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How to Earn Passive Income Online – My Guide

Well I thought I would take you step by step on how to earn passive income online: just send me $197 by PayPal…. Sorry just kidding!

I'd rather do this than work!
I'd rather do this than work!

I’ve updated some pages on this site to describe the key elements of my business strategy and how I intend to implement it.

Up front – I am not making a significant amount of money with this strategy right now – I do intend to be in the next year or so though.

What I do know is that other people are making money doing this – its not a secret, its not particularly difficult – though I wouldn’t say its easy.

I also would definitely say its a lot of work without in prospect of being paid for at least 6 months.

The thing is that you have to find your own way – because no one else’s business model will fit your personality and skills, but here’s mine for what’s it worth.

How to Earn Passive Income – My Plan

Software I use in my business

How I create content quickly and cheaply

How I get backlinks to my sites

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