Can you deal with being faced with blank incomprehension every time you are asked what you do for a living? Do you have an ego wrapped up with what you do for a living – then this is most definitely not for you!

I always thought of myself as an outsider (I’m an old hippie) but apparently there’s a gray flannel suit in my closet. It’s a very big deal to have two professional degrees (one that I haven’t even started paying down the student loans on) and choosing to stuff them in a drawer and do something that technically anyone without a high school diploma can do.

After much soul searching, I’ve decided to picture myself telling people that I make more money online than I ever made in my old jobs!

I think I know how to take it to the next level – but that will be in the e-book LOL. No seriously I have just started outsourcing – its a learning curve – but it has certainly seen me do more consistent writing than I ever have. It scares me to handing over good money and knowing that it won’t show on the bottom line for months – but as you say – that $10k is very, very motivating. Same as you I saw my income stay the same while I was doing nothing for my business for months – hoping that massive action will take it upwards!

I think it comes down to what motivates you. For a long time for me it was my professional job – I was proud of being a female geologist at a time they were rare. But moving into IT (much, much better paid) really made me lose respect for people who thought I knew what I was doing and was a “professional” – I saw all the smoke and mirrors – Dilbert has it right- and got very tired of it.

But when I first got into IM – the whole make millions and buy the lamborgini left me equally cold – I really am not that money motivated either – we are lucky ie no kids no debts, the housing market hasn’t imploded over here, so all we need to do is make an income, I was desperately saving for retirement.

Now its slightly different – my partner is starting to realize that he doesn’t really want to work forever either – so I need to at least double my income to afford our current lifestyle. I’m hoping that I can do that in less than a year 🙂 That is actually far more motivating than worrying about what other people think of my “career” . BTW read How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis Mark recommended it in a webinar and I’m only 1/2 way thru – but he talks a lot about doing the road less travelled thing!

Great post, Lis! I’ve decided to stop trying to tell people what I do. The next time someone asks me, I’ll tell them, “I get paid to play online, and what do you get paid to do?”

I must admit Felicia I toy with the classic line ” I deal drugs online” … it would stop the conversation! Currently planning a 2 month trip – maybe I will just point out – loudly how much I earned while away!

I really enjoyed this post because you are correct in that most don’t have what it takes to make it. I am not even convinced that I have what it takes yet. I console myself by rationalizing that I am doing this part-time while still working and considering it a hobby that pays me.

I am currently working on the 12-months plus of little financial reward but I must say that the people I’ve met has been rewarding in and of itself. Despite the inherent competitiveness of the business, almost everyone is willing to help and offer advice and encouragement.


This is very timely and wise advise. I have been doing this for six months and so far I have spent only money and not earned anything. It is catch 22, as you can not buy stuff ebooks, link services, keyword academy until you make money and you can not make money without it (fast enough. I should look in to hubpages though. Thanks for the hard truth we all need to know.

Hi Lis,

I came across your website while browsing the keyword academy scam experiment, and I have to say it is full of so much information. I have been blogging for barely 2 months, I have only made 5 bucks with adsense, and while I have seen TKA in the past while searching for options I was still to afraid to do it. Mostly because there are so many scams out there. But today it hit me, I am getting so frustrated because I am more focused on making money and learning about making money than actually working on making money!! So do I have what it takes to do it?? I would like to think so 🙂 but I guess that remains to be seen. In the mean time, today is the day that I will finally take the next step and sign up for TKA. I am a stay-at-home mom, recently with the turn of the economy I ended up getting a part time job at the post office, started blogging (I don’t really know why, I thought I could make money), and now I am taking on another part time as an interpreter. But I still want more! I like to learn things and I learn quick. I also want to free myself of a job (working for the big guys sucks) and gain financial freedom. I figure the interpreting job can help me fund this venture. Thank you for all the great information you are putting out here! And I will defo use your link to sign up for TKA.

Hi Lina and welcome – congrats on only spending 2 months reading about making money rather than doing it – I think I spent 2 years 🙂 I’m sure you’re enjoy TKA!

Hi lIs,

Great posts and I identify 100%! When people ask me what I do for a living I say “I build websites and make money from the advertising”. That’s the best answer I have come up with so far after a solid year of refining that responce through a serious of awkward moments and quizzical looks.

I liked your responce to Tiffanies comment above “I quit caring a while back but every now and then a barb gets in under the radar”. I too on the whole couldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about it (or me), having been unconventional my whole life with a guttural aversion to the “matrix”, but now and then the occasional comment doesn’t bounce of me like they normally do. However, I put the usually responces to my “job description” into some common catogeries –

1) Those that just stare blankly or nod politely – harmless enough
2) Those partly interested and ask further questions but are not ready to make the plunge (disconnect from the main frame).
3) Those who are ripe and ready – I have only met 1 so far!
4) The jealous and/or arrogant types – not harmless at all. They make classic comments like “so you get to sit on your ass all day while I have to do a ‘proper’ job”. Of couse such ‘charged’ responces tend to come from a family member or two or other people that know you. And I love to mess with them 🙂

Anyhows, I love IM. I am 100% responsible for the work I do and that’s just the way I like it. In the past I have worked hard at crap salary jobs, with little respect and some asshole boses. Now I work hard for myself, respect myself for it and not a dehumanising clocking cards in site.

Thanks for the awesome post

@Darren – that’s a useful categorization of responses – that would fit with my experience too – though I haven’t met a #3 yet!

Oh… no… i get it… you are the one that promote OTEHRS people products.. like Court, Victor Franqui… (mmm what happen to the Affiliate Academy, LMAO!) and you are such an Internet Marketer.. that you can’t stop following people.

what is your success? Making 2K in passive income?
Are you kidding me?

Hey Lis,
I have to ask you a question, if you could give me some advice of course ;). I have my blog with blogger, and now I want to actually move it to it’s own domain. Should I get the domain through blogger or just scratch that blog and go for a new domain with I have only about a month’s worth of content, but I also have been getting a little crowd from social networking and don’t want to loose that.

I’m out of date about moving from blogger to your own domain – but there will be a way to do it so that if people come to the old blogspot domain they get redirected thru to your new domain – worth doing for both the search engines and your visitors – just google it – you will get heaps of advice – unless someone here has done it recently? Definitly worth moving sooner rather than later IMHO – the technical limitations of blogspot will start to annoy you after you meet WordPress 🙂


There was a way to move content from blogger to a self-hosted blog via Like Lissie says, Google it. In short you will have to do two things, move your content to your new domain AND redirect your old url to your new url. Good luck, SY

Thank you both for the advice, I was thinking that if I did it through blogger I would save myself the hosting fees, but I am afraid I am going to have annoying limitations as Lis mentioned. I will definitely look into it and do it fast before I spend more time on this site.

I really loved your idea on hubpages. I have been giving it a try and so far results are positive but no significant income as of now. I hope to do better in future because it looks promising now.

Hi Lissie, when i read the part about being asked what you do for a living, i was like, god i’m not alone! Haha.. I just graduated from college a year ago, and left my full time job a month ago.. Started out on IM only this month, after i joined TKA.. I now look forward to ‘working’ everyday, i’m enjoying it, but no income yet, and i understand it’s going to take some time. But I keep getting the questions all too often.. “so have you found a job?” “what are you going to do?” “what are your PLANS?” etc etc..

It’s getting kinda stressful especially when your family members are pressuring you..

Brilliant post. Don’t know how you expect me to make money on line but i’m too busy reading, laughing and nodding at your post. How do you do it? Educate, inspire, depress, slap, insult…all in one post.

No flipping idea “Laughing” but I’m happy I entertained you! Hope you are not too depressed!

Love the honesty of your blog and how simple you make it all sound. Am currently introducing my sister to making money online and so will direct her to your blog, I think she’ll find it really helpful.

LOL Matt – I didn’t mean to make it sound simple – its not really -its just obvious once you’ve done it if you know what I mean!

Excellent post!! Its like a guidance for the people who dont have complete idea about how to get over there.I liked the way u presented the idea of freedom to choose when and where to work.It is a great way to secure yourself for the future.You are limited only by your imagination.I am really thankful for this helpful post.

Hi Lis,
another great post thanks. One thing that many beginners in this game do, (myself included at times) is to flit from one idea to the next without ever following a project through to the end. After just under a year of doing affiliate marketing in my spare time, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to concentrate on just one or two projects at a time and keep going until you start to see results.

It’s still early days for my online career, but I’m under no illusions as to the amount of hard work involved. It is great that people such as yourself try to prick that “get rich quick” bubble that so many people try to sell. Keep up the good work!

Oh Des when I figure out the get rich quick secret – be sure I will be flogging it here – for just $97/month LMAO In the meantime I guess we all just gotta work !

Hi Lis,

Have been a lurker and been trying to learn everything about IM I can. I do have a day job and realise trying to make it in IM will be hard work. But you’re a source of inspiration, especially coming from lil old NZ lol

Great to see an honest, fellow kiwi doing so well. I’ve got to say I first came across your name when you stood up against the SBI crowd with integrity. I myself was nearly sucked into the cult, but I never part with my cash without doing my own due diligence (was guilty of throwing my hard-earned to useless rubbish before, so learnt my lesson). After reading some honest, balanced posts, I saw the light and started reading every post of yours and what you’ve recommended (Grizz, Vic, Ben Kong etc). I still haven’t finished but am making good progress.

Couple of questions if I may:

1. Are any of the people (Grizz, Vic, Ben Kong etc) above still active? Seems like they’ve somehow been affected by changes in the Google algorithm (slapped) and have encountered lazy little ripoffs and so decided not to post again. Have you encountered adverse effects of the big G?

2. You mentioned Hubpages as a good way to start (and I’ve read Ben Kong’s crazy experiments). Is Hubpages still held in high regard by the big G, and is it still worth trying to pursue that in your opinion? I know I’m pretty late to the party and things have likely changed since those posts were written.

3. What would you recommend a newbie to start doing? Niche marketing, linking from ezine to infobarrel to hub to your own website? Or does this not work? And is volume still key, like Ben Kong was doing, or has this changed?

4. If volume is key, how do you keep so many persona and how do you manage the email accounts, hubs accounts, etc and how does Google view that if you’re linked with analytics?

I’m having a information overload at the moment (LOL) and just trying to clear up some confusion I have.

Anyway, thanks in advance and appreciate your hard work. Reading your posts and getting what you’ve recommended have saved me both time and money. O for awesome Lis!



Kia Ora – mate – unusual to see a NZ IP address around here!

Griz and Allyn (bullshite video blogger) have been promising posts in the very near future – but you know. I actually think Grizz’s retirement has more to him moving from the Arctic wastes to nearer the golf course than any issues he has with Google! Vic has retired – he has had health problems. Ben I am not sure – I think he’s traveling at the moment. The consensus appears to be that bigger sites are better than niche – but I am still niche – mainly cause big sites with all the eggs in one place scare me. ..

2. Hubpages is going excellent with G – just started a new set of hubs over there myself because of it.

3. I am clearly a shite affiliate sales women – but I do acutally flog The Keyword Academy – because it works, its a good place to start, they have some really awesome tools (with a new one due to be released this week) – but I could be biased because the affiliate program is pretty good too – but then you can try it for a month for free and see if I am just bullshiting you! Hubpages work well to test out niches and make money and provide links, eza is still good for links, postrunner (part of TKA) is fantastic for links (I have my last post in the case study series coming out soon on that)

4. The volumn is key model is a little problematical for those people teaching beginners – because some will always take it to extremes – that said I am currently promoting around 20 odd sites – which is small time for some people and huge for others! Google does know who I am – because of my Adsense ID – not my analytics. I keep analytics off sites Im not running Adsense on and use – but basically G knows a lot. I do run alternative hubpage accounts, and author names in Ezine articles but that is more to hide my networks from my fellow marketers. I do have an awful lot of logins though and I swear by roboform – it works for me! Basically I sat down and composed a couple of personas – what they are interested in and therefore which niches they link too 🙂 They have author names and hubpage accounts that match up (NB don’t do a hub account per a niche – hub accounts do better with at least 20 hubs per an account preferably more )

Kia Ora again Lis 🙂 (btw you have my IP?)

Getting colder these few days I can’t wait for summer!

1. I asked this because most of these gurus you’ve recommended seemed to have stopped posting, for some reason or another. And since I’ve been fueling up on what they’ve said, I was wondering whether the teachings are still valid, given the fickle nature of internet marketing.

2. Great – thanks for that! I guess I will start pumping out good hubs. I’ve got a trial of Market Samurai, and will get Keyword Academy from here soon to try out soon. So once I’ve developed enough ultra-micro-niches that will rank well in SERP for those hubs, I can then target those hubs that are profitable with ezine, squidoo, etc and ultimately build my own niche site? I’m still trying to get a hang of the sequence here. I’m definitely not afraid of hard work, and will do whatever it takes lol

3. With your integrity and background TKA would have to be excellent. I will definitely try it out. Do they teach the sequence on how newbies should proceed? E.g. creating hubs, linking them to ezine, how many accounts, etc? I’ve enrolled in the Challenge and it seems like they’re recommending building a site hosted on your own host and not testing via hub.

4. Wow so you’ve got 20 sites and many hubs (and other web properties)? That sounds much more manageable than Ben’s lol. It’s good to know what’s achievable with hard work. Some of the stuff on Ben’s site seems a bit grey hat if not black, which is why I’m trying to get a feel of what is possible without pushing the envelope. As I’m just starting out, I don’t really want to risk it (yet) for example building a link farm (I don’t need it yet anyway – but I guess a good cluster of hubs can act as a farm eventually?).

I think the persona creation is a great idea. That way you don’t have to create an account for each micro-niche! And it makes sense too, not having just one topic for one persona. I guess this applies to Squidoo and other similar sites as well?

Thank you soooooooooo much you really are O for awesome.

From the City of Sails



P.S. Does that mean the same Paypal accounts for all the Hubpages/Squidoo lenses with different persona?

Getting Confused.


I’ve had zero luck with squidoo – but the same approach would work . You don’t need paypal with Hubpages – you are paid directly from Adsense, eBay etc. Yeah when you comment on a WP blog the owner can see the IP you came from (but with Telecom (or a reseller – just reboot the modem to get a new one 🙂 ) Fueling up – yeah you are definitly on the Challenge LOL. I don’t think you need the WPD – Im not clear on what it does apart from provide you with a WP blog with some plugins pre-installed – better than SBIT – but still a little dodgy/poor value for money – though I haven’t looked in detail I am seeing an awful lot of fluff in the current Challenge stuf (like who cares what hardware you use LOL) I have more sites than I can remember – partcularly the ones on free hosts – do yourself a favour and keep a record of them from the start – wish I had LOL

Howdy Osum Lis!

Wow you’re having a look at the Challenge too, even with your experience? I thought it was for newbies like me lol

I question some of the tools being used there – WPD and Traffic Bug in particular (not up to the Traffic Bug stage yet, but have heard rumours about it) – and I’ve found WPD pretty pointless to be honest. The supposed point of WPD is to deploy to a large number of sites. Well, I thought it was time to focus on “going deep” and not “going volume” according to the Challenge… if that’s the case, then WPD certainly will not be needed…

I think the problem is the price – WPD costs $397 PER MONTH for Platinuim? I mean, seriously! For a deployment tool? Traffic Bug’s the same $25 PER MONTH, for an indexing tool? WTF? We’re beginners, and I think these guys are getting greedy using the brand name of the Challenge. But that’s my opinion. Personally, I hate ongoing costs unless they are really worth it, and frankly, I don’t see value at the moment for those 2 tools in particular. I’m not sure if I’m going volume which tools I’d replace with those, but you don’t need to track all those volume sites, so long as they’re indexed right?

ROFL I think you’ve really made a name for yourself on your SBI stance Lis!!! and so many people have benefited from your honest commentary. I read the sales pitch and thought it was dodgy, and then I read all the glowing “reviews” (affiliates) and thought, this must be a scam. Then I read your review…

I am keeping a record of my 2 sites being developed at the Challenge. I actually didn’t follow their criteria because I believe they’re going after building authority sites now, instead of volume. I think in their view that’s the way to go – no more ‘thin’ sites.

But surely Hubs, Infobarrels, Squidoos will rank quicker for no competition words still?

Will sign up for KWA tomorrow, look forward to it 🙂

The challenge has been around for ages so I was intrigued to see how their business model reflected their training – there may be an upcoming post in it …

Hiya Lis,

How’s things down in Welly?

Been busy helping some rellies down in the Cantab region – some of the fams have come up so we’re looking after a few kids – gosh they’re a handful!

Just saying hi again – and time to get into this IM thing again lol

How’s the Challenge going anyways? Would be great to hear your thoughts on it.

Hey Lis,

I came across your blog when I was reading some passive income blogs 🙂

Seriously I found your make ‘money blog’ one of the most honest around on the internet. There will be no gurus talking about the 8 points that you mentioned above. Instead, people are just being attracted to the ‘dreams’ and hopes that the gurus are describing to them.

Many people thought that it’s so easy to make money online but didn’t know that those successful marketers really work their butts off. There’s one marketer friend of mine ( I won’t mention his name here) has worked for 18 bloody hours per day before he’s so successful and making 5 figures per month now. I didn’t mean to scare anybody but you really need to work hard in the beginnning.

So you hit the spot that there’s no secret to success, it just takes a lot of hard work. Th most important thing is that you don’t give up, work smart and you’ll see results. And Lis, thanks for sharing all the great and useful contents on your blog 🙂


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