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How to Earn Passive Income Online – My Guide

Well I thought I would take you step by step on how to earn passive income online: just send me $197 by PayPal…. Sorry just kidding!

I'd rather do this than work!
I'd rather do this than work!

I’ve updated some pages on this site to describe the key elements of my business strategy and how I intend to implement it.

Up front – I am not making a significant amount of money with this strategy right now – I do intend to be in the next year or so though.

What I do know is that other people are making money doing this – its not a secret, its not particularly difficult – though I wouldn’t say its easy.

I also would definitely say its a lot of work without in prospect of being paid for at least 6 months.

The thing is that you have to find your own way – because no one else’s business model will fit your personality and skills, but here’s mine for what’s it worth.

How to Earn Passive Income – My Plan

Software I use in my business

How I create content quickly and cheaply

How I get backlinks to my sites

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I love your plan to earn passive income online. In fact this is the very plan that I am pursuing now. Create 1o0 sites or more that brings at least a dollar a day and I am going at it with Adsense, no matter what Vic says. LOL. I’m the rebellious student. Anyway, EPN has gone flat on me and my 7 dollar sites haven’t been exactly encouraging.

Happy to say though, one is already reaping me more than 3 dollars per day and another averaging 2 per day. So I concur and confirm that your plan to earn passive income online is a feasible one.

Costa Loves The 7 Dollar Scriptโ€™s last blog post..Why Fake Steve Failed To Make Money Blogging

I must admit I am going more the Adsense route myself too – I just can’t handle the direct selling stuff! I will try to diversify but all along I have had more consistent results with Adsense than any other affiliate

Hi Lissie
How are you doing on getting the four sites going?
I have one going and already having some success from connect content.I bought two more domains so hopefully I will be able to keep up. The hardest part for me is doing all the promotion ie.writing articles. I do it because I know I must, but it would be a lot easier if I had an interest in the niche. The next niches I target will be about something I enjoy. Hopefully I can find someone to outsource this part of the business. Good Luck this year!

I know what you mean – I try to find something that is at least slightly interesting and then outsource the writing or use PLR. Its not been a great month but I have finally just posted an update – and this month is going to be a lot better ๐Ÿ™‚

The way I look at it is that the more property you own, the more you can monitize it.

Property (real estate) for the Internet is simply webpages. Whether they are in the form of a website, or articles, or Squidoo pages, matters little… only that you can control them, and put links on them.

Articles, of course, should have a link that you can ‘redirect’ if need be. I don’t do enough of that myself.

Sadly, the idea of putting together dozens or hundreds of websites on many different topics just seems like far too much work for me. So I tend to do fewer websites, but focus on each one just a tad more.

Hi Ben, I guess as I see by your link you are earning $8000 within 2 weeks you don’t really need to bother building a business right ๐Ÿ™‚ Your comment doesn’t make sense – you don’t own articles on other people’s sites – you are renting space in return to the link – but I thought I’d leave it cause you made more effort than most spammers and people can see the type of system to avoid like the plague ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Lis,
I’m glad I stumbled onto you. Someone recommended you as a Hubpages pro. I’m glad to hear you are doing well with Adsense – it’s encouraging to see someone who really does make money with it.

Hi Lissie
Have really enjoyed reading your posts on here and HubPages
I’m planning on writing articles on HubPages and also setting up a website aswell with links between. I want to be able to add Amazon as an affiliate to both sites. I’m based in the UK. My website would probably receive more UK traffic and the content would be tailored to the UK. I’m guessing my Hubpages articles would get more US traffic. Can I, and does it make sense, to affiliate to on hubpages and on my UK site. I’m wondering what the pitfalls/advantages of this arrangement would be and I can’t see this topic being addressed anywhere. I figured that as a non US based writer, you might have some useful info/suggestions on this?
Apologies if this is a stupid question. I am very much a novice to all this.
Regards, and thanks again for all the great posts,

HUbpage’s Amazon capsule is only for the US store (same with their eBay store). Most of their traffic is from the US as well – andcerttianly most of the traffic who buy are from the US. I rarely target Australian traffic – the countries just not big enough – UK may or may not be I’m not sure- HP will be fine for backlinks but it has its limitations for monetizing non-US traffic

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